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What Does Each State Have More Of Than Any Other?


Deciding which American state to live in isn’t easy. It’s like entering an all-you-can-eat casino buffet with the limitation of only being able to choose one food item. Before deciding where to live and buy a home it’s important to be informed, which is why Estately has compiled this map and list of what each state has more of per capita than any other. Some are good, some are bad, but all are unique to that specific state.

ALABAMA—racist tweets

The state’s health woes and poverty provide plenty of other options (highest percentage of strokes, diabetes, homeless children, etc.), but the avalanche of racist tweets during the 2012 presidential election really set it apart from the rest of the country—not counting Mississippi, which was a close second.


The Last Frontier State is unfortunate in its per capita first place finishes for violent crime, rape, and gun violence, but America can find solace in Alaska having the highest percentage of veterans per capita, and by far the most bald eagles.

ARIZONA—U.F.O. sightings

Look! Up in the Arizona sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… an alien spaceship.? With over four UFO sightings for every 100,000 people Arizona had the most reported UFO sightings of any state. Maine was second.

ARKANSAS—hate groups

Not exactly one for Arkansas’ travel brochures, but with 24 local hate groups Arkansas has the most per capita, narrowly edging out Montana and Mississippi. In addition, Arkansas is also tops for salmonella cases. Is it possible local white supremacists are keeping their chicken breasts out on the counter because they don’t want white meat mixing with dark meat chicken thighs in the fridge?

CALIFORNIA—People who brag on social media

The Golden State is tops for owning electric cars, stealing cars, eating vegetables, and producing vermouth, but you probably already know that because Californians love to brag on social media. A whopping 77% of Californians surveyed say they frequently engage in self-promotion on social media, the highest in the country.

COLORADO—unvaccinated children

Colorado ranks highly for fitness, regular exercise, low obesity, and other healthy metrics, but that’s only made them arrogant when it comes to the health and well being of children. The state ranks highest for children who have not been vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella—19.9% of kindergartners.

CONNECTICUT—breast cancer

Sadly, Connecticut has the highest rate of breast cancer in the country—136.6 for every 100,000 women. On the plus side, the state has the highest percentage of people who go to the dentist regularly, so at least they’ll flash a great smile when they beat cancer.

DELAWARE—registered sex offenders

Delaware has the highest percentage of homes with just a landline, infrequent exercisers, political moderates, customers who don’t tip, and safe boaters (tie), but the stat that really jumped out was Delaware having the most registered sex offenders per capita.

FLORIDA—shark attacks

The Sunshine State comes in first place for highest Cesarean delivery rate, fatal boating accidents, and identity theft, but “shark attacks” just really grabs your attention more. Somewhat related—we could find no stats measuring the most purchases of cassette tapes for Great White’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy.”

GEORGIA—panda bears

There are a few pandas at zoos in D.C, San Diego, and Memphis, but Georgia’s Zoo Atlanta has the most pandas of any American zoo (5) because Lui Lui and Yang Yang are highly successful at mating.

HAWAII—people who identify as LGBT

According to a Gallup Poll, Hawaii has the highest percentage (5.1%) of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. North Dakota had the lowest percentage—1.7%. Apparently, LGBT people prefer to live in a tropical paradise.

IDAHO—minimum wage workers

The state is tops for water use, underpaid women, and minimum wage workers. However, we were unable to find stats on fly fishing spots per capita.

ILLINOIS—people who tip

According to a recent study by Square, people in Illinois tip on 61% of transactions, the most of any state, and far more than last place Delaware—38%. However, a recent Gallup poll found 50% of people in Illinois would move to a different state if they could, which was the highest in America. Maybe the want to move to Delaware so they can ease up on the tipping.

INDIANA—apathetic voters

Last year Indiana had the most players in the NBA per capita, but Louisiana took over that title this year. In place of that, Indiana can cling to its title of “Most Apathetic Voter” until 2016! In the 2014 mid-term elections a whopping 72% of registered voters in Indiana stayed away from the polls, the highest in the country.

IOWA—lost chickens

Iowa has highest percentage of people who are drug free, the fewest killers, and the most eggs produced, but that doesn’t mean the state doesn’t have a dark secret—lost chickens. According to the USDA, a stunning 27 million chickens were lost, and by “lost” they mean “rendered, died, destroyed, composted, or disappeared for any reasons except sold during the 12-month period.” The lesson—chickens who lay eggs commercially do not live forever.

KANSAS—pornography pageviews

When it comes to viewing pornography online, Kansans definitely clear their search history the most frequently. According to Pornhub, the state had 194 pageviews per capita, which was more than 2.5 times as much as last place Arkansas, which still has a box of adult magazines in a shed out back.


Kentucky produces the most tobacco per capita, has the most smokers, the highest rate of lung cancer, and the most cancer deaths. There might just be a connection in here somehow.

