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So This Is What Americans Dream About


Because mapping out each U.S. state’s sordid internet search histories isn’t nosy enough, Estately teamed decided to peek at each state’s dreams by teaming up with DreamsCloud, a site that helps users find meaning and deeper understanding in their dreams. DreamsCloud analyzed the dream descriptions of users in each state and provided the five most common words/symbols that appear for each. We put the most frequently mentioned symbol on the map and listed the top five below. Estately attempted to assign meaning to the most common dream symbols for each state. Feel free to provide your own interpretations in the comments section. We’ll share the best ones on social media. And be sure to check out DreamsCloud’s Dream Dictionary for a far more insightful analysis of the meaning individual dream symbols.

ALABAMA:  high school / dancing / sex / breasts / beach house

Instead of reading a book before bed, residents of Alabama like to watch their Girls Gone Wild tape on VHS.

ALASKA:  magic / falling / old man / school / hands

Alaska is filled with wild animals and creepy dreams.

ARIZONA:  bedroom / left / talking / thief / phone

The greatest fear for an Arizona resident is that someone will steal their phone. This could be said about everyone under the age of 40.

ARKANSAS:  *no data

Perhaps people in Arkansas sleep so soundly because they never dream at all?

CALIFORNIA:  talking / back / people / down / house

You know how people always say they wish they could record their awesome dreams and make them into a movie? In California their dreams are so boring they just make movies instead.

COLORADO: dog / hello / rhyme / gunshots / teacher

One of the worst symptoms of altitude sickness is dreaming that you’re a canine rapper dodging gunfire on your way to school.

CONNECTICUT:  baby / flight / shopping / fire / mall

A common fear in Connecticut is that date night will be canceled because the Sbarro at the mall is closed because of a fire.

DELAWARE:  speeding / terrorist / guns / broken car / stalker

Dream time in Delaware is basically just a Die Hard movie.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  drugs / dark / car / crown / train

If you’re a drug kingpin in D.C. it’s a real dream dilemma choosing what mode of transport to smuggle your goods.

FLORIDA:  bathroom / house / day / cruise ship / nye

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, on a cruise ship, or hanging out with Bill Nye, the primary concern is bathroom proximity.

GEORGIA:  grocery / argue / diapers / bus / bed

Selecting the wrong brand of diapers at the store can get you thrown out of the house or run out of town. THIS STATE WEARS HUGGIES!!!

HAWAII:  music / father / family / furniture / bathroom

Did you know that there are a shortage of garages in Hawaii and that’s why most family bands have to practice in the bathroom?

IDAHO:  Japanese writing / shooter / signs / raw eggs / airport

If you’re an Idaho car service driver you have a couple real concerns:  1. Making a sign the Japanese businessman you’re picking up at the airport can read so he knows you’re his driver. 2) Training like Rocky Balboa, which includes chugging raw eggs like oyster shooters.

ILLINOIS:  airport / girlfriend / car / people / dragon

Would you rather drive your girlfriend to the airport during a rush hour or battle a dragon? There’s no correct answer here.

INDIANA:  blue / bear / down / ex-boyfriend / night

Feeling blue? Ex-boyfriend got you feeling down? Well get ready to meet somebody new at Bear Night, the Midwest’s most exciting bear-themed bingo event.

IOWA:  angels / carnations / steal / airplane / ace

Ever have that recurring dream that your a WWI flying ace and you’ve stolen an airplane to fly to heaven to win the heart of a beautiful angel by presenting her with a bouquet of carnations? You would if it was 1920 and you lived in Iowa.

KANSAS:  above / accelerating / abyss / abutment / accordion

Kansas residents don’t get very far into the alphabet when they dream.

KENTUCKY:  ex-boyfriend / loss / blame / black hole / whiteness

If you’ve lost your ex-boyfriend when he was sucked into a black hole then you only have your whiteness to blame… apparently.

LOUISIANA:  drugs / sex / bike / vampire / moving

The lesson here is if you’re going to do drugs and sex stuff with vampires at least travel by bicycle because of global warming, and also because you’re really high and not in the right state of mind to operate heavy machinery.

MAINE:  screaming / ghost / haunted / laughing / laugh

In Maine’s libraries, the collected works of Stephen King are found under humor writing, not horror.

MARYLAND:  conscious / drum set / acid / firefighter / cemetery

Dream time in Maryland is basically that really cool older kid from up the street who you later learned was a total loser.

