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12 Things You Should Know About Poulsbo


Photo:  Flickr user Andrew Taylor

Poulsbo is known by many nicknames:  The Jewel of Kitsap County, Little Norway, Valhalla on Puget Sound, Paul’s Bow, Dampnessville, Lil’ Lutefisk, Big Dreary, The Lute, and Gateway to Lemolo.  And while this Kitsap County town has many monikers, the rest of the state probably only knows of Poulsbo for its Norwegian heritage, proximity to the Clearwater Casino, and possibly its great breweries. Want to learn a little more about what makes Poulsbo unique? Read on…

Poulsbo has a varied nightlife


Once Poulsbo was known for having the hottest nightlife in all of Kitsap County, but then the Big Bear Drive-In closed down. Luckily, you can still play Bingo at the North Kitsap Fraternal Order of Eagles or eat pancakes down at the Sons of Norway.

Viking Fest is epic


Every May, the residents of Poulsbo gather to celebrate Viking Fest. Once the town grows bored with the parade, clogging, and donut eating contests, the attendees assemble a flotilla of crude boats and venture south to Bainbridge Island. Upon storming the beaches, they pile all the lawn furniture, kayaks, and driftwood into huge piles and burn them. It’s horrific, and the islanders have to hide in the woods and sip unchilled chardonnay until the Poulsbo riffraff finally leaves.

Poulsbo has beef with Franz Bakery


Like some terrible boyfriend that breaks your heart and then comes crawling back promising he’ll change, the coldhearted bread makers at Franz Bakery keep discontinuing production of Poulsbo Bread. For the third time in the past four years they’ve cancelled the multigrain bread’s production. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for Poulsbo’s 9,509 residents.

Lots of ladies in Poulsbo


According to the U.S. Census, 54.7% of Poulsbo’s population are female, which means there is an abundance of women in this fair city. Compare that to the sausage fest that is Bremerton, which is just 46.9% women.

Beware of lutefisk


A common prank pulled by Poulsbo residents is to take some dried cod filets, soak them in water and toxic lye, wait for them to achieve the texture of Jello, and then force other people to eat them by telling them it’s a Norwegian delicacy.

World’s best maple bars



Legend has it that when determining which parent will receive primary custody of the children during a divorce, Kitsap County judges nearly always decide in favor of the parent who most frequently rewards his/her children with pastries from Sluys’ Bakery in Poulsbo.

Do NOT speak ill of Aaron Sele


To this day, local boy Aaron Sele remains a legend in Poulsbo. His ended stellar Major League Baseball career with a 4.61 ERA and 148 wins. Legend has it if anyone says a bad word about Aaron Sele within Poulsbo’s city limits they will be pummeled by former teammate Mo Vaughn.

The origins of Poulsbo’s name


Local legend has it that the small city was originally named Mudge, after the British Royal Naval officer Zachary Mudge, a member of Captain George Vancouver’s 1792 exploration of Puget Sound. In 1986, the town was renamed “Poulsbo” after a popular chain of RV dealerships. Another theory is that was named Paulsbo (Paul’s place in Norwegian), but authorities in Washington D.C. misspelled it.

Poulsbo’s at the center of everything


Poulsbo’s unique location puts it in close proximity to an arsenal dangerous nuclear warheads, one of the finest casinos in Washington, Silverdale’s splendid malls, and an abundance of Dairy Queens.

Poulsbo politician once failed spectacularly at becoming Governor


Poulsbo is represented by Democrats now, but it was once a hotbed of political conservatism. Poulsbo’s most famous political figure was Ellen Craswell, who was absolutely trounced in the 1996 Governor’s race after receiving only 42% of the vote. An outspoken critic of gay rights, Craswell embarrassingly called it “special rights for sodomites.” It’s rumored her homophobia was so crippling she insisted on telling Sven and Ole jokes as Svetlana and Ole jokes, which totally messed up the punchlines.

