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24 Things to Consider Before Moving to Indianapolis


Despite having the surface level appearance of just another midwestern gas stop, Indianapolis—or “Naptown” as the locals affectionately call it—has molded itself into a gathering place for some of the most genuine people in the country. Thinking about living at the Crossroads of America? Here are 25 Things to Consider Before Moving to Indianapolis…


1. It’s where the players play (sorry Atlanta)


It’s 100% true: Indiana loves basketball. Indianapolis has been the cradle of many current NBA players, including Mike Conley Jr., Jeff Teague, and Eric Gordon. Hall of famers Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, and coach John Wooden paid their dues in Indy, too. “Hoosiers” the legendary basketball movie based on the 1954 Milan High School team picture above is required watching for any heartland transplant. Cue slow clap.


2. Central location


Indianapolis is at the intersection of six major interstates and has hosted mass events such as the Superbowl, The NCAA Final Four, The NFL Scouting Combine, and GenCon, the world’s largest LARPing convention, making Indy a rare Mecca for both jocks and geeks.


3. Colts QB Andrew Luck isn’t the only one who’s lucky


Indianapolis is consistently rated by Men’s Health as the most sexually satisfied city in the nation. If your love life is disappointing then hop on Interstate 69 and head straight for Indianapolis.

4. The only time drinking and driving mix


Twice a year, racing fans descend upon the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and chug liquefied barley until their vision is driving in circles. Most locals are sick of hearing about the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400, but that doesn’t stop 500,000 other people from cheering on the fastest cars in the country.


5. Broad Ripple is bangin’


One of the country’s most vibrant local art districts, Broad Ripple boasts comedy clubs, live music venues, bars, and breweries galore. “We’re Open If You Are” not only describes the neighborhood’s progressive attitude, but venues’ 3:00 A.M. closing time as well. Someone call Rob Thomas.


6. It’s a bad boys club


Legendary rebel Steven McQueen and bank robber Jon Dillinger both grew up in Indianapolis. Both probably still make more money than you posthumously. Crime pays.


7. You can be a kid again


The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is the world’s largest of its kind. The museum is famous for its landmark dinosaur specimens and interactive exhibits that are intriguing to the whole family; except Uncle Sly, who still has nightmares years after watching Jurassic Park.


8. People stay there after they die


“Naptown” is so nice, a lot of people tend to stick around there even after they’ve passed on. Central State Hospital is a defunct insane asylum where snoopers are said to still feel cold spots and hear the screams of tortured patients from the great beyond. You’ve been warned.


9. Tons of (legal) drugs


Pharmaceutical giant Eli-Lily employs over 37,000 people worldwide, many of whom are at the company’s headquarters in Indy. Never heard of them? You’ve almost definitely heard of their most uplifting products: Cialis and Prozac.


10. Tons of (illegal) drugs


Indianapolis ranks as one of the top 10 Murder Capitals in the U.S. due to the high rate of gang activity and drug related violence. You’ve almost definitely heard of Indy Crime’s most uplifting products: crack cocaine and marijuana.


11. You can get schooled


If you’re stuck in between the intense college rivalry of Indiana or Purdue, Indianapolis has “IUPUI” (pronounced “oo-ey poo-ey” by locals), for Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis. Apparently, when you mix an Indiana Hoosier with a Purdue Boilermaker, you get a Jaguar. If you’re looking to root for an easier school to explain to your friends, there’s Butler University, the perennial NCAA mighty mouse famous for busting brackets during March Madness.


12. You can get pooled


The Indiana University Natatorium at IUPUI (we still don’t understand it, either) is known as one of the fastest pools in the world. Over 100 records have been set in this pool and it’s been the home for the Swimming and Diving Olympic Trials multiple times. All the greats have swam here, including gold medalist Michael Phelps. That’s some wet water!


13. Naptown is just a name


The city’s park district touts one of the largest municipal parks, Eagle Creek, at over 3,900 acres of land complete with trails, lakes, and a high ropes course pictured above. Canals on the White River line downtown, prompting many** to call Indianapolis, “The Poor Man’s Venice”.

**just us


14. The Slippery Noodle Inn


The oldest bar in Indiana, and the only place where you can share a beer with a ghost, The Slippery Noodle was opened in 1850 and serves as a great hub for live blues and live beer today. It was used as a safe place during the Underground Railroad and consistently tops Indy’s “Most Haunted” list.


15. Nearby getaways


Indianapolis is in the smack-dab center of Indiana, putting it within two hours of gorgeous state parks, lively college towns, and country oddities. For a unique experience, drive three hours to the Indiana Dunes, an island-like haven accented by the cerulean blue, refreshing waters of Lake Michigan. Yes, we promise you this is Indianapolis.


16. Kurt Vonnegut


Perhaps one of Indianapolis’ favorite sons, veteran and author Kurt Vonnegut is famous for penning Slaughterhouse Five, likely the only book you enjoyed reading in high school. The local Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library hosts an annual VonnegutFest in Indianapolis and contains doodles, manuscripts, and memorabilia from Vonnegut’s life. And So it Goes.


17. Carmel is sweet


While it’s technically a suburb, Carmel has consistently been ranked as the best place to live in the US due to its walkability and free summer events. Also, it’s definitely pronounced Car-mel. Never call it Car-a-mel. Never.


18. It’s a fair state


The Indiana State Fair annually draws over one million people, about one sixth of the state’s population. If it’s edible, they’ve fried it.


19. It knows its roots


The Eitlejorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art provides a stunning array of artifacts and perspectives from indigenous American peoples. Middle school field trips everywhere have begrudgingly raved, “Yeah, it was better than going to class.”


20. Indianapolis Intensity


This Indianapolis Intensity is the city’ Major League Quidditch team. We weren’t kidding about the jock/nerd Mecca thing.


21. No labels


When describing oneself as a local, no one uses Naptowner, Indianapolitan, or Indiananan. Just say your name and say you live in Indianapolis. That or call yourself a Hoosier. Don’t expect to be able to explain what a Hoosier is or looks like, though. If you do a Google Image search for ‘Hoosier’, you get a 50/50 split of cabinet pictures like this, and tires. According to IUPUI, combine one of these with a boilermaker, and you get a large species of cat who’s a perfectly logical mascot for your school.


22. The jazz is cheap


And the drinks are, too! Check out Chatterbox Jazz Club for live Jazz seven nights a week. This spot is the perfect, friendly dive with a great patio for people watching. Heads up, there’s a $7 cover on the weekends, but it all goes to the top-notch troubadours who are in town.