LOUISIANA—people in prison

The state puts more people in the NFL per capita than any other state. Unfortunately, the same goes for prison—one out of every 75 people in the state. That’s 13 times more than in China. Louisiana is also tops for murders, STIs, and electricity consumption (air conditioners?).

MAINE—boating accidents

Having the highest concentration of timberland does nothing to prevent boating accidents. Maine is tops for that—one for every 24,598 people. However, Florida has the most fatal boating accidents, and far less timberland.


Maryland has the highest concentration of millionaires and Democrats, so it’s a great place to fundraise if your name is Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Massachusetts must make Mississippi sick to its collective stomach. The state is tops for Obama approval ratings, people who identify as “liberals,” energy efficiency, people with health insurance, and primary care physicians.


Michigan has the most lighthouses and the most engineers per capita. So if you’re a photographer looking for a romantic getaway weekend with an eligible engineer then Michigan is your paradise.


If you’re a turkey farmer with excellent heart health who enjoys recreational boating there’s a good chance you live in Minnesota. Nearly 15% of state residents have a boating license, it has the lowest rate of heart attacks, and it’s tops for total number of turkeys produced.


Mississippi is tops for poverty, obesity, gonorrhea, high blood pressure, infant mortality, unemployment, access to high-speed internet, people who can’t afford food, residents on food stamps, and total deaths. However, the state’s name is the most fun to spell.

MISSOURI—meth lab incidents

The Show Me State is tops for meth lab incidents (1,825 in 2012), which is 16.3% of all in America.

MONTANA—poorly paid first-year teachers

Teaching is a famously underpaid profession, but Montana really comes up short when it comes to starting salaries for teachers. First-year teachers in Montana make just $27,214, which is considerably less than neighboring Wyoming—$43,269. Montana also is home to the nation’s worst drivers, but it has to share the title with South Carolina. What it doesn’t share with South Carolina is its obesity ranking. Montana is the least obese state in the country.

NEBRASKA—high school graduates

The graduation rate in Nebraska is 93%, nearly 33% higher than last place Nevada. However, Nevada has the least amount of student loans per capita so there is some upside.

NEVADA—Facebook users

Nevada is tops for divorce, robberies, dropping out of high school, being unemployed or underemployed… you know, all the usual stuff people share on Facebook.

NEW HAMPSHIRE—student loan debt

New Hampshire has the highest student loan debt per capita of any state, as well as testicular cancer cases (7.4 per 100,000), but it does have the most amusement parks per capita, which is pretty great.

NEW JERSEY—people who don’t get divorced

Sure, a higher percentage of people are moving out of New Jersey than any other state, but those that stay can enjoy long-lasting marriages because New Jersey has the lowest divorce rate in the country.

NEW MEXICO—mental illness

The state is tops for teen births, mental illness, and aggravated assaults, but on the upside since the state has the lowest percentage of Facebook users they likely send the fewest invites to play Candy Crush.

NEW YORK—lawyers

Would America change the way it funds education if it knew that New York’s highest spending per pupil on elementary-secondary school students somehow would lead to the most lawyers per capita—8.5 per 1,000?

NORTH CAROLINA—snake bites

North Carolina has the highest rate of snake bites in America, so that kind of casts a shadow on all those NCAA basketball championships.

NORTH DAKOTA—farms / bars / golf courses

North Dakota may not have much in terms of population, but when it comes to per capita rankings the state is tops for a wide variety of things:  bars, people working full time, farms, golf courses, good drivers, and more.

OHIO—potty mouths

A recent study found Ohio residents swears the most. They also commit the most metal thefts, which is a real #%&$ing shame.


Texas may be more famous for executing prisoners, but Oklahoma actually executes more inmates per capita than its neighbor. Oklahoma also has the most people who don’t eat their vegetables, so maybe that’s one more reason you should eat your vegetables.

OREGON—selling cigarettes to children

Oregon is seeing the highest inbound migration of any state, but perhaps it’s fueled by people who want to send their kids to the store to them up some smokes. The state is also tops for non-medical painkiller use.

PENNSYLVANIA—listening to holiday music

According to AccuRadio, Pennsylvania streamed more hours of holiday music per capita than any other state. Meanwhile, neighboring New Jersey proved to be the most bah humbug of the bunch by streaming the least.

RHODE ISLAND—illicit drug use

Psss… want to get high? Rhode Island sure does. The state is way out in front when it comes to using illegal drugs and marijuana. in 2014, 20% of residents over 12 reported using marijuana, and 4.3% reported using illegal drugs.

SOUTH CAROLINA—bad drivers

They have to share the title with drunk driving Montana, but South Carolina is the top state for bad drivers, largely because of fatal accidents and careless driving.