MASSACHUSETTS:  abyss / tidal waves / applications / team / accident

You’re a team of programmers working on a new iPhone app that can save the world from natural disasters and nuclear accidents, but can you complete your task before your alarm clock wakes you?

MICHIGAN:  down / big / over / rock / (the S-H word)

Bunch of potty mouth Neanderthals in Michigan

MINNESOTA:  bus / falling / crowd / building / inside

Imagine if instead of dreaming you just re-watched Speed (starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock) over and over. That’s real life in Minnesota.

MISSISSIPPI:  cheating / doctor / water / adultery / sex

If this were a game of Clue, a good guess would be Doctor X… in the swimming pool… with your husband?

MISSOURI:  sex / party / ex / friends / Disney

Oddly, a Missourians greatest fear when attending a sex party dressed like a Disney character is bumping into an ex-girlfriend of ex-boyfriend hanging out with all his/her friends.

MONTANA:  friends / murder / fire / fame / artist

Sort of figured everyone in Montana just dreamed about Brad Pitt fly fishing in A River Runs Through It, but it’s actually much darker than that.

NEBRASKA:  piglet / sand / business card / afterbirth / Grenada

Hi, my name is Linda and my professional goals include moving to Grenada and running along the beach with my pet piglet. Here’s my business card…?

NEVADA: house / hotel / fire / body / street

Arsonists have the bulk of anxiety-filled dreams in Nevada.

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  house / sex / time / day / bedroom

The logistics of sex are really keeping New Hampshire up at night.

NEW JERSEY:  running / kiss / tornado / holding hands / co-worker

New Jersey dream date:  Take co-worker to a KISS concert, hold hands, kiss, and then fly away to somewhere else together in a tornado. Awesome.

NEW MEXICO:  sitting / tongue / ear / back / car

Do you want to fool around in the back of a parked car? New Mexico does.

NEW YORK:  family / cats / city / death / people

Some day, when humanity has vanished, New York will be repopulated by a large family of tabby cats.

NORTH CAROLINA:  amusement park / abdomen / soda / cafeteria / stabbed

If you’re in North Carolina at an amusement park and you experience a stomach ache it’s either bad cafeteria food or you’ve been stabbed.

NORTH DAKOTA:  *insufficient data

Since there’s no measurable data, this is just a guess, but everyone in North Dakota dreams they’re the Highlander, and there can only be one Highlander!

OHIO:  down / fear / relationship / car / family

Basically, Ohio residents just dream their stuck on a family road trip all night every night.

OKLAHOMA:  birds / green / river / family / paintings

If they didn’t have families to take care, Oklahomans would probably follow their dreams of moving to Portland, Oregon to become bird portrait artists.

OREGON:  people / stomach / talking / day / marriage

Before he could say “I do” the 7-layer burrito he’d unwisely eaten started audibly rumbling in his stomach and the marriage was doomed.

PENNSYLVANIA:  sales / walls / choking / ocean / lion

A classic Philly pick-up line people dream of hearing is “Hey baby, when I’m not making sales calls while boxed in by these cubicle walls I like to strangle lions in the ocean. Can I buy you a drink?”

RHODE ISLAND:  island / demon / flight / friends / phone

If you’re ever trapped on a demon-filled island with your friends it’s probably Rhode Island (*not an island).

SOUTH CAROLINA:  bed / ocean / bedside / school / can

That’s boring, South Carolina. Boring.

SOUTH DAKOTA:  cupcake / bank / Tessa Dee / cheating / crying

Tessa Dee is the reigning Miss South Dakota and the state’s residents would like to buy her a cupcake.

TENNESSEE:  friends / adultery / little / sand / singer

Those country song themes really invade dream time in Tennessee.

TEXAS:  family / man / driving / crowd / airport

If you’re reading this from inside an airport shuttle bus heading to a Texas airport you might want to check and see if your driver is asleep.

VIRGINIA:  test / friends / left / family / down

When you flunk a test in dreamland in Virginia you’re letting down a lot of friends and family.

WASHINGTON:  cats / wedding / laser / family / hide

Everyone in Washington has a recurring dream in which the cat finally gains control of the laser pointer and ruins a family wedding.

WEST VIRGINIA:  apple / adventure / lap dance / science / body

For a lonely pervert, the lap dance was very enjoyable, but as a scientist the lap dance really provided a Galileo moment in providing a great understanding of gravity.

WISCONSIN:  time / keys / new / black / people

Ever have that dream you travel back in time so you can be the first person to tell everyone about a new band called The Black Keys? That’s sad.