So many PT Cruisers in Poulsbo


Anyone who’s wandered Poulsbo’s parking lots looking for their car knows PT Cruisers are surprisingly abundant here. Why? Well, one theory is that anyone who purchases a pre-owned car or truck from Liberty Bay Auto Center automatically receives a PT Cruiser for free.

The sun seemingly sets early in Poulsbo


It only feels like night comes early to Poulsbo because the stunning Olympic mountains to the west block out the sun as it sets behind them. Precious minutes of daylight are lost each day, but some say the incredible views make up for it.

Do you have what it takes to live in Poulsbo?


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13 Reasons You Should NEVER Move to Bainbridge Island

35 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Washington State

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13 Dome Homes You Can Buy Right Now


The popularity of dome homes reached its zenith in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but they still have a large cult following in the United States and around the world. Geodesic domes, monolithic domes, and other dome homes still return to the real estate market and can frequently be found on Estately. Listed below are 13 of our favorite dome homes currently for sale.

1. Hurricane-taunting Florida dome


Advertised as hurricane and tornado proof, this four-story geodesic dome in Florida is built from solid concrete and Fibercrete. However, the propeller on the front of the house is not capable of turning the home into a helicopter.

Price:  $595,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


2. Spaceship in forest


While it resembles a wooden flying saucer, this unusual structure is both a three-bedroom home and a popular Airbnb. Located on 28 forested acres at the base of the Mohonk Preserve in New York state, the environmentally-constructed home can actually be rotated by remote control.

Price:  $950,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


3. Mountain home in a dome



Located on five forested acres in Colorado, this wooden geodesic home has the feel of a rustic cabin, but with all the modern luxuries you could want, particularly indoor plumbing.

Price:  $350,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


4. Leaning dome of Colorado


This geodesic dome in Black Hawk, Colorado has an electric thermal heating system to keep you warm inside, and outdoor hot tub to keep you warm outside if you get locked out of the house in a snowstorm. Not only that, but it’s conveniently close to skiing and hiking.

Price: $223,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


5. Crouching house ready to pounce


From the outside, this Michigan home may appear like an iceberg—10% above the surface and 90% below. However, this 950-square-foot house does not have a gigantic basement or subterranean chambers.

Price:  $119,900

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


6. Desert oasis near Joshua Tree


Located near the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, this geodesic dome looks like it belongs in some futuristic sci-fi movie. The view is pretty spectacular as well.

Price:  $339,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


7. Dome is where the court is


It’s a geodesic dome that somehow manages to fit in a basketball/racquetball court. That’s pretty fantastic. Oh, and there’s a waterfall running through the property as well.

Price:  $325,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home

8. Monolithic dome fears no zombies


Advertised as a place you can “grow your kids and escape the world,” this monolithic dome in Texas sits on over 12 acres and comes with a pole barn and workshop.

Price:  $219,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home

9. Double-decker dome home


While they look like two ladybugs hanging out together on a brown leaf, they are not. These two structures make up a single home— single, adorable home. All kinds of new features, appliances, and other assorted interior delights can be found inside. Go on, have a look…

Price: $209,000

PhotosClick to view the complete listing for this home


10. Illinois home got great deal on shingles


This shingled dome home in Illinois blends into its wooded surroundings and is far more spacious than it appears from the outside.

Price:  $269,900

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


11. Virginia home mocks extreme weather


Designed to repel hurricanes, high winds, earthquakes, and even fire, this home remains 85% finished and is sold “as is.” Regardless, it has a hard candy shell that is just waiting for the next owner to fill it with delicious caramel, crunchy peanuts, and tasty nougat (or furniture).

Price:  $124,900

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


12. Dome + vineyard


Located on a sun-lit lot in Santa Cruz, this bright geodesic dome comes with its own Pinot Noir vineyard so you don’t have to face the judgmental glares of other shoppers when buying multiple boxes of wine at the store.

Price:  $925,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home

13. Ojai home for sale comes w/ guest dome


The geodesic dome pictured above is one of three homes that come with this property, as does a salt water pool and high-tech solar energy system.

Price:  $1,350,000

Photos: Click to view the complete listing for this home


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What Does Each State Have More of Than Any Other?

