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20 Reasons NOT to Live in Indiana


Typically, Estately’s articles detail reason you should move to a particular state, but in the wake of recent events in Indiana we’re making an exception. Instead we’ve provided a list of 20 reason you should never move to Indiana. And if you already live there then consider it 20 reasons to move away. There are lots of nice places to live in America, so why subject yourself to the misery that is Indiana?

1.  Discrimination against gays and lesbians


Even though it’s the 21st century Indiana Gov. Mike Pence just signed a bill into law intended to allow business owners the right to deny services to gays and lesbians for religious reasons. In addition to just being a mean spirited and cruel law, the bill also has caused an intense backlash around the country. Major businesses have promised to boycott the state, as have thousands of individuals.

2.  Women make way less money than men in Indiana


Women in Indiana earn just 74% of what the state’s men earn, which is the seventh worst pay gap in the country. However, while Indiana men do have more salary, they have far less of one other important thing…

3.  Small penises abound in Indiana


The online condom site Condomania recently released its data on the percentage of customers in each state that order larger and smaller sized condoms. Based on its findings it determined that Indiana men had the 9th smallest penises in the country.

4.  No booze on Sundays. Seriously.


The sale of alcohol is illegal on Sundays in Indiana because Indiana thinks it’s fun to relive the joys of prohibition once a week.

5.  Indiana is for couch potatoes


Indianans are a sedentary people, with a majority of the population that loathes to get off the couch. Only 47.5% of the state exercises frequently, which is fourth lowest in the country. Only West Virginia, Alabama, and Arkansas exercise less. So that’s healthy company.

6.  It has the most apathetic voters


In the 2014 election Indiana residents had the lowest voter turnout in the country—just 28 percent. This attitude could be why Indiana has such embarrassing elected officials.

7.  Indiana is trapped in the 1980s


You know that person who longs for the 1980s because it’s the last time their acid wash jeans were in style? Indiana is the embodiment of that. The state came in third in this ranking of states most nostalgic for the 1980s. The state was particularly nostalgic for Van Halen, Pee-wee Herman, the DeLorean DMC-12, and the movies The Breakfast Club and Dirty Dancing.

8.  It has so many tornadoes


Indiana has the third most tornadoes per 10,000 square miles of any state in the country. In most states the worst thing to fall out of the sky onto you is bird poop. In Indiana it could be a giant twister descending from above to transport your lawn furniture into another county.

9.  Indiana is the methiest


In 2013 alone there were 1,797 meth lab seizures in Indiana—the most in the country. There was even a recent case of a meth lab being discovered in a Wal-Mart bathroom in Indiana. That is just soooo Indiana.

10.  Strange internet search histories


In an Estately study of internet searches around the country we found Indianans search for these terms online more than any other state:  Avon, creationism, communism, diabetes, “I have a rash,” pacifism, and Jared Fogle (Subway spokesman). Indiana is a conflicted state.

11.  Indianapolis has a large douchebag population


Out of the 100 largest U.S. cities Indianapolis ranked 23rd for having the most douchebags. Part of what pushed Indianapolis up the rankings is it’s home to the 12th highest concentration of Nickelback fans.

12.  So many cat people


Cats are fine animals, but sometimes their owners can be a little crazy, and there are no shortage of cat-crazed people in Indiana. The state has the ninth most cat owners per capita in the country. That’s a lot of people and cats wearing matching sweaters in their holiday cards.

13.  High rate of lung cancer


Indiana has sixth highest occurrence of lung cancer in the country. Maybe it’s because smoking is so popular in Indiana.

14.  It’s getting crowded for hunters


Indiana has little public land, and only 2.2% of the state is open to the public to hunt. Given the large number of hunters in Indiana there are actually ten hunters per acre of public hunting land. That’s bad news for hunters and even worse news for deer.

15.  Indiana is harmful to marriages


Indiana can be rough on a marriage. A whopping 12.5% of residents are divorced, which is the 12th highest rate in the country.

16.  Nobody wants to stop in Indiana


Indiana calls itself the “Crossroads of America” because it has more Interstate Highway miles per square mile than any state. What this stat really means is the rest of the country wants to drive through Indiana as quickly as possible.

17.  Indiana doesn’t eat its vegetables


Even though the 63.5% of the state farmland Indiana locals don’t eat many fruits and vegetables. Only 53% of residents eat produce frequently, which is dead last in the country.

18.  There is no Pawnee, Indiana


The town of Pawnee in Parks & Rec is a fictional place set in Indiana. It’s fictional. Ron Swanson doesn’t live there. Neither do Leslie Knope or Donna Meagle or Jerry Gergich. They all live in California.