SOUTH DAKOTA—concealed carry permits

South Dakotans are tops when it comes to packing heat, getting the most sleep, and avoiding having their identities stolen.


They like them bigger in Tennessee, at least when it comes to their houses of worship. The state has 67 megachurches, which comes out the most per capita of any state.

TEXAS—pet tigers

With an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 pet tigers in Texas the state has more per capita than any other U.S. state. Not only that, there are more tigers in Texas than exist in the wild.

UTAH—regular church attendees

At 51%, the largely Mormon state of Utah has the highest percentage of regular church attendees in the country, and nearly three times as much as last place Vermont. Utah is also tops for Republicans—59%, non-smokers—88.8%, prostate cancer (170.6 per 100,000), and skin cancer (31.9 per 100,000).

VERMONT—craft beer production

When it comes American craft beer production, the people of Vermont have done the most to quench America’s thirst, over 15 gallons per person. Vermont is also tops for non-religious people, produce consumption, frequent exercise, museums, brain cancer (4.3 per 100,000), and safe boaters (tie).


There are plenty of Virginians who work directly for the government, but the state is also tops for private sector jobs dependent on federal contracts.


If you’d like your mail stolen or iPhone snatched or your car broken into you should move to Washington state. The state is tops for property crime and number of incidents is only increasing.

WEST VIRGINIA—deer-vehicle collisions

West Virginia comes in the unfortunate first place for fatal drug overdoses, cervical cancer, deer-vehicle collisions, heart attacks, and women without jobs. On the upside, it has the lowest percentage of people with STIs.

WISCONSIN—whooping cough

In addition to the most recorded cases of whooping cough per capita (2012-2014) Wisconsin was also tops for black men incarcerated—13%, binge drinking, and leukemia (16.2 per 100,000).

WYOMING—people who chew tobacco

In addition to being home to more tobacco chewers than any other state (9.1%), Wyoming has the most suicides, government workers (over 10%), registered gun owners (19.6%), and people who don’t approve of President Obama (80.7%).

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U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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WOW!!! These 7 Seattle Condos Look Exactly Like The One From “50 Shades of Grey” As Long As You’re Blindfolded


The fictional Christian Grey from “50 Shades of Grey” famously lives in a penthouse condo in the Escala building in Seattle. After an exhaustive search of Seattle condos for sale on Estately we’ve found seven Seattle condos that look exactly like the one Christian Grey lives in, provided you’re completely blindfolded.

1. 100 Ward Street Unit 800B Seattle WA — $1,795,000



2. 1410 E Pine Street Unit W107 Seattle, WA — $425,000



3. 516 Yale Avenue N Unit 600 Seattle, WA — $1,027,000



4. 111 West Highland Drive Unit 3E Seattle, WA —$2,400,000



5. 97 South Jackson Street Unit 504 Seattle, WA — $999,999



6. 2033 2nd Avenue Unit 2206 Seattle, WA — $619,000



505 West Mercer Place Unit 500 Seattle, WA — $3,188,000





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9 Deal Sweeteners To Entice Home Buyers Into Purchasing Your Home


In a buyer’s market, it’s common for home sellers to throw in deal sweeteners to win over home buyers. Common sweeteners include paying closing costs or buying down the buyer’s mortgage rate, but these are costly. Here at Estately’s we’ve compiled a list of nine less expensive deal sweeteners to entice a buyer into buying your home.

1. Mow the lawn for a year



Ideal for home sellers with kids who need to learn life lessons, the promise of a year devoid of lawn mowing for the home buyer is definitely a deal closer.

2. Throw in a free puppy


If the existing carpets need to be replaced, why not offer to throw in this adorable puppy? Consider it training carpet until the puppy is house broken.

3. Cater their housewarming party


A catered party may sound expensive, but all you have to do is grill some hot dogs or order some takeout.

4. Help them move in


When helping them move into the house you can always fake a back injury or hernia if the buyers turn out to be pack rats or piano collectors.

5.  Offer them a free pony


The offer of a free pony is most effective if presented in front of the home buyer’s children. Also, the upfront cost of purchasing a pony is nothing compared to the cost of keeping it.

6. Clean their old house


Look, you don’t want to clean your own house, much less some stranger’s home, but these are desperate times and they call for desperate measures.

7. Include the refrigerator and fill it with beer


You can swap out the malt liquor for boxes of Chardonnay if the buyer is a more sophisticated drinker.

8. Custom mailbox


Buy them a customized mailbox that reflects their hobbies or interests like this one from The Bus Box.

9. Agree to come over to kill up to three spiders at any hour


Do you want to sell this house or not? It’s time to conquer your fears and close this deal!



Official Guide to Translate Real Estate Listing Broker Babble

What Real Estate-Related Things Does Each State Google More Than Any Other?