Don’t believe our interpretations for these states are correct? Let us know your own interpretations in the comments, and be sure to check out DreamsCloud for far better dream analysis.

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Yet Another Map…


We didn’t catch the tourist’s name (sounded like Rory), and he was a little unclear on where he was from—Russia, perhaps? Might have been Belarus? It was definitely not Peru. Regardless, he was fairly inebriated thanks to his recent consumption of a vast amount of 24 oz cans of Tilt Blue Lemon Lime, an alcoholic beverage he could not stop singing the praises of.

We asked for his impressions of what he’d seen traveling across America and then we created this map depicting what he told us. He had not visited every state, but he managed to fill in the blanks with stuff he’d seen on American Idol and Maury. Estately does not vouch for the validity of this tourist’s geography, and in facts disagrees strongly with most of it. However, we do vouch for the incredible user experience that awaits you if you try Estately’s phenomenal real estate search site or download the Estately iPhone App.


The United States of Fear:  Which States Are the Scariest

Which U.S. States Most Love the 1980s?

Map of U.S. States Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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23 Reasons NOT to Live in Seattle

1. Doug Baldwin Will Not Be Your Boyfriend

Snapshot 9:19:14 11:49 AM

There are 326,202 men in Seattle, but only one of them is Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin—the city’s most handsome man (and a Stanford grad). Your odds of dating him are very low. There’s probably a waiting list. If you’re not interested in dating Doug Baldwin there’s a very real chance your significant other is, and will probably talk about how dreamy he is all the time.

2. Utilikilts


Once upon a time in Seattle a man was hanging out it in his wife’s closet trying on her clothes and thought, “Hey, these skirts are really comfortable, but I sure would like it if they came in a heavy, rough fabric that chafes my skin and costs a fortune” And with that, the Utilikilt was born. Seattle is home to the company’s headquarters and flagship store, and thanks to a strong Renaissance fair contingent that wears them (they’re ideal for Cosplay), these expensive items are seen all over the city. There are currently no laws banning these bro-skirts, so before you try climbing a ladder in Seattle, make sure there isn’t a man above you wearing one.

3. The Cold Beer War We Lost


Back when America was still #1 (last week) the preferred beer ’round here was Rainier Beer. Then along came some wealthy Russian beer magnate who stole it (bought it) away from us along with other iconic American beers like Pabst, Colt 45, Lone Star, and Schlitz. So now what will Seattle residents do for a cheap buzz, assuming locals ignore the dozens of locally-produced and award-winning microbrews?

4. The Growing Marijuana Menace


Seattle was once a nice, wholesome community with a bright future. Then it, along with the rest of Washington state, legalized marijuana. Now the city is hooked on the most horrible and dangerous of drugs—Mary Jane, a.k.a. scary Mary, whacky weed, happy grass, the tokey, silly smoke, and harbinger of delivery pizza. How long until complete reefer madness consumes the city? How long can you resist the temptation of this unscrupulous drug? Not long. In fact, you’re probably already high if you’re even considering moving to this marijuana metropolis.

5. The Seattle Freeze (Not an Ice Cream Shop)


“The Seattle Freeze” sounds like some local ice cream shop that serves inventive flavors featuring locally-sourced ingredients. It is not. It is actually the name for the callous indifference newcomers claim to face upon arriving. If your emotional wellbeing is dependent upon your new neighbors knocking on your door with fresh-baked pies and immediately inviting you to join their social circle then this might not be the city for you. Emotionally isolating you is just Seattle’s way to hazing newcomers.

6. Nature Will Break Your Spirit

Snapshot 9:22:14 2:16 PM

Seattle’s proximity to the great outdoors means locals are only minutes from hiking, rock climbing, camping, skiing, kite surfing, mountaineering, birdwatching, fly fishing, general frolicking, and all manner of outdoor activities. While the majority of residents participate in some or all of these activities, in truth only a fraction of Seattle’s residents actually enjoy recreating amongst bears and mosquitoes. If you move here, it won’t be long until you’re shivering in the dark in a rain-soaked tent, tending to your marmot bites while bears tear your backpack apart in search of your trail mix. All of this misery simply because you moved to Seattle and befriended some enthusiastic outdoorsy types. You’ve been warned.

7. Your Style Will Suffer

Snapshot 9:22:14 12:27 PM

Seattle does not have a reputation as a well dressed town. Partly it’s because constant rain limits wardrobe options, and mostly it’s because local residents put their fashion energies into dressing up their dogs, like these two handsome pups. They are good boys. Yes they are. Such good boys.