19.  It has the worst water pollution in America


Have you heard the expression “flush twice it’s a long way to Indiana”? The state ranks #1 for having the worst water pollution in the country, particularly from industrial pollutants.

20.  Crummy overall well-being


Gallup and Healthways released their annual Well-Being Index and Indiana came in as the third worst in the country. The poll measured whether people felt safe, liked where they lived, had strong relationships and purpose, and physical and financial well-being. Did Indiana have those? Not so much.

So there you have at. There are 20 reasons why Indiana is unfit to live in. We look forward to the day in the future when the elected leaders of Indiana repeal their cruel law allowing businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians. When they do, Estately will happily create an article about all the reasons Indiana is a great place to live.


If you are looking for a home—somewhere besides Indiana—check out Estately.com or download the Estately App, both of which are incredible tools to use when searching for a home for sale.

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35 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Washington State


Home to over 7 million people, Washington state has incredible wilderness areas, modern cities, and a diversity of geography and people. Sure, it rubs up against Canada, and it’s littered with earthquake fault lines and explosive volcanoes, but it does have plenty of upsides. However, before you decide to live there and buy a home there are 31 things you should probably know…

Very few potty mouths


According to a study by the Marchex Institute, residents of Washington state swear less than any other state. If you don’t want to live surrounded by Ned Flanders consider living in Ohio. Those #$%@ing @!#$s swear way #&%$ing more than people in any other #%$!ing state.

So many cat people


If you long to meet someone barricaded in their apartment knitting sweaters for their dozen cats then Washington state is your heaven. The state has the fifth most cat owners per capita, the most expressed Facebook interest in cats, and residents even report dreaming about cats more than in any other state.

Area men not so rugged anymore


Washington men were once rugged types, making a living working in the woods or at sea. Now they are primarily sedentary desk jockeys who venture into the elements only when outfitted in the latest polar fleece and Gore-tex. Use caution when approaching them. They are skittish creatures.

Extreme enthusiasm for holiday music


If the idea of Christmas carols in September makes you want to puke your guts out then you might want to cross Washington state off your list. Despite being one of the least religious states in country, it still has plenty of holiday spirit. Washington has the fourth most downloads of holiday music, and it’s the birthplace of Bing Crosby, who popularized “White Christmas,” that song you can’t get out of your head until sometime in February.

Incapable of fending off zombie attack


When the zombie apocalypse inevitably occurs, Washington state will not survive (here’s proof). The state is ranked 31st in preparedness to fight off an army of the undead. RIP Washington.

Sometimes the mountains explode


Washington state is home to five active volcanoes, all of which go boom on occasion. The largest, Mt. Rainier, is overdue for an eruption, while it’s volatile sister Mt. St. Helens blew its top back in 1980. Volcanoes are a real danger for those who live in the shadow of these mountains, or in the river valleys that drain them.

Locals loathe Justin Bieber


Out of every U.S. state and Canadian province, Washington state has the fewest Justin Bieber fans per capita. If you’re a fan of this troubled man-child you might consider taking your shameful taste in music to West Virginia, the state with the most true Beliebers.

It’s got a really boring flag


Aside from states still using flags depicting the Confederate battle flag, Washington state’s flag is possibly the lamest in the country. This is no critique of George Washington handsome appearance, it’s just the flag doesn’t really look cool on a T-shirt or a bumpersticker. It’s certainly not as iconic as the Lone Star Flag of Texas, and it’s lacking a cool bear like California’s.

No income tax, but…


Washington is one of seven states with no income tax, which sounds great except it masks that Washington actually has the most regressive tax system in the country. If you’re among the very wealthy, or if you’re an exceptional NFL free agent considering the Seahawks (please consider the Seahawks), Washington is a great state for you to maintain your wealth. However, if you’re poor or middle class, a far higher percentage of your income will be going to state and local governments.

Beer paradise


Do you enjoy carbonated beverages made from hops and malted barley? Well, Washington state is craft beer heaven. The state had the second most permitted breweries in the country, trailing only California, which is a lot bigger. On top of that, Washington produces more hops than any other U.S. state, and more than any country but Germany.

You might bump into Bigfoot


Bigfoot obviously isn’t real, unless of course he is. Is he? Regardless of what you believe it doesn’t change the fact that more people report seeing the furry biped in Washington than in any other state. It’s just one reason why Washington state was named the “#1 State for Bigfoot to Live.”

Smoking same-sex weddings


Are you pot smoker who wants to marry someone of the same sex? Marijuana and same-sex marriage are both legal in Washington, and not because of a court ruling. Residents of the state voted to legalize both in recent years.