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The Cultural Geography of Oregon


From the rain-soaked forests of the coast to the scenic deserts of the east, Oregon is a great place to live. However, choosing where in this great state to buy a home is a challenge. Do you buy a condo in bustling popular Portland, a ski cabin near Bend, or a ranch house near Pendleton? How about a beach house in Seaside, a winery near McMinnville, or fishing cabin near Newport? To help you choose your location Estately created this not-so-scientific map depicting the state’s cultural differences. Hope it helps!



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What Are People In Each State Getting For Valentine’s Day?


Estately real estate search may be the best way to find a home for sale, but it can’t help you choose the best Valentine’s Day gift (unless it’s a house). While Estately does have the data to determine which states are most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, it can’t scientifically determine what the most popular Valentine’s Day gift is in each state. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t guess blindly, which is exactly what we did.

-     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     -

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U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Here’s What Each State Googles More Than Any Other

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13 Homes for Sale That’d Be Ideal for Boo Radley in “To Kill a Mockingbird”


The literary world is thrilled with Harper Lee’s announcement that she’ll publish a sequel to her classic “To Kill a Mockingbird.” In addition to that, the film world is thrilled because there might be a movie made about it, and the real estate world is thrilled because Hollywood might buy some run-down house for sale to serve as the setting for Boo Radley’s home. Estately found ten homes for sale in the United States that might be perfect for that.


Houston, TX—$99,500




Stockton, CA—$65,000


Kingman, AZ—$34,600


Portland, OR—$71,500


Kansas City, MO—$13,000


Greensboro, NC—$64,900


Midlothian, TX—$65,000


Sacramento, CA—$70,000


Efland, NC—$85,900


High Point, NC—$14,500


Stayton, OR—$74,900


El Campo, TX—$66,000


Fort Worth, TX—$34,900

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Which Washington Cities Are Home To The Most Enthusiastic Seahawks Fans?


Seattle Seahawks fans can be found in droves across Washington state, but Estately wondered which cities in the state were home to highest concentration of Seahawks fans. To do this we used Facebook user data to determine which of the 40 most populated Washington cities had the highest percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in the team. Out of the 40 largest cities, Maple Valley had the highest percentage of Seahawks fans expressing interest on Facebook (40.0%) and Bellevue had the lowest (6.0%). Obviously, not every Seahawks fan is on Facebook, much less expressing their love of the team on it, but it does provide a way to poll millions of people in the region.

If the city or town you live can’t match your passion for the Seahawks then consider moving and buying a home in one of these top ten cities for Seahawks passion.

  1. Maple Valley
  2. Marysville
  3. Lake Stevens
  4. Kent
  5. Des Moines
  6. Renton
  7. Auburn
  8. Burien
  9. Everett
  10. Federal Way

-     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     -

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Football-Related Things Each State Googles More Than Other

Which States Are Home To More Patriots Or Seahawks Fans?

States Most/Least Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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Where Are The Most Enthusiastic Patriots Fans In New England?


New England Patriots fans can be found in droves across the states that make up New England, but Estately wondered where they were most concentrated. To do this we used Facebook user data to determine which of the 40 most populated cities had the highest percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in the team. Out of the 40 largest cities, Warwick, RI had the highest percentage of Patriots fans expressing interest on Facebook (29.73%) and Greenwich, CT had the lowest (2.78%). Obviously, not every Pats fan is on Facebook, much less expressing their love of the team on it, but it does provide a way to poll millions of people in the region.

When it comes to the different states, Rhode Island had the highest percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in the Patriots (23.67%), followed by New Hampshire (22.68%), Massachusetts (20.0%), Maine (19.27%), and Vermont (10.5%). With its proximity to New York City it’s not surprising that Connecticut mustered just 7.4%. In comparison, 23.4% of Facebook users in Washington state expressed interest in the Seattle Seahawks.

If the city or town you live can’t match your passion for the Patriots then consider moving and buying a home in one of these top ten cities for Patriots passion.

  1. Warwick, RI
  2. Fall River, MA
  3. Haverhill, MA
  4. Plymouth, MA
  5. Brockton, MA
  6. Cranston, RI
  7. Nashua, NH
  8. Quincy, MA
  9. Lowell, MA
  10. New Bedford, MA

-     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     -

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Football-Related Things Each State Googles More Than Other

Which States Are Home To More Patriots Or Seahawks Fans?

States Most/Least Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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What Real Estate-Related Things Does Each State Google More Than Any Other?