8. You Will Overdose on Kale


Kale grows year round in the Pacific Northwest, even during the cold and dreary months of October-June.  If Seattle’s farmers markets were open year round, the winter would feature nothing but kale. You will eat it braised, in salads, in your smoothies, you will listen to people talk about it at parties, you will meet people named “Kale,” you will smell it in the air, you will painfully listen to people speak of it being a super food, and you will it eat it baked as a substitute for potato chips. There is no substitute for potato chips.

9. You Will Drain Your Bank Account Buying Coffee

coffee foam art

To start, you’ll buy expensive espresso drinks because the caffeine compensates for a lack of sunlight. Eventually, you will make repeat daily visits to the same coffee shop because you’ve fallen in love with your barista. This love will definitely be one-sided, but the brief human interaction and jolt of caffeine these visits provide is enough to keep you awake through yet another workday.

10. You Will Spend Your Last Penny on Rent

for rent

The median rental price in Seattle went up 11% in 2013, and finally cracked the top ten nationwide—$1,172. That’s about $40 per day. If you dreamed you’d be going to see live shows and dining out on crab and salmon you’re wrong. You’ll be eating Top Ramen in your basement apartment like you’re still in college. Be sure to check between the couch cushions after guests visit. You might just find enough to go to the laundromat.

11. You Can’t Even Buy Used Clothes Now


Seattle once had abundant affordable clothing, but everything changed when local rapper Macklemore’s released his hit song “Thrift Shop.” Since then, there’s been a considerable increase in the prices of used socks, zebra jammies, velour jumpsuits, and dookie brown leather jackets.

12. You’ll Be Eaten By Hungry Killer Whales


Killer whales inhabit Seattle’s Puget Sound, and while there’s no record of these majestic creatures ever attacking a human, you could definitely imagine it if you really let your mind wander. Do you really want to take the chance of being the first stand-up paddleboarder chewed to bits by a pod of hungry orcas?

13. You Will Sell Your Soul to Amazon


Try as you might, none can escape the gravitational pull of working at Amazon. There are currently 4,860 job openings at Amazon located in Seattle alone. The interviews are time consuming, the hours are long, and it’s rumored you don’t even get a free Amazon Prime account if you’re employed there. Regardless, you will end up working there, and in your free time you will find yourself at parties and gatherings surrounded by other Amazon employees.

14. The Traffic Is Terrible


The problem with shoehorning a city into a narrow strip of land between two unmovable bodies of water is it creates horrible choke points that can’t be fixed. In addition, Seattle is accessed by a self-sabotaging ferry fleet, floating bridges that fail in storms, and a tunnel project that’s currently stalled and probably doomed from the start. To make matters worse, the city is cutting bus service while the population is growing. To summarize, the whole mess is a complete pile of $#!@ %&$^#*& #@^% &^#%^# %$#&:( and it probably won’t be getting any better in the near future.

15. Earthquake Threat Level—HIGH!


While California hogs the earthquake headlines, Washington state is still a hot bed of seismic activity. The Seattle area is prime earthquake country, with a number of fault lines running under or near the city. The most recent earthquake was the 6.8 magnitude Nisqually earthquake in 2001. The epicenter was 40 miles south of Seattle, but the city still saw considerable property damage.

16. Volcano Threat Level—HIGH!

Snapshot 9:19:14 3:02 PM

Just because the ground is rumbling beneath you doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an earthquake. It might just be one of the many nearby volcanoes erupting. When they go boom, the hot lava melts the glaciers and the resulting water turns into giant mudflows barreling down river valleys. Makes a real mess of things.

17. “Farewell, Sun” Is Not A Soundgarden Song—It’s Reality

Snapshot 9:19:14 3:36 PM

It’s true that Seattle’s annual rainfall of 36.5 inches is considerably less than many cities without reputations for constant rain, such as Boston (43.8 inches) and New York City (44.7 inches). However, what Seattle lacks in rain accumulation is makes up for with near constantly grey skies. Sometimes months can go by without residents catching a glimpse of the sun. And, due to the city’s northern latitude, if your work is nowhere near a window you could arrive at and depart from work in total darkness during the winter. And that’s when the Seasonal Affective Disorder kicks in.