You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse


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5 Tucson Homes Phil Miller of “Last Man on Earth” Should Totally Move Into


The new hit TV show The Last Man on Earth stars Will Forte as Phil Miller, a normal guy who seemingly becomes the last living human on post-apocalyptic Earth. With no other humans around the Tucson resident can choose any area home to live in. While he does choose a nice one (complete with margarita-filled kiddie swimming pool) there really are a number of better options currently for sale in Tucson. Estately looked them over and found five excellent alternatives for Phil Miller.

1. Saguaro Ranch

The 5,300-square-foot home ion 17 acres in Marana opens up to a private hillside, has an award-winning kitchen, and comes with a fully stocked bar.

Price: $2,998,000 — 12485 N. Old Ranch House Road, Marana, AZ

Listing: Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty

2.  English Pub Home


This 13,350-square-foot mansion comes with an English pub, a 15-car garage, separate guest quarters (for when Carol shows up), and an exercise room (for when Melissa shows up).

Price: $7,900,000 — 7852 N. Secret Canyon Drive, Tucson, AZ 

Listing:  Long Realty Company

3. Top-of-the-World Living


Not only does the home’s location provide a birds-eye view of any approaching people named Todd it also has a statue for company, an incredible pool, and plenty of bar space to for socializing with various balls posing as imaginary friends.

Price: $7,000,000 — 6960 E. Rock Ledge Place, Tucson, AZ

Listing:  Long Realty Company

4. Highest Home in Catalina Foothills


Located on 93 acres bordering the National Forest, this extremely private home has incredible views, a nearby golf course, and its own guest house. Plus, the outdoor pool could provide potable drinking water if the generator attached to the well fails.

Price: $3,900,000 — 7300 E. Stone Canyon Drive, Tucson, AZ

Listing: Long Realty Company

5. Rancho Bosque


Located within the Tucson city limits, Rancho Bosque is an equestrian estate set on 17 acres that appears to have cows and steer (a source of milk, cheese and burgers). Surely, this will inspire the lovely Erica and Gail to put their reservations aside and fall for the pitiful Phil Miller.

Price: $2,700,000 — 8649 E. Woodland Road, Tucson, AZ

Listing:  Long Realty Company


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What Does Each State Have More of Than Any Other?

You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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In Which U.S. States Are All The Deadbeat Dads Hiding Out?


While he’s clearly not at his kids’ soccer games or piano recitals that deadbeat dad does have to be somewhere. But which state is that drunk loser most likely gambling away money he should be spending on child support? Estately set out to determine which U.S. states are the most likely location of America’s thousands of deadbeat dads. Basically, which states have the most divorced men busy drinking, gambling, not working, and trying to shirk their responsibilities. To do this we measured the seven factors listed below, ranked each state from 1-50, and then averaged the combined rankings.

  1. Total number of divorced men (source: U.S. Census)
  2. Percentage who have been married three or more times (source: Bloomberg Visual Data)
  3. Total number casinos, racetracks, and card rooms (source: American Gaming Association)
  4. Unemployment rate (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  5. Expressed interest in the men’s rights movement amongst men (source: Facebook)
  6. Frequency of binge drinking (source: Center for Disease Control & Prevention)
  7. Frequency of Google searches related to “child support” (source: Google Trends)



Profiles of the Top Ten States

1. Missouri

The Show Me State is prime habitat for men who don’t show up. Your deadbeat dad might be living their now, probably creepily looking at photos of your friends on Facebook and rating them on their attractiveness.

2. Louisiana

The man who was supposed to set an example of hard work for his kids might be busy not working in Louisiana.

3. Florida

There are millions of divorced men in Florida, but is one of them the dad who’s a decade late on his promise to take the training wheels off your bike? It’s possible.

4. Illinois

Whatever Illinois bar he’s drinking in tonight he’s most certainly not drinking out of a “World’s #1 Dad” coffee mug.

5. Indiana

That deadbeat dad of yours might be in an Indiana pawn shop right now, probably hawking the last of the family heirlooms.