How about them apples?


Washington state is the largest producer of apples in the United states. That’s a straight up fact! Over 58% of all apples grown in the U.S. are grown in Washington, and yet it’s New York City that’s called the Big Apple?

Home to the richest person in the world


His name is Bill Gates and he has riches galore. You may have a lot of riches, but he has much more. And someday his super duper Gates Foundation is going to rid the world of malaria and people in Washington will be able to say, “My neighbor cured the world of Malaria and yours just borrows your stupid lawn mower.”

Washington state is geographically like a McDLT


The Cascade Mountain Range divides Washington state in half. The western half of the state has a moderate climate with plentiful rainfall, while the eastern half has a drier climate with greater temperature extremes and sunnier skies. Basically, when it’s summer the state is like McDonalds’ long since canceled McDLT. The marine air keeps the west side cool, while the Cascade Mountains keep the east side hot.

There’s no “R” in Washington


Despite being spelled W-A-S-H-I-N-G-T-O-N there are millions of Americans who insist on pronouncing it Warshington. What causes people to sneak an “R” into the name is a mystery, but if you insist on mispronouncing it you should probably stay in Kenturcky or Idahor, or Massachusserts or wherever you’re from.

Got a thing for sailors?


Every week is Fleet Week in Washington state because Puget Sound is the U.S. Navy’s third largest concentration area. There are 21,000 active duty service members, 16,000 civilian employees, 6,000 drilling reservists, and 35,000 Navy retirees. Your Maverick, Goose, or Charlie could be out there.

Strange internet search history


In an Estately study of what each U.S. state Googles more than any other state there were some surprising results. Residents of Washington state were tops for searches of the following:  circumcision, Dungeons & Dragons, gluten, Judas Priest (band), non-alcoholic beer, pho, quinoa, Rachel Maddow (TV host), unicorn tattoo, and happy hour.

Mt. Rainier named for enemy of America


Mt. Rainier is a stunning, 14,411-foot volcano that towers over Washington state. For some dumb reason it’s named for British Admiral Peter Rainier Jr., a rotund navy man who once fought against the Americans in the Revolutionary War. While the mountain and the man both have immense size in common, Mt. Rainier should really be renamed for someone more worthy, or at least called Mt. Tahoma as it once was. Maybe if you move to Washington and do something awesome they’ll name the mountain after you?

3rd cheapest electricity


Electricity rates in Washington are less than seven cents per kilowatt, third cheapest in the country. The reason the price is right is because the state derives much of its electricity from hydroelectric dams built during the 1930s and 1940s. These giant blocks of concrete are terrible for salmon, but they allow you to leave every light in the house on all day and night like you’re a dang Rockefeller.

It’s where pickleball was invented


Washington is renowned for its innovative companies so it’s no surprise the sport of pickleball was invented there. Legend has it three Bainbridge Island men returned home to find their families bored and attempted to set up a badminton court. When they couldn’t find the shuttlecock they grabbed a Wiffleball, lowered the badminton net, and made paddles from scraps of plywood. The game is now played in local physical education classes. Do you think have what it takes to be the Roger Federer of pickleball?

High unemployment


While many people are moving to Washington state for work, the state does have an unemployment rate of 6.4%—ninth highest in the country. That’s higher than neighboring Oregon (6.3%) and Idaho (4.1%).

Political divisions


More populated western Washington, dominated by large cities like Seattle, is far more liberal than the rest of the state. Eastern Washington is home to more social conservatives, with majorities opposing same-sex marriage, marijuana legalization, and gun control measures. This divide has led some in eastern Washington to call for splitting the state into separate states. This pipe dream is going nowhere, but it’s representative of the contentious nature of Washington state’s internal politics.

Nerd paradise


In states with low nerd populations (Mississippi, New Jersey…) people have to hide their love of Star Trek, cosplay, and comic books. Not so in Washington where nerds are abundant. The state placed sixth in recent nerd rankings, earning especially high scores in enthusiasm for “Lord of the Rings” and Magic: The Gathering. Washington is a wedgie-free zone.

Few firearms


Washington is located in America so you can be certain there are guns everywhere. However, the state ranks 15th for fewest registered firearms. To put it in perspective, there are nearly 23 times more registered guns in Wyoming than there are in Washington.

Lots of hunting land


In addition to low gun ownership, Washington is home to large numbers of people who don’t eat meat. On top of that, 31% of the state is public lands where hunting is allowed—the 11th highest percentage in the country. If you’re a hunter you can interpret this to mean you’ll have little competition when it comes to shooting various game birds and furry woodland creatures.