18. Sore Winners


Seattle once endured one of the most miserable stretches of losing in all of sports. The city’s lone championship came in 1979 when the Seattle Supersonics won the NBA title, and that team was later stolen away by Oklahoma City. Seriously, they left for Oklahoma City. Hope drained from the city until the city’s WNBA team won a pair of championships in 2004 and 2010. Following that, the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014 and the whole city came unglued. Insecurity turned into a swagger on par with the Legion of Boom. Basically, if you move here you should know your favorite teams are stupid. Your soccer team is stupid. Your football team is stupid. Your baseball team is stupid, especially if you’re one of those obnoxious Red Sox fans who isn’t from Boston, but jumped on the bandwagon when they won their first World Series.

19. It’s Getting Really Crowded


Between July 1, 2012 and July 1, 2013, Seattle grew 2.8%, which was faster than any other major city. What does that mean? Well, in college party terms it means Seattle has reached a critical mass where the party has peaked and will soon be broken up by the police.

20. Jaywalking Is Totally Taboo


The shortest path between two points is a straight line, unless you’re a pedestrian in Seattle. When the neon red hand commands pedestrians to halt the Seattle sheep blindly obey. Part of this is because Seattle is full of polite, law-abiding goody goodies and part of it is because police roam the streets doling out $56 tickets to jaywalkers like this is Singapore or something.

21. Too Many Fried Green Tomatoes

Snapshot 9:19:14 12:40 PM

Fried green tomatoes are best known as a southern food tradition, but they’re also a common homemade dish in Seattle, primarily because the climate doesn’t allow tomatoes to ripen. Instead they hang on the vine in a permanent state of green until they rot. To prevent this, there’s only on option—fried green tomatoes. You will burn out on this dish.

22. The Space Swindle


Seattle is a popular place, which means lots of friends and family will probably visit you there. When they do, they’ll insist on visiting the top of the Space Needle. This will cost you $21 each time you visit—that’s $21 to ride an elevator to a height that’s shorter than most office buildings.

23. Buying a House in a Seller’s Market

Snapshot 9:22:14 1:19 PM

The median sales price for Seattle homes hovers around $440,000 right now, and that’s lumping in condos with houses. If that sticker shock scares you just wait until the bidding wars break out between buyers. Seattle is a land of multiple offers and dwindling inventory. On top of that, there are rarely more than a couple houseboats for sale at any given time (view them here), which was probably how you imagined you would live when you watch Grey’s Anatomy and daydream about Seattle. Look, Seattle is an awful place to move to, but if you’re going to you might as well search for a home through Estately, a Seattle real estate search site that’s completely awesome although we might be a little bit biased.



The United States of Fear:  Which States Are the Scariest

Which U.S. States Most Love the 1980s?

Map of U.S. States Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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12 Reasons NOT to Move to Marin County


Marin County, located in the North San Francisco Bay Area, has a reputation for wealth, natural beauty and liberal politics. It has been the subject of Buzzfeed articles, Thought Catalogue posts and love letters in the Huffington Post. With all the hype and its many famous residents it’s hard to imagine why not to settle in this idyllic county. However, we here at Estately have a few reasons you might want to take into consideration.

1. Da nuh Da nuh


Known for its natural beauty, many cite Tomales Bay, Stinson Beach, Duxbury Reef and Bolinas as assets to the Marin County shoreline. A recent study begs to differ. The study suggests that great white sharks are returning in abundance to the Pacific Ocean and puts the number prowling the Marin coastal waters near 2,400. You might want a bigger boat.

2. Night Life


After local Denny’s, the only 24-hour sit-down restaurant in Marin, closed the only place to go after 10 p.m. for those under 21 is In-N-Out.

3. Night Life Pt. 2


Teachers and their former students are more likely to run into each other than eligible singles at the local dive bar, the Silver Peso.

4. A cell block with a view


Speaking of eligible bachelors, there are 4,260 of them all in one convenient location, except for one small detail… they’re behind bars at the maximum security prison San Quentin. On the bright side, the prison rests on 432 acres that overlook the scenic San Francisco Bay… only in Marin. Check out the prison’s Yelp reviews for the full lowdown.

5. The bubble effect


You’d think the proximity to San Francisco would encourage Marinites to visit the city more often. The Marin bubble is stronger than most anticipate, and traffic and $7 bridge tolls will quickly discourage visits across the Golden Gate.