6. Iowa

Maybe the reason he forgot your birthday again is because he blacked out drunk at the county fair and lost his job as a carny.

7. Oklahoma

The gambling options are ample in Oklahoma, as are your dad’s excuses for not sending his child support check again.

8. Tennessee

All your dad’s exes may live in Texas, but that’s not why he hangs his hat in Tennessee. It’s because there are plenty of other people there working on their 4th marriage.

9. Arizona

While the thought of that irresponsible loser wandering lost in the Arizona desert has a certain appeal to it, he’s probably just playing online poker on his phone in a Jack in the Box men’s room.

10. Ohio

If your dad is hiding out in Ohio, hopefully his multi-decade losing streak is cheering up Cleveland Browns fans.


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What Does Each State Have More of Than Any Other?

You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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Top U.S. States to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo


Originally, Cinco de Mayo was the celebration of the Mexican army’s upset victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. And while that was a significant, if largely symbolic victory, it is not the biggest of deals in Mexico. Somehow it has become a more celebratory affair north of the border, turning into a day reserved for large quantities of Mexican food and beer, and various concoctions made with tequila. Basically, it’s an awesome day, and Estately wanted to determine which states are most likely to have the most festive Cinco de Mayo.

To determine this we ranked each state from 1-50 using the following five criteria and then averaged the results. As a tie breaker we used a formula weighted to punish states who perform a high number of Google searches for “Mexican costumes.” For states without that data, we used online searches for reality star “Tila Tequila” instead of “Tequila,” and more Google searches for obnoxious sports commenter Skip Bayless instead of his brother—famed Mexican culinary expert Rick Bayless.

  1. Percentage of local population made up of Mexican Americans (source: U.S. Census)
  2. The ratio of Mexican restaurants to Taco Bell locations (source: Yellow Pages)
  3. Expressed interest in margaritas on Facebook and through Google searches for the past ten years (source: Facebook/Google Trends)
  4. Expressed interest in mariachi (form of folk music from Mexico) on Facebook and through Google searches for the past ten years (source: Facebook/Google Trends)
  5. Expressed interest in Cinco de Mayoon Facebook and through Google searches for the past ten years (source: Facebook/Google Trends)


Profiles of the top ten states

1. Texas

Texas is in the top five for each category, including being the #1 State for Margaritas. The taco capital of America, Texas is the best state to be if you’re feeling celebratory on the fifth of May.

2. California

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, California was the site of the largest margarita ever made (over 10,000 gallons), and the state consumers more Corona than any other beer. California also cracks the top five in all categories, but it sadly does more online searches for “Mexican costume” than any other state.


3. New Mexico

Home to the highest percentage of Mexican-Americans in the country, what New Mexico lacks in Margarita enthusiasm it makes up for with mariacha bands and an abundance of real Mexican food.

4. Arizona

While Taco Bell is abundant in Arizona, the state is still tops when it comes to expressed interest in Cinco de Mayo.

5. Colorado

Home to the sixth largest percentage of Mexican Americans, Colorado is a state that relishes the opportunity to drink margaritas.

6. Nevada

Despite an average level of interest in margaritas, Nevada is still a great state to celebrate the crushing defeat of the French army. Given the odds, there are plenty of people in Nevada who wished they could go back in time and place a bet on that battle.

7. Illinois

Illinois is the Midwestern capital of Cinco de Mayo celebrations, an oasis of mariachi and margaritas.

8. Washington state

Despite being pushed up against the Canadian border, the Evergreen State prefers the celebrations of America’s other NAFTA partner. No disrespect to their Canadian neighbors, but the Mexicans have tacos and tequila.

9. Nebraska

Despite having the just the 15th largest percentage of Mexican Americans, Nebraska has the third most enthusiasm for the Cinco de Mayo celebration.

10. Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s enthusiasm is real, but it could also be that the Cinco de Mayo festivities in Texas are just so wild that they spill over the border into Oklahoma.



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What Does Each State Have More of Than Any Other?