23. Time travel


Indiana used to be one of two states that didn’t observe Daylight Saving Time. In 2006, Mitch Daniels jumped on the bandwagon and decided Indiana needed to observe DST. Now, the entire state has to switch clocks twice a year, in addition to the fact that you can drive down the western edge of Indiana and change time zones twice: Eastern to Central and back again, no Delorean required.


24. Indy’s balls are properly inflated balls


The Indianapolis Colts know an NFL football should be properly inflated to 12.5-13.5 pounds per square inch. That’s an NFL rule. It’s really pretty simple.



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Mapping Each State’s Embarrassing Google Search History

U.S. States Most & Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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21 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Bangor, Maine


Bangor Maine: it’s cold, it’s quiet, and it’s easy to fall in love with. This friendly, low-key city, with an impeccably low crime rate, is the perfect destination for raising kids or pursuing your artistic passion in peace.

1. It’s Bangor, not Bang-er.

People from Bangor are generally a friendly sort, but that goes right out the window when you mispronounce the name of their city.


2. Stephen King lives there.

New York may be famous for its novelists, but Bangor is home to the Dark Prince of Horror Writing—Stephen King. Lurking in the dark, wintry depths of Maine (unless he’s at his other home in Florida), the famed writer of Pet Semetary, Cujo, and Carrie is often spotted around town. Who knows? Bangor just may inspire your creative side.


2. Where a bat mobile is public transportation.

The local horror writer isn’t the only spooky thing roaming the city’s streets. The BAT Community Connector offers an alternative way to get to local points of interest, like schools and shopping centers.

3. It’s hip to be square!

If you’re a bagel, that is! Bangor’s Bagel Central offers delicious home-baked bagels in a unique square-ish shape. Blueberry is the local fruit, so be sure to try the soft and crusty blueberry flavor!


4. Who needs Times Square?


The year 2005 marked the beginning of a very important tradition for downtown Bangor. Every New Years Eve, a local attorney drops a lighted ball from a pub rooftop. What started as a few spectators and a beach ball is now a large gathering and a giant yoga ball wrapped in string lights. Musical performances, food vendors, a spirited countdown, and the quintessential ball drop now draw more than a thousand people to this yearly celebration. Please refrain from dropping things off the roof for the remainder of the year.


5. Eat all kinds of lobster.


What’s considered a rare delicacy in other states is as common as a roast chicken from the grocery store deli in Maine. You won’t find it cheaper or more delicious anywhere else. You can even grab a lobster roll at the local McDonalds!


6. Drink Sea Dog.


Given the abundance of blueberries in Maine, it’s no surprise the local brewery Sea Dog found a way to create their famous wild blueberry beer. Could lobster-flavored beer be just around the corner? Let’s hope not.


7. The 24/7 Denny’s will become your second home.


Let’s be real, Bangor isn’t much of a late night town, but rest assured you can still order Moons Over My Hammy anytime of day or night.


8. Colonel Sanders statue sometimes wanders off


In 2003, the Colonel Sanders statue in rivaling Brewer vanished in the night by way of two 17-year-old Bangor high school students. Advice to future colonel thief’s: next time don’t publish pictures partying with the colonel for local police to find.


9. The Penobscot River is pretty as a postcard.


Bangor isn’t located on the Atlantic Ocean, but you can reach it by boat via the Penobscot River. Make friends with a local boat owner quickly, because the 4th of July fireworks are best viewed from the water.

10. Is it Hollywood? Is it Vegas? No… It’s Bangor, Maine.


The Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway Bangor is known as the premier entertainment destination for all those who call Bangor home. It’s got Vegas-style table games and slots, as well a the Waterfront Concert Series, which features top names in entertainment like Bob Dylan and Van Halen.

11. Just breathe. 

The American Lung Association named Bangor one of the cleanest cities in its annual State of the Air Report.

12. In Bangor, you can take credit for things you didn’t do. 

What’s the deal with this Paul Bunyan statue? Legend has it he’s really from Michigan, or Minnesota, or French Canada… but definitely not Bangor, Maine.

13. Just ask your neighbor about the Ice Storm of ’98

The winter weather in Bangor is no joke, and neither is losing power when it’s -15 degrees outside. Be prepared to face the elements!

14. Relish in summer. 


After a long hard winter, you’ll want to make every summer day count. Live it up at the Beth Pancoe Municipal Aquatic Center.

15. Fly Internationally without leaving your zip code. 


Getting out of town is easy from the Bangor International Airport.


16. Catch some culture. 


Equity actors fly in from NYC to perform with Bangor’s Penobscot Theater Company, which is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cultural events in town. The city hosts a number of music festivals, an Oktobeerfest, and various events celebrating local farmers, artisans, and more.


17. Continuous independence dates back to only 1814.


During the War of 1812, the British took over Bangor for 30 hours. That time was spent looting homes and shops, as well as drinking heavily. Pretty soon, the British military was so drunk their military leaders decided to withdraw for fear their stumbling soldiers wouldn’t be able to hold the town.

18. The library is worth ogling. 


What started as seven books in a footlocker back in 1830 has blossomed into a stunning structure with over 500,000 titles. It consistently records among the highest circulation rates in the US.


19. No Bangor, no brownies.


Back in 1905, the first recipe for chocolate brownies as we know them was published in the Boston Daily Globe. These delicious baked goods were called Bangor Brownies.

20. The #1 spot for engagement photos


It’s called Cascade Park, and it’s a great place to relax on a weekend afternoon. Not a bad place to propose to someone either.


21. Henry David Thoreau praised it.

mai60, mai61, mai62

Back in 1864, in his book The Maine Woods, Henry David Thoreau described the city as, “Like a star at the edge of the night, still hewing the forests of which it is built, already overflowing with the luxuries and refinements of Europe, and sending its vessels to Spain, to England, to the West Indies for its groceries”



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Mapping Each State’s Most Embarassing Google Searches

shameful google searches

Every U.S. state has its own unique interests and curiosities, and that’s especially true when it comes to internet searches. To highlight those differences we here at the real estate search site Estately dug through 11 years of Google search data to see which terms users in each state Googled more than any other. Each of these terms was selected because we deemed them particularly embarrassing or shameful.

While each state was unique we found there were some geographical trends.  The Pacific and Mountain West are lands filled with nerds, the South is insecure about its manhood, states in the Appalachian Mountains are concerned about various vermin on their bodies, and the Midwest has terrible taste in movies. Strangely, only Delaware was relatively free of embarrassing search terms, which is obviously a red flag that our study is flawed. Regardless, you can continue reading to see what other terms each state can’t help but search online for. And who knows, this may even help you decide what state you want to move to and shop for a home—using Estately, of course.