Every year an increasing number of home shoppers across America use the internet to search for the perfect home.  However, people in different states don’t search online in identical ways. Estately was curious how people in each state differed in how they used the internet to find a place to live so it used Google Trends data from the past decade to find out what each state searched for online more than others. The data showed log cabins are popular in the Appalachian states, mobile homes are en vogue in the south, and yurts are popular in the Pacific Northwest. These were just some of the discoveries we uncovered. Read on to see what housing-related queries each state searched for more than any other…

ALABAMA: mobile homes for sale / for sale by owner / property for sale / multiple listing service / lake houses

ALASKA:  RE/MAX / cabin, chalet, yurt / construction jobs / igloo /

ARIZONA:  Frank Lloyd Wright (architect) / mobile home parks / loan fraud

ARKANSAS:  There were no searches that Arkansas ranked tops in.

CALIFORNIA:  mid-century modern / beach bungalow / chalet for sale / underground bunker / cohousing / Inman News / Brad Inman / Steamline Moderne / real estate bubble / 1000watt

COLORADO:  commercial real estate / tiny homes / Tumbleweed Tiny House Company / castle for rent / geodesic dome / right of first refusal / “House Hunters International” (tv show)

CONNECTICUT:  National Association of Realtors / Philip Johnson (architect) / realtor jobs / Victorian house /

DELAWARE:  mortgage rates / castle for sale

FLORIDA:  mobile home park / houseboat for sale / condominium / condo / villas / villas for sale / Section 8 Housing / gated communities / adjustable-rate mortgages / eviction / real estate articles / foreclosure / reverse mortgage / homeowner’s insurance / mortgage fraud / house for rent / beach house for sale / renting

GEORGIA:  homes for rent / public housing / houseboat / cheap homes (tie w/ SC)

HAWAII:  bungalow

IDAHO:  manufactured home / yurts / “House Hunters” (TV show)

ILLINOIS:  haunted house / boarding house / predatory lending / American foursquare / prairie style

INDIANA:  pole barns / credit history

IOWA:  radon

KANSAS:  There were no searches that Kansas ranked tops in.

KENTUCKY:  haunted houses / log cabin kits / cabin rentals / hazard insurance

LOUISIANA:  house for sale / mobile home / shotgun house / flood insurance

MAINE:  modular home / tiny houses / cottage / radon test / homeless shelter

MARYLAND:  rowhouse / mortgage loan / closing costs / Fanny Mae / homestead credit / subprime loan / architect jobs

MASSACHUSETTS:  saltbox house / home inspection / home inspector / Walter Gropius (architect) / real estate reporter / open house

MICHIGAN:  trailer park / mansion for sale / Alden B. Dow (architect) / lake houses for sale / squatter’s rights

MINNESOTA:  townhouse / townhomes / private mortgage insurance / property tax / radon test kit / sweat equity / HomeServices of America

MISSISSIPPI:  credit score

MISSOURI:  credit counseling / loan default / eminent domain

MONTANA:  tipi / travel trailer / RV / recreational vehicle / used RV

NEBRASKA:  fair credit report / sod house

NEVADA:  real estate news / palace / ranch house / federal takeover of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac / short sale / notice of default / second mortgage / carpenter jobs / wigwam


NEW JERSEY:  townhouses for sale / apartment for rent / garden apartments / home equity line of credit / recording fees

NEW MEXICO:  RV for sale / RV parks

NEW YORK:  real estate developers / longhouse / apartment / apartment for sale / basement apartment / brownstones / studio apartment / commune / Frank Gehry (architect) / Curbed.com / apartments for rent / “Million Dollar Listing” (TV show) / Donald Trump hair

NORTH CAROLINA:  Habitat for Humanity / real estate search / log cabins for sale

NORTH DAKOTA:  There were no searches that North Dakota ranked tops in.

OHIO:  log cabin homes / A-frame / manor house

OKLAHOMA:  Keller Williams Realty / land for sale / real estate broker

OREGON:  yurts for sale

PENNSYLVANIA:  row house / credit score / FICO score / home equity loan / Robert Venturi (architect)

RHODE ISLAND:  mansion / mansions / yacht club /

SOUTH CAROLINA:  home for sale / mobile homes for sale / cheap homes (tie w/ Georgia) / HGTV (television network)

SOUTH DAKOTA:  homes for sale / realtors / Truth In Lending Act / hunting lodge / Century 21

TENNESSEE:  log cabin / house boat / log homes

TEXAS:  barns for sale / farmhouses for sale / ranch-style house / underground homes for sale / loan officer jobs / title company / how to flip houses?

UTAH:  teepee / house payments / Fair Housing Act / interest rates / loan officer / mortgage insurance / how to sell your home? / real estate investing /

VERMONT:  small house movement / barns / farmhouse / zoning

VIRGINIA: Freddie Mac / notary public / land value tax

WASHINGTON:  Estately / small houses / tiny house plans / chateau / tree house

WEST VIRGINIA:  log homes for sale / houses for sale / bunker / free credit score

WISCONSIN:  Coldwell Banker / duplex / duplexes for sale / duplexes for rent / lien waiver / stilt house

WYOMING:  real estate / modular homes / mortgage calculator / real estate jobs

-     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     -

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U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Here’s What Each State Googles More Than Any Other

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Football-Related Things Each State Googles More Than Any Other


Football is incredibly popular across America, but that doesn’t mean each state appreciates the sport in the same way. To investigate the differences Estately used Google Trends to research patterns in football-related internet searches over the past decade for each state.