You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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4 Star Wars-Themed Rooms in Homes for Sale

May the 4th be with you!  Today is Star Wars Day, a day when companies shameless attempt to link their brand to the popular film series. Here at Estately, we are no different. Thus, we tracked down four homes for sale with Star Wars-themed rooms.

1. Room with a Death Star view


Night, night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the Emperor bite… or let him strike you down with lightning bolts shot from his fingertips! View the home here.

2. Cozier than sleeping in a Tauntaun


You know where the force is strong? In the bedroom of this Westlake Village home in California. View the home here.

3. Landspeeder bedroom



This Beaumont, California home’s Star Wars-themed bedroom is filled with murals, toys, and even a replica bed similar to Luke Skywalkers’ Landspeeder. Sweet dreams! View the home here.

4. Droid-filled home theater


Are these the droids you’re looking for? No? Well, is this the $1.235M home for sale in Reunion, Florida you’ve been looking for? View the home here.

5. Bonus Star Wars house!


This Los Angeles home for sale suspiciously looks like a Star Wars attack cruiser. View the home here.


Check out Estately.com or download the Estately App, both of which are incredible tools to use when searching for a home for sale.


What Does Each State Have More of Than Any Other?

You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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Which NFL Team Is The Best To Be Drafted By?


The 2015 NFL Draft is upon us, and with it the hopes and dreams of hundreds of aspiring NFL players. With NFL careers being notoriously short, Estately set out to determine which teams offer draftees the best chance for a lucrative career. Primarily, we wanted to determine which teams could afford to pay more for players, which were in endorsement-rich markets (winning teams in major media markets), offered the likelihood of a good fit, had low income taxes, and affordable housing.


We ranked each team from 1-32 for each of the six criteria in our study and then averaged them to determine the overall rankings.

  1. The amount of available cash each teams has under the salary cap — (source: Spotrac)
  2. Income tax rate for highest earners in each team’s home state — (source: Robert Raiola, CPA)
  3. Draft grades for each team (2009-2013) — (source: Sportswire)
  4. Total wins for past five years (regular season and playoffs wins/byes)
  5. Rankings within the top-100 media markets — (source: News Generation)
  6. Median home price in team’s major metropolitan area — (source: Estately)

1. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks draft well, pay their core players better than most teams, and there’s no income tax in Washington state. Plus, players in this once maligned football town is suddenly swimming in national attention, lucrative endorsements, and even invitations to the White House.

2. Dallas Cowboys

America’s Team offers plenty of financial incentives to its players, including a state that has no income tax. Also, Jerry Jones is more than happy to overpay on contracts.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is a team on the rise even though defensive players drafted by the Falcons will find little competition for playing time. That’s called job security.

4. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee’s lack of income tax and its affordable housing give its players a boost, as does the team’s drafting ability.

5. New England Patriots

Many Patriots players earn salaries that aren’t equal to what they’d make on the open market, but winning makes up for that, and it helps in landing a big free agent contract with someone else.

6. Houston Texans

If you’re a franchise quarterback being drafted the table is pretty much set for a lucrative career in Houston.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Affordable housing market, low income taxes, and the possibility of having a sandwich named after you are all bonuses in Pittsburgh.

8. Cincinnati Bengals

While it’s probably not most players’ first choice, Cincinnati is an affordable place to live, and the team tends to pay the players it drafts since it hates to spend money in free agency.

9. Green Bay Packers

Being drafted by Green Bay is extremely lucky. Not only does the team win, but it prefers to spend money on its draft picks instead of free agents. Green Bay may be a small market, but Packers fans are abundant and nationwide. Make friends with Aaron Rodgers and you might just be in his next State Farm ad ($$$).

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

No income tax, a sizable media market, and few recognizable players means the Bucs are a great place to come and be the face of the franchise. However, it helps if you don’t have numerous off-field issues.

11. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens win, they draft well, and even someone with modest charisma will probably be chosen over quarterback Joe Flacco for local endorsement deals.