ALABAMA: What does Alabama mean? / Casserole recipe

Analysis:  “Alabama” is loosely translated as “Land of Casseroles.”

ALASKA:  Nicolas Cage / outhouse

Analysis: Is he reading a magazine in there? It’s 30 degrees below zero. C’mon Nick, other people need to use the bathroom, too.

ARIZONA:  Is Obama American?

Analysis:  Yes. Yes, he is.

ARKANSAS:  Lunchables / Is Obama Muslim? / Hotel California chords / Hotel California lyrics / “19 Kids and Counting” (reality TV show) / “Toddlers and Tiaras” (reality TV show) / Josh Duggar

Terrible TV show idea:  The Duggar family from “19 Kids and Counting” return to primetime as an Eagles cover band. 

CALIFORNIA:  How to vape? / Carl’s Jr. (fast food chain) / James Franco (actor) / Justin Bieber (musical artist) / fantasy bowling / Mexican costume / Asian costume / L. Ron Hubbard / Scientology / Kim Kardashian / Paris Hilton

Analysis:  So awkward when another celebrity shows up at the same Halloween party wearing an identically racist Halloween costume.

COLORADO:  Vape pen / Crocs (the shoes) / Men’s rights / Men’s rights movement

Analysis:  If you’re a man in Colorado wearing crocs and puffing on your vape pen you deserve to have your rights taken away.

CONNECTICUT:  Internet addiction / Jerry Springer / Spin Doctors (band) / Crazy Town (band)

Analysis:  Bad TV and music are the gateways to internet addiction.

DELAWARE:  Newark girls

Analysis:  If you from outside Delaware the worst way to to impress girls from Newark is to tell them about all the weird stuff people in your state look up on the internet. 

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Snuggie / Bill Cosby (comedian/rapist) / Vladimir Putin (image search)

Analysis:  Bill Cosby is a horrible man, and Vladimir Putin should cover up his man tats with a snuggie when he goes horseback riding.

FLORIDA:  Lunchables coupons / eyebrow piercing / Home Shopping Network / “A Good Day to Die Hard” (2014 movie) / tongue piercing / Warren Sapp (NFL player)

Analysis:  “Hey, Mildred… You know what will really get a rise out of the grandkids when they come to visit is if we get some trashy body piercings. Let’s see if we can buy one on Home Shopping Network…”  

GEORGIA:   Herpes / divorce lawyer / meth recipe / “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” (reality TV show) / athlete’s foot / Will the South rise again?

Analysis:  Looks like General Sherman isn’t the only person who’s burned Atlanta.

HAWAII:  electronic cigarette / vape / Flowbee

Analysis:  A Flowbee is an electrically powered vacuum cleaner attachment made to cut hair and it won’t make you look half as stupid as vaping will. 

IDAHO:  Eagles (band) / hacky sack / brony

Analysis: You’ve got two options this Friday night in Idaho. You can hang out in the parking lot playing hacky sack while trying to score tickets to the Eagles concert, or you can stay home with your creepy Uncle Larry and watch “My Little Pony” together. 

ILLINOIS:  Jim Belushi / “The Jerry Springer Show” (TV show/paternity test) / Carly Rae Jepsen / Is WWE fake?

Analysis:  Today on a very special episode of “The Jerry Springer Show” we’ll find out whether Jim Belushi is the father of Carly Rae Jepsen’s baby. 

INDIANA:  How big is average? / Arby’s / Jared Fogle / Where is Syria? / Where is Africa? / free tattoo ideas / white civil rights

Analysis:  Indiana has replaced Florida as the American dumpster fire that glows the brightest.

IOWA:  ISIS (terrorist organization) / “According to Jim” (cancelled TV show) / Jock Jams (albums)

Analysis: Not surprised to learn ISIS uses “According to Jim” to turn people against America.

KANSAS:  Fred Phelps (a$$#@!e) / The Expendables 3 (movie)

Analysis:  You know who turned out to be expendable? Fred Phelps. 

KENTUCKY:  Scabies (tied with West Virginia) / Creed (band) / Billy Ray Cyrus (country music’s George Michael) / Is Obama the antichrist?

Analysis:  Curious internet searches are abundant along the Appalachian Scabies Belt.

LOUISIANA:  Steven Seagal (actor) / dog clothes

Analysis:  Steven Seagal can shower his dog in all the expensive clothing he wants, but it will never make up for forcing her to watch “Exit Wounds” three times in an afternoon.

MAINE:  Nickelback lyrics / Good Charlotte / disc golf

Analysis:  So embarrassing when a classmate uses the same Nickelback lyrics as his yearbook quote as you do.

MARYLAND:   Pleated pants / crabs louse (not the edible crabs Maryland is famous for) / Am I a virgin?

Analysis:  The best way for teen boys to remain virgins and avoid getting crabs is to keep those pleated pants on. 

MASSACHUSETTS:  Donald Trump president / “Grown Ups 2″ (2013 movie) / deflated balls

Analysis:  Donald Trump carries the Northeastern states by promising his first executive act will be to pardon Tom Brady for Deflategate.

MICHIGAN:  Bigfoot evidence / pyramid scheme / Little Caesars (pizza chain) / Lou Bega—”Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of)”

Analysis:  If you can lure Bigfoot out of the woods with pizza and catchy songs you can probably convince him to invest in your pyramid scheme. 

MINNESOTA:  Frisbee golf / frolfing / fantasy golf / hot carl

Analysis:  The average date in Minnesota starts off with a little Frisbee golf, but that is not how it ends. 

MISSISSIPPI:  Gonorrhea / chlamydia / feet photos (image search) / penis enlargement / male enhancement / R. Kelly (musical performer) / Aryan Brotherhood / Blind Melon (band)

Analysis:  Yikes.

MISSOURI:  George Foreman Grill / vajazzling / fake moustache

Analysis:  A fancy dinner date at home includes using a hot glue gun to get dressed up, and then cooking a gourmet meal on the George Foreman Grill. Stay classy, Missouri. 

MONTANA:  Alex Jones (radio host) / Infowars (conspiracy site) / Methamphetamines / The Offspring (faux punk band) / Where is Canada?

Analysis: Using meth can make you paranoid, as well as impact your musical taste and basic geography knowledge. 