Our search terms included NFL teams, sports reporters, other leagues, football terminology, Super Bowl commercials, tailgating foods, players with national notoriety, and football-related books, movies, TV shows, and more. In the end we compiled a list of which terms each state searched for more than any other state.

ALABAMA:  AJ McCarron girlfriend / AJ McCarron tattoo / wing T / Busted Coverage / “Football for Dummies” (book) / “College GameDay” (ESPN show) / “College GameDay” signs / Jameis Winston / 3-4 defense / Heisman Trophy / stiff arm / fight song / Phil Simms / special teams / high school football / college football / NCAA rules / football books / football movies / College Football Playoffs / College Football Championship / BCS National Championship Game / S.E.C. / electric football

Analysis:  Alabama employers would be horrified to know how their employees spend their time on company computers. However, the NFL and NCAA would be flattered.   

ALASKA:  Penetration / Mark Schlereth (a.k.a Stink) / football dictionary

Analysis:  Yikes.

ARIZONA:  Super Bowl tickets / NFL Sunday Ticket / concussion test / Arizona Cardinals / Ed Hochuli (referee)

Analysis:  The state most impressed with verbose referee Ed Hochuli’s biceps is Arizona.


ARKANSAS:  “Air Bud” (film series) / Bobby Petrino’s wife

Analysis:  Being tops for “Air Bud” searches likely means a strong appreciation for “Air Bud: Golden Receiver,” a zany film about a football-playing dog.

CALIFORNIA:  Jim Harbaugh quotes / football for beginners / Brett Favre photo / Who’s got it better than us? / Janet Jackson Super Bowl / What is encroachment? / Colin Kaepernick naked / Ottawa Redblacks / Hamilton Tiger-Cats / Michael Silver (sportswriter) / San Diego Chargers / San Francisco 49ers / Oakland Raiders

Analysis:  If someone reveals their naughty bits you can be sure Californians will Google it, and they’re also very curious about Canadian football teams.  

COLORADO: Tim Tebow / Tebowing / Stan Kroenke (owner of St. Louis Rams) / Super Bowl (tie w/ WA and IN) / Adam Schefter (NFL reporter) / Lyle Alzado / concussion treatment / Who will win Super Bowl? / Monday Night Football / Thursday Night Football / Denver Broncos

Analysis:  Looks like some state still has feelings for Tim Tebow. 

CONNECTICUT:  Jim Nantz (sportscaster)

Analysis:  The question that keeps Connecticut residents up at night is how exactly Jim Nantz can spend so much time with Phil Simms?

DELAWARE:  Terrell Owens

Analysis:  Your internet search history is no doubt shameful and embarrassing, but take solace in that it’s not as bad as Delaware’s.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  NFLPA / football for dummies / Suzy Kolber (sports reporter) / Kissing Suzy Kolber (sports website)

Analysis:  Looks like people are trying to take a crash course in football to try and impress Suzy Kolber. 

FLORIDA:  Flag football / “Hard Knox” (TV series) / prevent defense / Michael Sam kiss / Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Miami Dolphins / Jacksonville Jaguars

Analysis:  Florida’s curiosity about prevent defenses is probably because the Bucs, Dolphins, and Jaguars face a lot of prevent defenses because they’re playing from behind. 

GEORGIA: “The T.O. Show” (TV series) / Deion Sanders / Michael Vick / What is football? / NFL player girlfriend / Atlanta Falcons

Analysis:  Pro athletes in Atlanta will find plenty of women who want to date them.

HAWAII:  Pro Bowl / Manti Te’o

Analysis:  Hawaii is the only state that cares about the Pro Bowl

IDAHO:  Western Athletic Conference / blue turf

Analysis:  When greeting a football fan from Idaho be sure to compliment the blue turf at Boise State’s stadium because they’re very proud of it and they get mad when you bring up Idaho potatoes.

Busted Coverage

ILLINOIS: Kyle Orton drunk / “Super Bowl Shuffle” (song) / Jay Cutler meme / Buffalo wings / preseason tickets / white running back / Deadspin (sports website) / “Playmakers” (TV series) / Da Bears / football terminology / Chicago Bears

Analysis:  To be fair, the photos of  Kyle Orton drunk are pretty fantastic. And so are all those Jay Cutler memes.