12. Chicago Bears

The third largest media market in the country is in dire need of a new face of the franchise, mostly because quarterback Jay Cutler’s petulant expressions just makes people angry.

13. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are ranked highly mostly for recent successes, but many expect them to decline this year. With high taxes and housing costs, the Bay Area is also an expensive place to play your pro career.

14. Miami Dolphins

No state income taxes + a team that overpays = $$$

15. Denver Broncos

One of the more successful franchises in recent years, Denver drafts well, and its free agents tend to get overpaid by other teams when they hit the open market.

16. Philadelphia Eagles

Even if Chip Kelly trades you away to someplace cold and miserable, you’ll still get paid a fortune.

17. Cleveland Browns

Plenty of cap space, little competition to make the team, and affordable home prices all make Cleveland a financially prudent place to play your pro career.

18. Indianapolis Colts

Not only will players save money on housing, but they’ll save money on going out as well. The Indianapolis nightlife mostly consists of meeting friends for pancakes.

19. Detroit Lions

If Matt Stafford has a great season in 2015 he can buy his rookie lineman and receivers houses for the same price as new watches in most other cities.

20. New York Giants

Sure, Coach Tom Coughlin will be breathing down your neck on a daily basis, but you can possibly convert your on-field successes into a morning talk show or some other lucrative media job.

21. New Orleans Saints

The team seems to be shedding contracts faster than a husky sheds hair in a Louisiana summer, but this could mean more money for new players.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have ample cap space to pay players and Florida has no income tax, but the team has few fans, a terrible record, and almost no interest nationally. It’s like playing basketball in some European league.

23. Arizona Cardinals

Since so many NFL players train during the offseason in Arizona it’s probably convenient to play for the Cardinals as well. However, the team has limited cap space, high home prices, and sub-par drafting.

24. Carolina Panthers

Outside of drafting ability the Panthers are in the bottom half of all categories.

25. Minnesota Vikings

The team has cap space, and even more if they trade Adrian Peterson. At that point they’ll need a new face of the franchise, and Minnesota is the 16th largest media market.

26. New York Jets

Being in the number one media market is about all the Jets have going for them right now.

27. Buffalo Bills

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills, and there’s little money in circling wagons.

28. Oakland Raiders

The perennial dumpster fire that is the Oakland Raiders is surprisingly high on this list. It’s no place to win or rack up endorsements, but they will pay you above-market value not to sign with someone else.

29. St. Louis Rams

The only thing going for the Rams is that housing is affordable, and that all goes out the window if the team moves to Los Angeles.

30. Kansas City Chiefs

It’s hard to pay your new players much when you don’t have any cap space.

31. San Diego Chargers

Interesting that three of the bottom five teams are all trying to move to Los Angeles.

32. Washington Redskins

If you’re sitting in the Green Room when the fifth pick of the 2015 NFL Draft is turned in you could find yourself praying you drop all the way to the Browns.


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What Does Each State Have More of Than Any Other?

You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse


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27 Reasons California Is Better Than Texas


There’s been considerable press about people and businesses in Californian packing up to move to Texas, but is the grass really greener in The Lone Star State? Estately dug into it and compiled 27 reasons why California is still a better place to live and buy a home than Texas.

1. Same-sex marriage still banned in Texas


While Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage was found unconstitutional by a federal judge, same-sex marriage remains outlawed pending an appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. While thousands of Texans wait their turn to exchange vows, same-sex couples in California have been busy marrying each other since 2013. In fact, Houston’s mayor had to travel to California to marry her partner of 23 years.

2. Love lasts longer in California


Even with the short shelf life of Hollywood marriages skewing the stats, California marriages seem to do better than Texas ones. Only 12.2% of Californians are divorced or separated—it’s 13.8% for Texans. Also, the average California marriage lasts 18.2 years, a full year longer than Texas ones.

3. Wish they all could be California burgers


There are 26 In-N-Out Burger locations in Texas, but zero Whataburger locations in California. When it comes to burger love the feeling is NOT mutual.