6. Hot-tubbers


You probably don’t want to associate with a county George Bush senior has described as full of “some misguided Marin county hot-tubbers.” Especially since the same county was so enraged they later received an apology from the former president saying, “Call off the dogs, please. I surrender. I apologise. I am chastened and will never use ‘hot tub’ and ‘Marin county’ in the same sentence again.” Yes, Marinites are just that ferocious, though they usually reserve their anger for non-organic produce.

7. Where donuts go to die


For the fifth year running, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has ranked Marin the healthiest county in California. Talk about pressure. Who wants to give up their cheese stuffed crust to keep the bar that high?

8. Dream crusher


Okay, so maybe being healthy isn’t the worst thing in the world, but who wants their kids attending a school who’s graduating class is rumored to have voted beloved local comedian Robin Williams least likely to succeed? We’re looking at you Redwood High School.

9. The criminal mastermind next door


While undeniably fun to read about from afar, you probably don’t want to live in the county that this criminal emerged from. Max Wade, 17 years old at the time, who went from selling fake IDs to rappelling down to a second floor dealership showroom  in San Francisco and driving Guy Fieri’s yellow $220,000 Lamborghini out the front door. When police found the car in a storage locker a year later they also discovered guns, disguises, cell phone jammers, police scanners, dismantled assault weapons, and a full San Francisco police uniform. The story gets weirder: when Wade was in Marin County Juvenile Hall two suspects tried to break him out on his 18th birthday with a sledgehammer. He has also been the subject of a music video. Wade was sentenced for the theft and the gun-ambush of two Marin teens, one of whom was dating his love interest.

10. Terminating the Governator


Marin was one of six California counties not to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor in 2006. The Governor lost the county by 2,000 votes. Now that The Terminator has nothing but free time on his hands, will he travel back to seek revenge?

11. Hippie-haven?


Though Marin has a reputation for being a hippie haven, it hasn’t seen those days since the Grateful Dead were in their heyday. The most exciting things happening now are events like the controversy caused by Tiburon voting to spend $200,000 to place six security cameras at strategic points along the two roads in and out of the town. They claim it’s to prevent stolen cars from passing through and to be fair they did catch Guy Fieri’s stolen Lamborghini on camera.

12. Really, though?

Lastly, because of these items up on Thought Catalog articles titled “113 Signs You’re From Marin County

“4. You spend $100 on Lulu pants because ‘it is SO worth it’…

6. Novato is considered the ghetto

7. You got a car for your 16th birthday”

For the record, Novato houses look like this:


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What If The Most Scottish States In America Formed An Independent Country?


On September 18, 2014, Scotland headed to the polls to vote on whether to split from the United Kingdom. Americans watched curiously, wondering how such a split could be possible without a prolonged guerrilla war like its own revolution. To Americans, the process all just seemed so peaceful, so civilized, so downright Canadian. However, It did raise the question of what America would look like if its own more Scottish states formed an independent country.

To determine which states are the most Scottish, Estately used these three criteria:

  1. Percentage of residents of each state claiming Scottish heritage (Source:  U.S. Census)
  2. Expressed interest in stereotypical Scottish creations (Facebook interest in Scotland, kilts, golf, and Scotch whisky)
  3. Online interest in Scottish topics (Google searches for the movie Braveheart, the Loch Ness Monster, and haggis)

In the end Estately settled on 16 states determined to be at least moderately Scottish. Before Homeland Security investigates them for treason, it should be noted that this is not a highly scientific study, and only New Hampshire and Maine possibly meet the treason threshold. Certainly there’s no reason to tap Ohio’s phones, or interrogate anyone in Colorado.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all fifty states and their level of (stereotypical) Scottishness.


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Are You Sure You Want To Buy That Home?

home_buying (4)

Buying a home is a big decision that requires plenty of due diligence. There is no shortage of potential problems to look out for—aging roof, possible termite damage, foundation problems, antiquated heating/cooling systems, and more. On top of that, there is no shortage of potential dangers to consider so Estately created this handy flowchart to help home buyers determine if the home they’re considering buying is really the right decision. We hope it helps.


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How Family Friendly Are Florida’s 20 Biggest Cities?