NEBRASKA:  Nick Nolte

Analysis:  We’re all hoping Another 48 Hrs becomes a trilogy, but Nebraska residents are the only ones really trying to make this happen. 

NEVADA:  McDonald’s secret menu / white pride / Brendan Frasier (actor) / Guy Fieri (chef)

Analysis:  The existence of Guy Fieri can’t be helping the white pride movement’s recruitment efforts

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Pajama jeans

Analysis:  Also known as New Hampshire lingerie. 

NEW JERSEY:  Ashley Madison (website for affairs) / pubic lice / Jonas Brothers lyrics / frosted tips

Analysis:  Maybe your wife won’t sleep with you because you frost your tips, recite Jonas Brother lyrics, and your body is prime habitat for nasty crotch critters?

NEW MEXICO:   “The Hot Chick” (2002 film starring Rob Schneider) / Slipknot (band) / Slipknot lyrics / Insane Clown Posse (rap group) / Juggalos

Analysis:  New Mexico’s Juggalo breeding program has made incredible strides of late. 

NEW YORK:  Donald Trump (blowhard) / Hugh Grant (actor) / magic lessons / Shake Weight (exercise device) / Snuggie Sutra / chlamydia / Gwyneth Paltrow (organic colonic promoter)

Analysis:  Much of New York’s internet searches for “Donald Trump” are no doubt being done by Donald Trump. 

NORTH CAROLINA:  Where is the internet? / Nicholas Sparks

Analysis:  ???

NORTH DAKOTA:  Fergie / dog breeding / blonde jokes / Limp Bizkit

Analysis:  These searches are not Fergalicious. Nothing is. It’s a stupid word. 

OHIO:  Subway (fast food chain) / monkey porn / Baconator (Wendy’s food item) / bath salts (as in the drug)

Analysis:  Things are getting out of hand in Ohio.

OKLAHOMA:  Supernumary nipple (third nipple) / ISIS videos / Toby Keith / pumpkin spice latte / Westboro Baptist Church

Analysis:  Looking up religious lunatics on the internet will help take your mind off that embarrassing third nipple. 

OREGON:  Romance novel

Analysis:  Oregon, you’re never going to meet someone if you just stay inside reading your romance novels to your cats.

PENNSYLVANIA:  “Celebrity Boxing” (TV show) / Furry Convention / Donald Trump quotes / hipster quiz / “The Apprentice” (reality TV show) / Limp Bizkit lyrics / Good Charlotte lyrics / Goo Goo Dolls (band) / Maroon 5 (band) / devil sticks (those sticks hippies juggle in parking lots at concerts) / patchouli oil

Analysis:  Do not let Pennsylvania crash on your couch.

RHODE ISLAND:  Average penis size / Dane Cook / Curt Schilling

Analysis:  Average is probably being optimistic. 

SOUTH CAROLINA:  Hootie and the Blowfish (band) / Miss Cleo (telephone psychic)

Analysis:  Why didn’t Miss Cleo tell us Darius Rucker was going to go solo? 

SOUTH DAKOTA:  Lion hunting / Nickelback (band) / Where is South Dakota?

Terrible idea:  How about we make a second Mt. Rushmore, but instead of presidents it’s the members of Nickelback?

TENNESSEE:  Is Bigfoot real? / Obama conspiracies / Where is the G spot?

Analysis:  One of these is a real thing. 

TEXAS:  Matthew McConaughey quotes / Jade Helm / Pimp Juice / Extenze pills / hot dog pizza crust / CiCi’s Pizza Buffet / skunk hair / porn / Is WWE real? / contract killing

Analysis:  Perhaps the U.S. government’s long-planned invasion of Texas isn’t to confiscate all the guns, but instead it’s to get all that terrible pizza. 

UTAH:  Video game addiction / unicorn pictures / Razor scooter / moustache / Dilbert (comic strip) / traditional marriage / bronies

Analysis:  Nerds.

VERMONT:  Four Loko / juggling / age of consent

Analysis:  The man in the van promising Four Loko and offering juggling lessons is a pervert. 

VIRGINIA:  Redskins Facts / Jonas Brothers (band) / Avril Lavigne (music artist) / Virginia sucks / Is Virginia for lovers? / armpit (image search)

Analysis:  Is Virginia for lovers? It is provided you’re into armpits and bad music.

WASHINGTON:  Socks in sandals / moving to Canada / Canada / Soylent (liquid meals)

Analysis:  Perhaps those polite Canadians will be more accepting those who wear wool socks with their Teva sandals. 

WEST VIRGINIA:  Hot Pockets / lice / scabies (tied with Kentucky) / skin rash (image search) / “Beavis and Butt-head” (animated TV show) / tattoo ideas / gay jokes / black jokes / chastity belt / “Who Let the Dogs Out?” (song)

Analysis:   Come for the prejudice, but stay for the vermin.

WISCONSIN:  “The Big Lebowski” quotes / polka / outhouse (image search)

Analysis:  Still quoting “The Big Lebowski,” Wisconsin. That’s mature. 

WYOMING:  Furries

Analysis: ” Allow me to slip into something more comfortable” = putting on an animal mascot costume.

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Estately is a national real estate search site whose articles have been featured in the The Wall Street Journal, CNET, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, NBC News, Philadelphia Magazine, GeekWire, The Denver Post, and more.

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You Can Learn a Lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

The United States of Monsters & Mythical Creatures

Will Your State Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

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20 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Somerville, MA


Welcome to Somerville – a trigger point for the Revolutionary War and the future of college students from around the world. Get an education or get a drink in this wintery city of culture and foot-traffic.

1. A destination for revolutionaries

Somerville was the site of the Powder Alarm of 1774—one of primary uprisings leading to the Revolutionary War, and a dress rehearsal for the battles of Lexington and Concord. The Old Power House pictured here remains at the intersection of modern-day Broadway and College Ave as a reminder of Somerville’s revolutionary spirit. 

2. Spend 4 months of the year in hibernation


In true East Coast fashion, what you gain in charm, you lose in frigid cold winters. Fortunately, the homes couldn’t be cozier! Stock your pantry with a winter’s worth of hot chocolate and admire the snow from inside.

3. The myth of New England summers


With it’s lighthouses and sail boats, New England fools the world into thinking summers are cool and breezy. While summers are gorgeous and lively, they’re equally hot and muggy. Somerville is no exception. Plan for rainfall at least once per week. Local gardens appreciate it.