4. Texas has more STDs


When it comes to the consequences of fornication ol’ Texas has got itself a heaping helping of crotch critters. According to the CDC, the Lone Star State has far more cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and H.I.V. diagnosis per capita than California does. Makes you wonder why they were so freaked about Ebola last year.

5. Texas has hella rabies


If you see a Texan foaming at the mouth don’t be surprised. Between 2011-2012, there were over 1,702 cases of rabies reported in domestic and wild animals in Texas, far more than California’s 476.

6. Minimum wage is $9 per hour in California


Full-time workers making minimum wage earn $1.75 more per hour in California than in Texas, where minimum wage is the federal minimum of $7.25. Over the course of a year, this adds up to an additional $3,500 for those in California. That’s enough money to catch a flight to Texas, propose to a fellow fast food worker, get married, and fly back to start a life together in California.

7. Larger douchebag population in Texas


If you live in a city and are surrounded by douchebags there’s a good chance you live in Texas. In Estately’s study of the 100 most populated U.S. cities, it found four out of the five cities with the highest percentage of douchebags were in Texas. No California city cracked the top 12.

8. More National Parks


Despite Texas being larger than California, Texas has only two national parks to California’s nine. California also has seven times the acreage and millions more annual visitors.

9. Double the college football championships


Texas fans may only remember Vince Young’s game-winning run to clinch the 2005 BCS National Championship, but California football fans have a longer memory. Over the years, California schools have won 14 college football championships, while Texas schools have won only seven.

10. People die sooner in Texas


The average lifespan for a Californian is 80.8 years, approximately 2.3 years longer than the average Texan lives. Maybe this is because Texas has the highest percentage of people without health insurance in the country— 22.1%. Or maybe it’s all the diabetes (6.8% more) and heart disease and…

11. Texas is more obese


They say everything is bigger in Texas, and that goes for the people as well. The obesity rate in Texas is 30.9%, while California’s is just 24.1%.

12. California has more pandas

1024px-Xiao_Liwu_im_San_Diego_Zoo_-_Foto_2California’s San Diego Zoo is one of four U.S. zoos with pandas, and it’s got three of the adorable creatures. Texas has zero pandas, but they can watch the San Diego pandas on their panda cam.

13. California makes way more wine


Despite being roughly 60% the size of Texas, California produces 975 times more wine than The Lone Star State. Even Wisconsin makes more wine than Texas. Wisconsin.

14. Texas takes more federal dollars


For every dollar Texas pays the federal government in taxes it gets back $0.94, while California gets back a paltry $0.78. And despite all the anti-government rhetoric in Texas the state actually has more government jobs per capita than California does.

15. Drinking ice tea is for suckers


Texas loves its sweet tea, probably because they don’t brew enough beer. California has 502 permitted breweries—the most in the country. Texas has just 117, less than a quarter of California, and the fifth fewest per capita in the country. Those are practically Mississippi numbers!

16. California pays women better


When it comes to America’s gender pay gap, every state should do a better job. However, California ranks fourth for paying women—84% of that of men. Texas ranks 28th, with women there making just 79% of what men make.

17. California has a bear on its flag


The Lone Star flag of Texas and California’s flag each have one star. The reason why California’s flag is better is because it also has badass grizzly bear on it as well.

18. More public hunting land in California


Texas may be full of hunters, but only 1% of the state is public hunting land. Thanks to all the National Forest and Bureau of Land Management land in California about 37% of the state is open to hunting. You don’t even have to know a wealthy rancher with a wild game farm.

19. More college grads/less student loan debt


In California, 30.7% of people 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree—3% more than Texas. However, what Texas lacks in diplomas it makes up for in student loan debt. About 59% of students graduating college in Texas have student loan debt—4% more than California. In addition, Texas grads owe nearly $5,000 more than California grads do.

20. Texas has more communists


According to Facebook user data, there are 25% more people expressing interest in communism per capita on the social network.

21. Bambi meets grille… far less in California


For Texans, the odds of crashing into a deer in the coming year are 1 in 314, nearly three times that of California. Just a little piece of mind for those leisurely drives in the country at dusk.