The number of parents opting to start their families in the city has been rising over the last few decades. But choosing which city to call home can be a difficult decision. What makes for a good place to settle down is of course subjective, but at Estately we believe there are a number of objective factors that can help to measure a city’s family friendliness. With this in mind we set out to rank Florida’s 20 most populated cities using ten criteria:

  1. Youth population: The population of persons under 18 as a percentage of the over-all population (US Census)
  2. Commute time: The mean travel time to work for workers 16 and up (US Census)
  3. Preschools: The number of preschools per capita for the population of people 5 years and under (US Census and greatschools.org)
  4. Public education: The average school rating for the public school system (greatschools.org)
  5. Crime: The composite crime rate for violent crime, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, property crime, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, arson per capita (FBI)
  6. Libraries: Public libraries per capita (publiclibraries.com)
  7. Open space: Public parks per capita (each city’s department of Parks and Recreation)
  8. Housing affordability: the number of houses on the market affordable to a family earning the median household income for that city (Estately and US Census).
  9. Daycare: The number of daycare centers per capita (The Yellow Pages)
  10. Cost of living: The yearly salary a family needs to earn to be considered earning a living wage (MIT)


The breakdown:

1. Tampa

America’s fifth most popular city, Tampa emerges as number one when it comes to families. The four-time Super Bowl host will unite your family over more than Super Bowl Sunday.

Upsides: 2nd lowest cost of living, 4th for libraries per capita, 4th for daycare centers per capita, 5th shortest commute, 5th for preschools per capita, 5th for public schools (Great Schools score of 6), 8th lowest crime per capita, 8th for parks per capita

Downsides: 4th most expensive housing market

2. Gainesville

Home to the University of Florida, Gainesville has been ranked the number one place to live in North America and one of the best places to “live and play” over the years.

Upsides: 1st for shortest commute, 2nd for public schools (Great Schools score of 7), 3rd most affordable housing, 4th for preschools, 5th lowest cost of living, 6th for parks, 8th for libraries, 8th for daycare, 10th lowest crime

Downsides:  Last for population under the age of 18

3. Clearwater

Home to famous residents like Kirstie Alley and Lisa Marie Presley, several historic avenues, and spring training home of the Philadelphia Phillies, Clearwater has a lot to offer to families.

Upsides: 2nd lowest cost of living, 2nd for libraries, 4th shortest commute, 5th most affordable housing, 8th for preschools, 9th lowest crime, 10th for daycares

Downsides: 13th for public schools (Great Schools score of 5), 15th for population under 18

4. Orlando

The theme park capital of the world will have your kids in seventh heaven and keep those weekend adventures rolling in.

Upsides: 1st for daycare, 2nd for preschools, 5th for public schools (Great Schools score of 6), 5th for libraries, 7th for parks, 9th lowest cost of living, 10th shortest commute, 10th for population under 18

Downsides: The highest crime, 16th for housing affordability

5. Tallahassee

Florida’s capital city is the regional center for trade, agriculture, scientific research and it could be for your family as well.

Upsides: 2nd for public schools (Great Schools score of 7), 2nd shortest commute, 6th most affordable housing, 7th lowest cost of living, 7th for daycare, 7th for libraries, 9th for preschools

Downsides: Last place for parks, 2nd lowest population under 18, 8th highest crime

6. Palm Bay

Home to many of professional football’s stars, Palm Bay will help you tackle the task of raising a family head on.

Upsides: 1st for affordable housing, 5th for public schools (Great Schools score of 6), 6th lowest cost of living, 6th biggest population under 18, 7th lowest crime

Downsides: 16th for daycares, 15th for preschools, 14th for libraries, 13th for commute, 11th for parks

7. Jacksonville

The River City is a major military and civilian deep-water port. A city of arts and culture, it plays host to the nation’s second largest jazz festival among others and is a great setting for a well-rounded up-bringing. 

Upsides: 1st lowest cost of living, 5th for daycares, 5th for population under 18, 7th shortest commute, 9th for parks

Downsides: 2nd least affordable housing, 13th for public schools (Great Schools score of 5), 13th for preschools, 11th for crime

8. Hialeah

Hialeah is home to the largest Cuban-American population of any U.S. city and its high percentage of Spanish speakers has led companies like Telemundo to be headquartered in the city. Bilingual upbringing anyone?

Upsides: 2nd for daycares, 3rd for preschools, 5th lowest crime, 9th most affordable housing, 9th shortest commute

Downsides: 2nd lowest number of parks, 14th for population under 18, 13th for public schools (Great Schools score of 5), 11th for cost of living

9. West Palm Beach

With a massive list of notable residents including singer-songwriter Tori Amos, Glenn Close, and Tommy Lee Jones, and its proximity to Miami, West Palm Beach is a happening place.