INDIANA: Super Bowl (tie w/ CO and WA) / “Rudy” (film) / Bud Bowl commercial (tie w/ MI) / ball control / Alex Flannigan (sports reporter) / Indianapolis Colts

Analysis:  All those “Super Bowl” searches might have been a touch premature.


IOWA:  Tailgaiting (tie w/ MS) / Tailgating recipes / “The Longest Yard” (2005 film) / onside kick (tie w/ LA) / NFL cheerleader / hot take

Analysis:  Maybe the reason there are no NFL cheerleaders in Iowa isn’t because there’s no pro team there, but rather because they won’t date anyone who’d take them to see the remake of “The Longest yard.”

KANSAS: Big 12 Conference / Herm Edwards / Gale Sayers / Kansas City Chiefs / loudest stadium

Analysis:  If Kansans aren’t making the bulk of the noise at Arrowhead Stadium, they’re at least Googling the Kansas City Chiefs more than the team’s Missouri fans.

KENTUCKY:  Neutral zone / Tim Couch (former NFL quarterback) / Cris Collinsworth (NFL analyst/former player)

Analysis:  Kentuckians often line up offsides. 

LOUISIANA: Tight end / cornerback / Aints / 4-3 defense / onside kick (tie w/ IA) / Super Bowl ring / “The Waterboy” (1998 film) / Terry Bradshaw / anabolic steroids / Arena Football League / New Orleans Saints

Analysis:  Louisiana residents can debate whether or not Jimmy Graham is a tight end or a wide receiver, but there’s no debate that he had a terrible season. 

MAINE:  (nothing)

We found no football-related searches that Maine was tops for. 

MARYLAND: Skip Bayless (idiot) / Madden NFL (video game series) / Super Bowl shirts / Robert Griffin III / Redskins name / NFL fine / Rachel Nichols (sports reporter) / false start / Washington Redskins / Ray Rice video / locker room

Analysis:  Most people can’t change the channel fast enough when Skip Bayless appears on TV. Maryland willfully trues to search him out online, which is shameful. 

MASSACHUSETTS:  Deflategate / deflated / deflated footballs / Spygate / “Friday Night Lights” (TV series) / butt fumble / Rex Ryan foot / Vince Wilfork wife / Vince Wilfork weight / Wes Welker hair / Antonio Cromartie kids / laces out / Peter King (sports reporter) / Manning face / New England Patriots

Analysis:  To mask the shame they feel for all the cheating Patriots fans in Massachusetts like to Google embarrassing things about their rivals. 


MICHIGAN:  Bud Bowl (tie w/ IN) / Jim Harbaugh / football tailgating / bump and run / Mike Tirico (sportscaster) / Toronto Argonauts / Detroit Lions

Analysis:  If they played in Bud Bowl the Detroit Lions would lose because Ndamukong Suh and Dominic Raiola would cut their feet up stomping on glass bottles. 

MINNESOTA:  Fantasy football / Purple People Eaters / NFL mock draft / Sam Ponder (sports reporter) / Winnipeg Blue Bombers / Minnesota Vikings

Analysis: The best way to distract yourself from your team’s mediocre season is to play fantasy football and watch Canadian football. 

MISSISSIPPI: Fumble / tailgating (tie w/ IA) / Jerry Rice

Analysis:  Whether it’s college football or just football-related searches Mississippi always gets shown up by by Alabama. 

MISSOURI:  Michael Sam (NFL player) / Joe Buck / HGH supplements / “Jerry Maguire” (1996 film) / St. Louis Rams / Bob Costas

Analysis:  Rumor has it both Joe Buck and Bob Costas are juicing in preparation for their April fight.  

MONTANA:  Ryan Leaf / NBC Sunday Night Football

Analysis:  Ryan Leaf is from Montana.

NEBRASKA:  Erin Andrews (sports reporter) / Tecmo Bowl (video game) / Tecmo Super Bowl (video game) / Hail Mary pass / Lingerie Football League / double team / Super Bowl commercials / What is the Super Bowl? / unsportsmanlike conduct / BIG 10 Conference / football rules

Analysis:   So that’s who’s watching the Lingerie Football League. 


NEVADA:  O.J. Simpson / Colin Cowherd / “Eric & Jessie:  Game On” (reality TV show starring Eric Decker) / Super Bowl prop bets

Analysis: What are the odds you’ll ruin your NFL career by starring in a reality TV show with your wife? Vegas oddsmakers put it at 100% (see Hank Baskett).


Analysis: Nobody brings pressure like New Hampshire. It’s like the Rex Ryan of states.

NEW JERSEY:  New York Jets / New York Giants / Rules of football / Mark Sanchez girlfriend / NFL autograph / gold cleats / FanDuel

Analysis: If a team plays in New Jersey and the bulk of its fans are in New Jersey it should have New Jersey in the team’s name. 