4. Get your greasy spoon on


Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999, Rosebud American Kitchen and Bar is a Somerville institution. This lunch-car style diner offers some of the best late-night fare in the area, including go-to breakfast favorites, bacon scallion hushpuppies, homestyle mac and cheese, all the pies you ever wanted, and yes, a full bar. 

5. Big name flicks. Small town feel.


In Somerville, you don’t have to hit the movie mega-plex to catch this week’s blockbusters. The Somerville Theater features the latest hot titles in an indie theater setting. The venue also hosts a variety of live music acts, including performances from Bruce Springsteen, Norah Jones, The Jonas Brothers, and Joan Baez.

6. World-class education just a bus ride away


Located in the Boston-metro area, Somerville will connect you to the best universities in the world via Boston’s unbeatable public transportation system. Students can easily commute to Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Boston College, Boston University, Emerson College, and Northeastern University.

7. Got a sweet tooth? 


Dating back to 1887, Lyndell’s Bakery is one of the longest-running “scratch” bakeries in America. Every year, Lyndell’s gets a shout out from Boston’s Best for its breads, pies, and signature half moons!

8. Fluff for all


The Canadian-American confectioner Archibald Query resided on Bromfield Road in Somerville where he developed Marshmallow Fluff from his very own kitchen and sold it door-to-door. Every year, the city of Somerville celebrates his sweet achievement with its annual Fluff Festival.

9. Obama lived in Somerville. 


President Obama lived in Somerville while he attended Harvard Law School. He racked up an impressive 17 parking tickets during his time there, and then he went on to become the 44th president of the United States. Who knows what you’ll become if you live there?

10. You don’t have to fly to Brazil for ferocious soccer match. 

download (1)

Somerville’s Dilboy stadium is home the Boston Breakers – a woman’s only soccer league. Join the club and whip your calves into shape!

11. Life on two-wheels


Somerville is unbelievably mobile. It’s pedestrian-friendly with easy access to Boston’s Red Line and bus routes. Having a car isn’t a chore like it might be in Boston, and best of all, it’s a biker’s paradise. The tree-lined Somerville Community Path connects you with the rest of Boston on a scenic rail trail.

12. A piece of history


Somerville is home to eighty-three historic places recognized by the National Register, including the famed Round House in Spring Hill. Learn more about Somerville’s storied past at The Somerville Museum.

13. Learn like a college student

Photo by Brady Wahl

Photo by Brady Wahl

The Thirsty Scholar Pub is about as scholarly as your college days were… Drink up! And if all that drinking has given you an appetite then head over to Redbones BBQ for fried pickles, ribs, smoked brisket, fried catfish, and everything else your hungry heart desires.

14. The fountain of youth


With so many college students around, you’re guaranteed a dose of culture, fantastic food, excellent nightlife, and a spirited community to keep you young!

15. Get it on vinyl


Stock up on rock, indie, R&B, reggae, electronic, and classical records at this music-lovers hot spot. Gotta love those pink walls!

17. Hipster heaven 


Is Somerville becoming the next Williamsburg? The Boston Globe seems to think so. While that may mean more plaid and more beards, it’s also likely to mean an influx of cultural events and craft breweries. Not too shabby!

18. Farm fresh


The Somerville/Davis Square Farmer’s Market is held every Wednesday afternoon from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. You’ll find fresh seafood right off the boat, organic produce from nearby farms, and anything else that’s in season.

19. Fan boys rejoice


Somerville’s Comicazi has been rated Boston’s best comic shop since 2010!

20. Condense your commute


Winters are cold, and summers are hot. Keep your commute short by working for one of Somerville’s top employers: Tufts University, ABM Industries, Cambridge Health Alliance, Somerville School Department, City of Somerville, Angelica Textiles, Federal Realty Investment Trust, Gentle Giant, Rogers Foam Corporation, and Van der Wall.


Owning a Brownstone in Boston may be the dream, but owning a cozy three-story home in Somerville is the next best thing (if not better!). If you’d like to call this college town home, explore Somerville listings on Estately.com or the Estately App.

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Estately is a national real estate search site whose articles have been featured in the The Wall Street Journal, CNET, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, NBC News, Philadelphia Magazine, GeekWire, The Denver Post, and more.

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37 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Boston

The United States of Monsters & Mythical Creatures

20 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Nantucket

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20 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Nantucket, MA


Photo by Bobak Ha’Eri, August 2004

As summer vacation winds towards its sweet, sad end, it’s not uncommon to fantasize about sticking around… forever. Approximately 10,172 people have done just that on the easy-breezy Island off the coast of Massachusetts. Every year, vacationers come and go from this quaint New England town, but a only a handful of families, fishers, and dreamers see it through the winter. If you’re thinking about making your favorite vacation spot your permanent zip code, here’s what you need to know about living in Nantucket:

1. Where “summer” is a verb. 


Photo by Le grand Cricri, July 2009

“We summer on Nantucket.” “They summered on Nantucket.” “She will summer on Nantucket this year.” On Nantucket, summer is a thing to do. Locals wait all year for the summer-ers to sail in on their ferry ships and enliven local beaches and businesses with their hard-earned tans. Summer love is not just for romance novels and common between islanders and visitors.

2. Heels aren’t recommended on the cobblestone streets. 

Photo by Bobak Ha'Eri, August 2004

Photo by Bobak Ha’Eri, August 2004

Nantucket’s adorable downtown, dotted with high-end seafood restaurants, kitschy retailers, and unique clothing shops, is known for its wide cobblestone streets. While they’re excellent in photographs, they’re a bit tougher on your tires (and feet!).

3. The houses have names. 

Photo by Martyn Smith, May 2014

Photo by Martyn Smith, May 2014

In honor of the maritime law that required every ship to have a name affixed to its stern, most homes in Nantucket are branded on hand-carved quarterboard.

4. Beaches, beaches, and more beaches. 

Photo by Henry Zbyszynski, May 2010

With 82 miles of coastline, there’s the perfect spot for every kind of beach-goer: Children’s Beach for the kids, Brant Point for watching the ships roll in, South Shore for big waves and cooler water, Nobadeer for a day party, and Cisco for surfing.

5. Watch out Crayola!

Photo by Andrew Malone, May 2007

Photo by Andrew Malone, May 2007

Nantucket has its own shade of red – officiated by The Official Preppy Handbook. It’s called Nantucket Red, and If you’re a local, you won’t be caught dead in it. If you’re a tourist, you might want to stock up at Murray’s Toggery Shop.