Property crime is in vogue


Washington state has a low rate of violent crime, but apparently that’s because the state’s criminals are too busy stealing cars, bikes, and iPhones. Washington has the highest rate of property crime of any state and it’s only getting worse.

Highest minimum wage in U.S.—$9.47 per hour


If you’re stuck making minimum wage in America you can’t do any better than Washington state. Full time minimum wage workers in Washington earn $19,697 per year, over $4,500 more than those making the national minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Plus, the minimum wage is tied to inflation so it automatically goes up. Workers in Seattle will even earn $15 per hour in the future.

Surprising number of megachurches


Washington is the eighth least-religious state, but it somehow has the eighth most megacurches per capita of any state (protestant churches with sustained weekly attendance over 2,000). Not only that, but it’s the only one in top nine that isn’t in the South.

Internet built for speed


According to the Washington Post, 83% of individuals polled in Washington reported living in a home with high-speed internet access, the eighth highest in the country. Last place Mississippi reported just 62.3%, which is terrible.

Swimming in wine


California produces the most wine of any state, but Washington comes in second. In fact, Washington produces four times as much as neighboring Oregon.

Dreariness and gloom


According to a recent study, Seattle has the dreariest weather in the country (tied with Buffalo). When accounting for total precipitation, wet days, and cloudiness, western Washington is a gloomy, dark, and dreary place. Eastern Washington is pretty nice. Kind of methy at times, but pretty sunny.

Not prepared for sunny days


Because the sun vanishes for months and months the locals don’t show a lot of skin. When a sunny day finally does appear not everyone is prepared for it. Tasks like shaving legs are often put off.

No Guy Fieri restaurants


There are no Guy Fieri restaurants in Washington state. Zero. There are no plans for any. None.

People won’t shut up about kale


Have you tried kale? Did you know it’s a superfood? Did you know it’s about the only thing people can grow in their gardens year round in Washington? For some reason, Washingtonians can’t get enough of this leafy green. It’s a lot like lettuce, but much harder to chew. The state is ranked 4th for overall kale enthusiasm and has the highest percentage of restaurants featuring kale on the menu.

Geographical differences


Beyond the East/West divide, there are plenty of other divisions within the state. It is not a homogenous grouping of clones in rain jackets. Washington is a geographical smorgasbord and you are free to take your pick.

Want to buy a home in Washington?


Did the information in this article convince you to live and buy a home and Washington? If so, check out Estately.com or download the Estately App, both of which are incredible tools to use when searching for a home for sale in Washington state.


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Looking For A Home Where The Buffalo Roam?

non beef

When it comes to red meat roaming America, beef remains king. However, if you discount the millions of cows—as well as goats, sheep, and rabbits—you’ll find there are real geographical differences as to which large, red-meated mammals are most popular. Estately relied on the 2012 Agricultural Census to determine whether alpacas, bison, deer, or llamas were found in the greatest abundance in each state.

If you’re looking for a home where the buffalo roam you’ll find it in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. If you dream of communing with alpacas you’ll find them along each coast and in much of the Appalachians. Farm-raised deer are abundant throughout the South and Midwest, and particularly in Texas. Llama lovers are limited to Nevada and Georgia.

Will this information help you decide where to live and buy a home? That’s probably unlikely. However, if you are looking to find your next home check out Estately.com or download the Estately App, both of which are incredible tools to use when searching for a home for sale.




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What Does Each State Have More Of Than Any Other?


Deciding which American state to live in isn’t easy. It’s like entering an all-you-can-eat casino buffet with the limitation of only being able to choose one food item. Before deciding where to live and buy a home it’s important to be informed, which is why Estately has compiled this map and list of what each state has more of per capita than any other. Some are good, some are bad, but all are unique to that specific state.
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WOW!!! These 7 Seattle Condos Look Exactly Like The One From “50 Shades of Grey” As Long As You’re Blindfolded


The fictional Christian Grey from “50 Shades of Grey” famously lives in a penthouse condo in the Escala building in Seattle. After an exhaustive search of Seattle condos for sale on Estately we’ve found seven Seattle condos that look exactly like the one Christian Grey lives in, provided you’re completely blindfolded.

1. 100 Ward Street Unit 800B Seattle WA — $1,795,000



2. 1410 E Pine Street Unit W107 Seattle, WA — $425,000



3. 516 Yale Avenue N Unit 600 Seattle, WA — $1,027,000



4. 111 West Highland Drive Unit 3E Seattle, WA —$2,400,000



5. 97 South Jackson Street Unit 504 Seattle, WA — $999,999



6. 2033 2nd Avenue Unit 2206 Seattle, WA — $619,000



505 West Mercer Place Unit 500 Seattle, WA — $3,188,000





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9 Deal Sweeteners To Entice Home Buyers Into Purchasing Your Home


In a buyer’s market, it’s common for home sellers to throw in deal sweeteners to win over home buyers. Common sweeteners include paying closing costs or buying down the buyer’s mortgage rate, but these are costly. Here at Estately’s we’ve compiled a list of nine less expensive deal sweeteners to entice a buyer into buying your home.