NEW MEXICO:  Hank Baskett

Analysis: Local boy Hank Baskett isn’t in the news anymore for his football career.

NEW YORK:  NFL memorabilia / Ray Rice costume / Buffalo Bills / “Any Given Sunday” (1999 film) / Rex Ryan tattoo / Black Monday / Joe Namath drunk / Eli Manning elite / Lawrence Taylor arrested

Analysis: Halloween was probably pretty uncomfortable in New York last year. 


NORTH CAROLINA:  What is cover 2? / Super Bowl party food / NFL domestic violence / hands team / strong take

Analysis: Nobody walks away hungry from a North Carolina Super Bowl party.  

NORTH DAKOTA:  Canadian Football League / Saskatchewan Roughriders / torn ACL

Analysis:  North Dakota is under Canadian mind control.

OHIO: NFL Draft / mock draft / Mel Kiper Jr. (NFL draft analyst) / Todd McShay (NFL draft analyst / NFL Scouting Combine / “Draft Day” (2014 film) / free agent / NFL free agents / free agent signing / Wonderlic sample / touchdown / Ickey Shuffle / football 101 / coaching tree

Analysis: With an eye on the draft and free agency it looks like Browns and Bengals fans are very unsatisfied with their current teams. 

OKLAHOMA:  “Varsity Blues” (1999 film) / The Boz / Brian Bosworth / gunslinger

Analysis:  Oklahoma could learn a lot from Texas’ football-themed searches. 

OREGON:  Chip Kelly / game manager / PAC-12 Conference

Analysis:  Why do you need to google the PAC-12 Conference when you own it?


PENNSYLVANIA:  Tim Tebow virgin / Rooney Rule / Polamalu hair / Sal Paolantonio (sports reporter) / Pro Bowl stats / “Ben Rothlisberger” (misspelled name) / Puppy Bowl / Immaculate Reception / Pete Rozelle / concussion symptoms / DeSean Jackson gang

Analysis:  Unnamed sources telling Sal Paolantonio that Tim Tebow has reached third base with a lady. 

RHODE ISLAND: Chris Berman (sportscaster) / Rob Gronkowski

Analysis:  Rhode Island residents dream of Chris Berman doing play-by-play of their night partying with Gronk on his party bus.  

SOUTH CAROLINA:  William “The Refrigerator” Perry / Montreal Alouettes

Analysis:  Go Alouettes?

SOUTH DAKOTA:  Jenn Sterger (the woman Brett Favre allegedly texted lewd photos to) / seven-layer dip

Analysis:  A better way to impress a woman is to send her a picture of your famous seven-layer dip, provided one of those layers is guacamole. 

TENNESSEE:  Jon Gruden / Tim Hasselbeck

Analysis:  Tennessee Titans fans are looking for experts to fix their quarterback conundrum. 

TEXAS:  Two-a-days / Jerry Jones photo / football prayer / “The Longest Yard” (1974 film) / “Necessary Roughness” (1991 film) / “Arli$$” (TV series) / elite quarterback / America’s Team / fumblerooski / football bloopers / football encyclopedia / shotgun formation / pistol formation / wishbone / Vince Lombardi quote

Analysis:  Looks like Texas has earned its reputation as the football heart of America.

UTAH:  Table football / Steve Young

Analysis: Not only did Steve Young play his college ball at Brigham Young University, but he’s also the great-great-great grandson of the Brigham Young. 

VERMONT:  “The Blind Side” (2009 film)

Analysis:  The best way to get Vermont interested in football is to include Sandra Bullock in it. 

VIRGINIA:  (nothing)

Analysis:  We found no football-related searches that Virginia was tops for.

WASHINGTON:  Crowd noise / Beast Mode / John Clayton (sports reporter) / Dave Dameshek (football analyst) / Richard Sherman / Super Bowl predictions / Skittles / B.C. Lions / Edmonton Eskimos / Calgary Stampeders / Super Bowl (tie w/ IN/CO) / Legion of Boom / Steve Largent hit (the one above where he blows up Mike Harden)

Analysis:  Most of America didn’t know Seattle had a pro football team until Richard Sherman yelled at them from the TVs, but the Seahawks are real. 


Analysis:  This might just be searches for an actual tailgate for the pickup. 

WISCONSIN:  Chicago Bears suck / interception / cut block / touchdown dance / fair catch / Frank Caliendo (comedian) / John Madden / Super Bowl hat / Fail Mary / New York bozo / What is a packer? / replacement refs / Al Michaels (sportscaster) / flea flicker / playoff predictions / NFL kickers / Wonderlic test

Analysis:  Not a lot of Bears fans in Wisconsin.


WYOMING:  Brett Kiesel

Analysis:  Not surprising the most incredible beard in pro football is from Wyoming. 

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