6. Call me Ishmael. 


While Moby Dick is set off the shores of Nantucket, author Herman Melville never actually visited the island. Between the 18th and 19th century, the whaling industry thrived in Nantucket before moving on to New Bedford. Today, you can visit Nantucket Historical Association‘s Whaling Museum to observe a restored 1847 candle factory, a gorgeous rooftop view of the Nantucket harbor, and a 46-long sperm whale skeleton. Nantucket High School goes by “The Whalers,” and the skeleton of a juvenile finback whale hangs from the ceiling of the main hall.

7. The Bread is Portuguese.

Portuguese Bread at Something Natural

Portuguese Bread at Something Natural

There’s very little information about how Portuguese bread became the go-to bread on Nantucket, but you can find it at just about every restaurant, sandwich shop, and grocery store on the island. Similar to sourdough but with a touch of sweetness, Portuguese bread makes for an unbeatable PB&J. Locals love Provision’s Turkey Terrific sandwich (think: Thanksgiving dinner between two slices of bread).

8. There’s a tiny little airport, and it was the set of Wings!

Photo by RuthAS, June 2005

Photo by RuthAS, June 2005

Yes, the planes are really that small, and there’s a good chance you’ll be the only passenger on your flight. If you love a great view, hop onboard. If you’re queasy about flying, you may want to skip. Just remember: these little cessnas are the quickest way on and off the island – a huge plus for locals.

9. The hard truths. 

Photo by Gavin, January 2014

Photo by Galvin, January 2014

Before you start packing your bags, remember there’s a reason vacation destinations draw more tourists than locals. The winters are cold, wet, and lonely, and getting off island requires a ferry or plane. While you’ll find the basics you need on island, a trip to the mall or even a fully equipped hospital means booking a ferry or plane ride. Importing requires a bit of extra effort, so essentials (like groceries) cost a premium.

10. Don’t plan to paint, renovate, or mess with history. 

Photo by William DeSousa-Mauk, April 2013

Photo by William DeSousa-Mauk, April 2013

Nantucket’s signature shingle-style architecture is protected by strict preservation codes.

11. Eat seafood. 


Eat it at Boarding House. Eat it at Straight Wharf. Eat it anywhere and everywhere. It doesn’t get better than this.

12. You don’t have to be Gatsby to dine in a Club Car


Photo by Henry Zbyszynski, May 2010

Enjoy live music at this unique train car bar!

13. Drink the local beer. 

Photo by Tim Sackton, August 2012

Photo by Tim Sackton, August 2012

Cisco Brewers’ Whales Tale Pale Ale is an institution.

14. Engage in the local culture. 


Each summer, The Cobbletone’s – a young men’s a cappella group – perform oddball, yet charming, sets in the heart of downtown.

15. Hate to break it to you Cheers, this is where everyone actually knows your name. 


With only 10,000 people calling Nantucket home, the neighbors know each other. Depending on your outlook, this can be a good or a bad thing. If you’ve got secrets to hide, move somewhere else.

16. Nantucket (formerly) Nectars 


Formerly a local business, Nantucket Nectars is no longer based on the island. It is now owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group and bottled elsewhere. However, old timers still speak in hushed tones of those early juice blends, before the brand became famous and moved away.

17. Festive film watching. 

Nantucket Film Festival

Keep your eyes peeled in June – you’re likely to catch a few celebrities around town. Nantucket’s annual Film Festival promises a star-studded weekend full of screenings and events.

18. Where the Figawi?


What you call Memorial Day weekend, Nantucket calls Figawi. It’s the most lively weekend of the year, kicking-off long awaited summer with flocks of visitors and a 240+ regatta from Hyannis to Nantucket. So why “figawi?” As legend has it, the word was coined by drunken sailors who landed on Nantucket and slurred in their thickest New England accents: “Where the F*** awww wee?”

19. Dinner and a movie

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.14.39 PM

Date night’s solved at the Starlight Theatre and Cafe, where a dinner reservation guarantees you movie tickets. Buy your drinks at the bar and bring ’em in to the flick!

20. Ride The Wave


Photo by thisisbossi, June 2008

Not just the tidal kind! The Wave is Nantucket’s regional transit authority, and $90 gets you unlimited rides around the island all summer long.


Nantucket beckons all those who live for summer and swallows them whole. If you’re ready to try island living, check out Estately.com or the Estately App for researching available homes in the area.

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Estately is a national real estate search site whose articles have been featured in the The Wall Street Journal, CNET, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, NBC News, Philadelphia Magazine, GeekWire, The Denver Post, and more.

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37 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Apocalypse

The United States of Monsters & Mythical Creatures

Will Your State Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

  |  Lists, Maps

Where Do America’s Lion Hunters Live?


The recent killing of a well-known lion by a Minnesota dentist and big-game trophy hunter has unleashed a firestorm on social media. Surprised to learn the hunting of lions by American hunters is such a common practice we tried to find out which state is home to the most lion hunters. To do this, we became members of Safari Club International to access their database of hunting records, but apparently they’ve now hidden that part of their website, probably to hide the identities of individual hunters from the thousands of people who think they’re disgusting.

So lacking hard statistics Estately turned to the nether regions of the internet for some less scientific statistics. Here’s what we found…

Facebook interest in “trophy hunting”

non beef@2x

Wyoming has the most interest in trophy hunting, with 5.63% of Facebook users expressing interest in the topic. Hawaii had the least, with just 0.65% expressing interest in it on their Facebook pages. Could this mean the walls of Wyoming homes are littered with the taxidermied heads of lions?


Google searches for “trophy hunting”


Maybe not. The numbers are slightly different when it comes to Google searches related to trophy hunting. Texas is by far the leader for this, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Many states didn’t even have enough interest in the topic to show data for the map. But is this specifically related to lion trophy hunting or just trophy hunting in general?


Google searches for “lion hunting”


When you change the search query to “lion hunting” it shows Utah residents have by far the most interest, which is going to be problematic when reconciled with the next map…


the lion king

According to Facebook user data, Utah residents love the movie The Lion King in greater numbers more than all but two other statesThere are probably a lot of Utah kids who asked for a stuffed lion for their birthday after watching the movie who are now in tears after unwrapping the stuffed lion their parent brought back from their hunting trip to Africa.


non beef@2x

People who love The Lion King surely wouldn’t shoot lions to put on their wall would they? They might if they’re dentists. Where are those folks at? Oh, looks like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. And we’re not saying all dentists find joy in inflicting pain on endangered species, but there is something suspicious about the priorities of a person who only works a few days a week and names their yacht something like “Flossing IV.”