Upsides: 3rd most parks, 6th shortest commute, 6th for preschools, 9th for daycares

Downsides: 15th for crime, 13th for public schools (Great Schools score of 5), 13th for cost of living, 12th for population under 18, 11th most affordable housing,

10. Miami

With one of the busiest cruise passenger ports in the world, Miami is a desirable destination and has a bustling international community.

Upsides: 1st for preschools, 1st for libraries, 3rd for daycares, 5th for public schools (Great Schools rating of 6), 10th for parks

Downsides: 1st for most expensive housing, 2nd highest crime, 16th for population under 18, 12th for commute, 11th for cost of living

11. St. Petersburg 

The Sunshine City has broken records for consecutive days of sun. The popular retirement community has recently begun to grow in the youthful direction with recognition for its vibrant arts scene.

Upsides: 1st for parks, 2nd lowest cost of living, 3rd shortest commute

Downsides: 5th highest crime, 13th for public schools (Great Schools score of 5), 13th for housing affordability, 13th for daycares, 13th for libraries, 13th for population under 18, 12th for preschools,

12. Coral Springs

This master-planned community has won accolades for its overall livability, its low crime rate, and its family-friendly orientation.

Upsides: 2nd lowest crime, 3rd for population under 18, 5th for public schools (Great Schools score of 6), 5th for parks,

Downsides: 19th for libraries, 16th for preschools, 15th for commute, 14th for daycare, 14th for cost of living,  12th for housing affordability

13. Cape Coral [tie]

This Waterfront Wonderland is also a planned city. It is known for having more miles of canals than any other city in the world.

Upsides: 1st for lowest crime, 2nd for public schools (Great Schools score of 7), 9th for population under 18, 10th for cost of living

Downsides: 17th for preschools, 16th for libraries, 15th for parks, 15th for housing affordability, 14th for commute, 12th for daycare

13. Port St. Lucie [tie]

Home to hip-hop artist Vanilla Ice, of “Ice, Ice Baby” fame, and childhood home of actress Megan Fox, this city might just be a gateway to fame and fortune.

Upsides: 3rd lowest crime, 4th for population under 18, 5th for public schools (Great Schools rating of 6), 7th for housing affordability, 8th for cost of living

Downsides: The longest commute, fewest preschools, 17th for libraries, 16th for parks, 11th for daycare

15. Fort Lauderdale

What started as a U.S. stockade during the Second Seminole War grew into a tourist destination and a yatching center with lots of outdoor space.

Upsides: 2nd for parks, 3rd for libraries, 6th for daycare, 7th for preschools, 8th shortest commute

Downsides: 18th for public schools (Great Schools Score of 4), 18th for housing affordability, 18th for population under 18, 4th highest crime, 14th for cost of living

16. Pembroke Pines

This diverse community is the 11th biggest city in Florida and it has the best public school ratings of Florida’s 20 biggest cities.

Upsides: 1st for public schools (Great Schools score of 8), 4th lowest crime, 4th most affordable housing, 7th for population under 18

Downsides: 2nd lowest number of daycares, 18th for preschools, 4th longest commute, 17th for parks, 14th for cost of living

17. Hollywood

Not to be confused with the better known California city of the same name, Hollywood was named after the motion picture giant in the hopes of building its East Coast equivalent.

Upsides: 5th for public schools (Great Schools score of 6), 10th for housing affordability, 10th for libraries

Downsides: 17th for daycare, 16th shortest commute, 14th for cost of living, 12th for crime, 11th for preschools, 11th for population under 18

18. Pompano Beach

This thriving vacation home market might remain a vacation market.

Upsides: 4th for parks, 6th for libraries, 8th for housing affordability, 10th for preschools

Downsides: 3rd highest crime, 18th for public schools (Great Schools score of 4), 17th for population under 18, 15th for daycare, 14th for cost of living, 11th for commute

19. Miramar

The city of “Beauty and Progress” will need to keep progressing before rising up the ranks of family-friendly cities.

Upsides: 1st for population under 18, 5th for public schools (Great Schools score of 6), 6th lowest crime

Downsides: Fewest daycares and libraries, 2nd lowest number of preschools, 2nd longest commute, 14th for housing affordability, 12th for parks

20. Miami Garden

Home to the Miami Dolphins, Miami Gardens can at least attract families to its Sun Life Stadium.

Upsides: 2nd for housing affordability, 2nd for population under 18

Downsides: 3rd lowest number of daycares, libraries and parks, 3rd longest commute, 18th for public schools (Great Schools score of 4), 14th for cost of living, 14th for preschools

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