1. Mow the lawn for a year



Ideal for home sellers with kids who need to learn life lessons, the promise of a year devoid of lawn mowing for the home buyer is definitely a deal closer.

2. Throw in a free puppy


If the existing carpets need to be replaced, why not offer to throw in this adorable puppy? Consider it training carpet until the puppy is house broken.

3. Cater their housewarming party


A catered party may sound expensive, but all you have to do is grill some hot dogs or order some takeout.

4. Help them move in


When helping them move into the house you can always fake a back injury or hernia if the buyers turn out to be pack rats or piano collectors.

5.  Offer them a free pony


The offer of a free pony is most effective if presented in front of the home buyer’s children. Also, the upfront cost of purchasing a pony is nothing compared to the cost of keeping it.

6. Clean their old house


Look, you don’t want to clean your own house, much less some stranger’s home, but these are desperate times and they call for desperate measures.

7. Include the refrigerator and fill it with beer


You can swap out the malt liquor for boxes of Chardonnay if the buyer is a more sophisticated drinker.

8. Custom mailbox


Buy them a customized mailbox that reflects their hobbies or interests like this one from The Bus Box.

9. Agree to come over to kill up to three spiders at any hour


Do you want to sell this house or not? It’s time to conquer your fears and close this deal!



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The Cultural Geography of Oregon


From the rain-soaked forests of the coast to the scenic deserts of the east, Oregon is a great place to live. However, choosing where in this great state to buy a home is a challenge. Do you buy a condo in bustling popular Portland, a ski cabin near Bend, or a ranch house near Pendleton? How about a beach house in Seaside, a winery near McMinnville, or fishing cabin near Newport? To help you choose your location Estately created this not-so-scientific map depicting the state’s cultural differences. Hope it helps!



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What Are People In Each State Getting For Valentine’s Day?


Estately real estate search may be the best way to find a home for sale, but it can’t help you choose the best Valentine’s Day gift (unless it’s a house). While Estately does have the data to determine which states are most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, it can’t scientifically determine what the most popular Valentine’s Day gift is in each state. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t guess blindly, which is exactly what we did.

-     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     -

If you’re looking for a great way to find your next home check out Estately.com or download the Estately App.




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13 Homes for Sale That’d Be Ideal for Boo Radley in “To Kill a Mockingbird”


The literary world is thrilled with Harper Lee’s announcement that she’ll publish a sequel to her classic “To Kill a Mockingbird.” In addition to that, the film world is thrilled because there might be a movie made about it, and the real estate world is thrilled because Hollywood might buy some run-down house for sale to serve as the setting for Boo Radley’s home. Estately found ten homes for sale in the United States that might be perfect for that.


Houston, TX—$99,500




Stockton, CA—$65,000


Kingman, AZ—$34,600


Portland, OR—$71,500


Kansas City, MO—$13,000


Greensboro, NC—$64,900


Midlothian, TX—$65,000


Sacramento, CA—$70,000


Efland, NC—$85,900


High Point, NC—$14,500


Stayton, OR—$74,900


El Campo, TX—$66,000


Fort Worth, TX—$34,900

-     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     -


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Which Washington Cities Are Home To The Most Enthusiastic Seahawks Fans?


Seattle Seahawks fans can be found in droves across Washington state, but Estately wondered which cities in the state were home to highest concentration of Seahawks fans. To do this we used Facebook user data to determine which of the 40 most populated Washington cities had the highest percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in the team. Out of the 40 largest cities, Maple Valley had the highest percentage of Seahawks fans expressing interest on Facebook (40.0%) and Bellevue had the lowest (6.0%). Obviously, not every Seahawks fan is on Facebook, much less expressing their love of the team on it, but it does provide a way to poll millions of people in the region.

If the city or town you live can’t match your passion for the Seahawks then consider moving and buying a home in one of these top ten cities for Seahawks passion.

  1. Maple Valley
  2. Marysville
  3. Lake Stevens
  4. Kent
  5. Des Moines
  6. Renton
  7. Auburn
  8. Burien
  9. Everett
  10. Federal Way

-     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     –     -

Looking for a great way to find your next home? Check out Estately.com or download the Estately App.




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