So which state is home to the highest number of lion hunters in the United States? That answer hides somewhere in the Safari Club International website, which remains “under construction.” If their record book ever comes back online we’ll update this with more accurate data.


Which U.S. States Are the Most American?

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

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20 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Summit, NJ


Love tall oak trees? Fantasize about colonial cottages that withstood the revolutionary war? Enjoy the amenities of a big city, but prefer a calm, quiet place to call home? If you’re looking to move to a lush and lovely suburb within commuting distance of NYC, Summit, NJ may just be the place for you to settle down. Here’s why!


1. No one told you NJ was this beautiful 


They call it Dirty Jersey. They call it the armpit of America. Let them – it’s their loss. Because they also call it the Garden State for a reason. Summit is home to some of the most gorgeous foliage in the fall and pristine, peaceful snow falls in the winter. Spring and summer are dotted with cherry blossoms, and some of the best produce in the region comes from this state.


2. Don’t love quaint, charming, and historic? Move somewhere else. 


Summit’s homes have the kind of charm you can’t build in the 21st century. Some have even been around for centuries. All are distinct; all are distinguished. These beautiful establishments are known for warm wood details, colonial and tudor accents, and large backyards full of towering oak and pine trees. You can check out Summit homes for sale HERE.


3. Minutes from the greatest city on earth. 


Summit’s primary attraction is its commuting distance to NYC. Summit’s downtown train station will connect you to New York Penn Station in as little as 35 minutes on The Midtown Direct. Perfect for all those who work in the city or love to catch a Broadway show on the weekend.


4. A bustling downtown. 


While NYC is just a train ride away, you’ll find everything you need right in the heart of downtown. Summit’s downtown includes a bevy of restaurants, coffee shops, clothing retailers, a movie theater, gourmet food stops (wine, cheese, an organic butcher), a pottery painting spot, and several yoga studios and fitness centers. Not too shabby for an adorable suburb!


5. Ohhhhh the diners. 


The Summit Diner is one of the few still-operating “rail car” style diners and dates back to 1938. The food is just as greasy and just as delicious as it ever was. Summit’s 24-hour Broadway Diner (touting the best pancakes in the world) is also worth a stop. Local favorites are disco fries and the black and white milkshake. Don’t miss ’em!


6. Private school education at a public school price


Not only do the schools look like sweeping castles, but there’s a lot of learning going on inside of them. The high school has been ranked by Newsweek, The Washington Post, and The Daily Beast as one of the leading high schools in America.


7. Why go to Broadway when a high school play is just as good?


Yes, that’s a picture of a high school play you’re looking at. In 2002, Anne Avery Poyner took over the high school drama department and lead it to countless Papermill Rising Star Awards. Every year, several students place in a national speech, debate, and performance competition.


8. Art abounds. 

Summit_Playhouse_jeh copy

Catch a play at the historic Summit Playhouse or check out some local artwork at the Center for Visual Arts. Who said you have to schlep to the city for a dose of culture?


9. Take a walk around Briant park. 

1280px-Briant_Park_Summit_NJ_June_2012_dam_beneath_lake_4 (1)

It’s beautiful just about any time of year, and the one-mile loop, with fitness stations along the way, is perfect for runners.


10. You won’t find a better selection of vinyl in NYC. 


Scotty’s Record Shop is a vinyl collectors dream with a huge inventory of new and old finds.


11. Winters can be tough. 


Albeit beautiful.


12. But summers couldn’t be better.


The Family Aquatic Center is a great place to beat the heat.


13. No, summers really couldn’t be better. 


The Hot Summer Nights Concert series brings the whole town together.


14. The library is large and in charge. 


The recently renovated Summit Free Public Library has every book you’ll ever need and hosts plenty of cultural events, including Mondays at the Movies, where they screen award-winning, foreign, and independent films. Located in walking distance from the Middle School and High School, it’s an easy after-school stop for students.


15. Everyone looks forward to the cherry blossoms. 


Thousands of people travel to Washington, DC to see the cherry blossoms bloom in all their glory. People in Summit just walk outside their front doors. There’s really no arguing with their beauty.


16. Plenty of Parks


With all its greenery, it’s no surprise that Summit hosts an abundance of parks. The Memorial Park is a go-to spot for weekends with the kids and the annual 4th of July fireworks display.


17. A piece of history. 


Once upon a time, Summit was a vacation destination for wealthy New York residents seeking fresh air. Wealthy professionals have sought out Summit’s beauty and charm since as early as the 1800’s.


18. Meryl Streep was born here. 


And she did pretty well for herself.


19. The Velvet Underground got their start here too. 


Their first paid gig was for $75 at the Summit High School Prom.


20. Get where you need to go. 


The summit train station will connect you to NYC, which will connect you to just about everywhere else in the world. Live in Summit and see the world!



Summit, NJ – rich in culture, history, and beauty. The perfect place to raise kids. The perfect place to call home. Explore homes for sale in this gorgeous colonial town on Estately.com or with our Estately App.



U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse


29 Things to Know Before Making New Jersey Home

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11 Circular Homes You Can Buy Now




Maynard James Keenan famously said, “A circle is the reflection of eternity. It has no beginning and it has no end.” And that’s pretty deep and all, but a circle is also a type of home you can buy. Like right now… in the present… on Estately.com. Here are eight of them..
































22_13099191_2_1433448377_636x435DALLAS, TX — $7,950,000 — VIEW PHOTOS HERE



Looking to buy a circular home or even one with right angles? Get your home search started at Estately.com or download the EstatelyApp. Both are exceptional tools for home buyers searching for their dream home.


Which U.S. States Are the Most American?

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History


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20 Napa Valley Musts that are So Much More than Wine


Napa Valley and wine are nearly synonymous, but there’s so much more to this gorgeous slice of the California coast than vino. Just a short drive from San Francisco you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of foodie paradise, outdoor adventures and once in a lifetime opportunities. Does wine make it better? It can for some, but it’s far from a requirement. In fact, the entire Napa region is very family friendly!

Forget Disneyland, Hollywood and the beaches (well, sometimes). Head to Napa and discover these 20 must-see and must-do activities—no designated driver required.


Get the Royal Treatment at Castello di Amorosa!


What do you do when you have millions to spare, a love of all things medieval and a plot of land in Napa Valley? Build your own castle, of course! Yes, technically the Castello di Amorosa is a winery, but it’s also one man’s incredible imagining of the ultimate Italian castle. Plus, you’ll find the best parties in town here. Check out the Pagan Ball, Hot Havana Nights or a romantic Valentine’s dinner like no other.


Go to a 3 Michelin Starred Restaurant


There are only two three-Michelin starred restaurants west of Chicago, and they’re both in Napa Valley! Both also feature a chef’s tasting menu, the best way to treat your palate. Try out The French Laundry or The Restaurant at Meadowood. The French Laundry even has a 100 percent vegetarian option.


3. Get the Best Butterscotch Pudding of Your Life


Napa Valley is a foodie’s dream come true, so what’s up with the butterscotch? It might not sound that legendary, but it’s fresh, freckled and highly addictive. You’ll find it at Market in St. Helena, a cozy restaurant that’s all American. Get it to go and tick this beloved dessert off your Napa bucket list.


4. Go on an African Adventure


An African safari in the heart of Napa? Why not? Known as the Sonoma Serengeti, you can stay amidst wild beasts, wake up with giraffes grazing next to your hut, save the wild cheetahs and more. Special packages include romance specials, a girls getaway and of course a wild weekend in wine country. Wildebeests and wine are the perfect pairing.


5. Cycle Your Way around Town


Rent a bike and set off on a guided tour or on your own adventure. Biking from winery to winery, or simply along the curved trails, is a fantastic way to get in your workout while seeing wine country in an entirely new light. Ask nicely, and many wineries will even let you bike through the vineyards. However, keep in mind that you can get a DUI while operating a man-powered two wheel vehicle (so plan accordingly!).


6. Take a Photo by the Napa Sign


The wine country equivalent of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, no trip is complete without taking a selfie at this famous landmark. There are always plenty of other tourists nearby to snap a photo for you, and you may need proof that you indeed traversed beyond those famous wine cellars.


7. Get Full of Hot Air


Hot air balloon rides are romantic, but a ride in Napa puts all others to shame. Schedule a morning trip and watch the sun rise over the rolling hills. It’s the perfect place to propose, celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy a once in a lifetime morning mimosa with an unparalleled view.


8. Practice Yoga


Yoga studios are popping up all over Napa, whether you prefer Bikram for a much needed vino detox or yoga amongst the grapevines. “Working out” on vacation is a challenge, but not when you’re focusing on mindfulness, flexibility and perhaps have a tasting to look forward to after your savasana. Is there a pose to strengthen your drink hand?


9. Sample Everything Oxbow Has to Offer


Can’t decide which restaurant to try? A local favorite, Oxbow Public Market is the equivalent of an indoor food truck pod, brimming over with sweet treats, delectable meals sourced locally and goodies like raw honey from nearby beekeepers. When traveling in a group, or when you simply can’t decide which fare sounds best, Oxbow never disappoints.


10. All Aboard the Wino Express!


The wine train is an absolute must-do even if wine tasting isn’t on the agenda. A full-service train, you can indulge in an unforgettable meal while seeing the region from an entirely new perspective. However, make sure you book in advance (especially for special occasions). Tickets sell out quickly.


11. Become a Jet Setter


A jet or plane tour of Napa gives you a bird’s eye view of the area along with a few adrenaline spikes for good measure. It’s the perfect nightcap for your adventure, especially if you time it to coincide with popular hot air balloon times. Become part of the Napa landscape and see what those vineyards look like from a new angle.


12. Check the Events Calendar


There’s always something happening in downtown Napa, often for free and spilling over with samples, sensational music and fun for the entire family. From the Blues, Brews and Barbeques events to complimentary plays popping up in downtown, visit the Napa Chamber of Commerce site before your trip to see what’s cooking (or fermenting!) when you visit.


13. Cook Up Some Fun


No gastro epicenter would be complete without world class cooking classes. The Culinary Institute of America has a campus in town, and CasaLana Gourmet Retreats is another option to get your hands dirty. Learn to cook with wine, locally sourced ingredients and discover a skill on this vacation that will serve you for years to come.


14. Be Fueled By Fine Wine


If you’re a runner, it’s time to add a Napa Valley medal to your bling chest. There are 5K’s, 10K’s, half marathons and full marathons taking place year-round. It’s one of the best places to run thanks to moderate temperatures, gorgeous views and some challenging hill courses if that strikes your fancy. Plus, with a chilled glass waiting at the finish line, you have more than enough incentive to push through.


15. Snap Some Drool-Worthy Photos


Any time of year is a great time for a Napa visit, but the spring and autumn are particularly kind to photographers. Memorialize the changing leaves, the budding grapes, the dedicated workers and unbelievable vistas. There’s a reason so many galleries and photographers call this slice of California home.


16. Feed Your Film Geek


The Napa Valley Film Festival offers year-round events, many of which feature films based in the Napa area. Napa filmmakers and welcome visitors can enjoy a flick in gorgeous surroundings. Ending a day of adventure with a film at dusk or lecture with a visiting director is the perfect segue before dinner and drinks. Napa takes “dinner and a movie” to an entirely new level.


17. Dance at River Terrace Inn


There’s live music throughout the Napa region, but the River Terrace Inn boasts one of the longest-running live shows around. Spanning everything from the doo-wop 50s era to today’s hottest tracks, let loose on a patio that overlooks the vineyards. It’s the perfect place for a date, night out or to connect with fellow Napa lovers and locals alike.


18. Dine at a Morimoto Restaurant


Another restaurant on a foodie’s bucket list, the famous Morimoto has digs here and it’s worth making reservations in advance. Innovative and eclectic dishes abound, with updates constantly being made. However, this particular restaurant is well-known for desserts that are more works of expansive art than treats you know and love.


19. Library Geeks Unite!

reading books

reading books

The Napa Valley Library goes together with wine country like Pinot noir and steak tartare. Slip in and check out some books perfect for reading in a vineyard, or discover what’s on tap for the little ones on the trip. A great source of history, insider information and “secret” local tips and tricks, the local library should be a first stop to ensure you’re in the know from day one.


20. Get to Work!


Many wineries, vineyards and tour companies more than welcome grape harvest volunteers. If you really want to take your relationship with Napa to the next level, you need to get your hands dirty (and maybe your feet!). There are various options for type of work and length, and although harvest is in the autumn there are volunteer opportunities year-round.



Napa Valley is calling you by train, jet, or hot air balloon! Explore this this stunning region for yourself, and you might just decide to make it a place you call home. If that happens, browse homes for sale at Estately.com, or you can download the Estately App for a home hunting experience that’s smoother than your last Chardonnay.



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27 Reasons California Is Better Than Texas

20 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Solvang, California