22. Texas’ economy dependent on oil prices

Working oil pumps

Both states have large, diverse economies, but Texas’ economy is far more dependent on oil and gas, which is prone to boom and bust cycles. With the price of oil dropping the state’s recent oil boom is suddenly lagging.

23. Come for the sunshine, stay for the $$$


The median household income in California is $61,904, over $10,000 more than in Texas. That extra money would buy a whole lot of yoga classes, smoothies, and palm readings.

24. More amusement in California


Do you enjoy having fun, laughing, and screaming with excitement? California’s your spot. The state has nearly double the amusement parks that Texas has, as well as twice as many comedy clubs. Come to think of it, a good travel slogan would be:  California—Land of Amusement.

25. So many poisonous Texas spiders


Texas is home to eleven species of venomous spiders—the most in the country. California is home to eight.

26. California cowboy envy


Two of Texas’ favorite cowboy heroes are actually Californians. Both Ronald Reagan and John Wayne grew up and lived most of their lives in The Golden State.

27. Texas keeps thousands of tigers in cages


There are an estimated 10,000-20,000 pet tigers in Texas—more per capita than any other state. Not only that, there are actually more tigers in Texas than exit in the wild. Not surprisingly the state also leads the country in tiger maulings.

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Looking for a home for sale?


Check out Estately.com or download the Estately App, both of which are incredible tools to use when searching for a home for sale in Texas.


You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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27 Reasons Texas Is Better Than California


Texas and California are the two most populated states in the country, but which one is best? The states have different politics, economies, cuisines, histories, and more. So why is The Lone Star State better? Check out these 27 reasons why Texas is the better state to live and buy a home in…

1. Texas has more tacos


Tacos are one of the greatest human inventions ever, and Texas simply has more of them. The Lone Star State is home to one restaurant serving tacos for every 2,191 people. In California it’s only one for every 2,473 people.

2. More Californians living in Texas


Just 1% of California residents are originally from Texas, whereas 3% of Texas residents are originally from California—the most of any state outside Texas. It seems the migration is largely a one-way street, but Matthew McConaughey comes back to visit Texas all the time.

3. Better stars in Texas


California may be famous for its Hollywood stars, but the ones you see in the Texas sky are far more stunning, and they never appear on Celebrity Rehab.

4. California is methier


When it comes methamphetamine, the numbers break badly for California. In 2014, there were 255 methamphetamine laboratory seizure incidents in California—nearly 16 times more than in Texas.

5. Texans love their state more


In a recent Gallup poll, 28% of Texans polled said their state was the best possible state to live in—the highest in the country. Just 13% of Californians polled could say the same for their state.

6. More NFL players


Texas produces 18% more NFL players per capita than California does. Not only that, but not one of Texas’ 233 players is named Colin Kaepernick.

7. No contest—Texas has superior barbecue


When different styles of barbecue are discussed Californians love to boast of their beef tri-tip. It is very tasty, but it’s nothing like the symphony of barbecue flavors that make up the state of Texas. Also, Texas has twice as many barbecue restaurants per capita as California does. That’s just one reason Texas is one of the most barbecue-crazed state in America.

8. California’s running out of water


Water is essential for human survival and California is running out of it. While Texas has experienced drought woes of its own, it’s still doing better than California is.

9. Whataburger bests In-N-Out Burger


Californians are devoted to their beloved In-N-Out Burger, but the same can’t be said for the rest of the country. There are 303 In-N-Out Burger locations across the country, while Whataburger has well over 1,000.

10. People on the menu at California beaches


California’s had four times more shark attacks than Texas, and three times more fatalities. Also, the water along California’s beaches are surprisingly cold, and not just in the winter. And yeah, they’ve got jellyfishes, too.

11. Californians always bragging on Facebook


In a recent Harvard study it was found 77% of Californians frequently engage in self-promotion on social media—the most in the nation. That percentage was 51% for Texas, 20th overall.

12. There’s no song called “Sacramento by Morning”


There are plenty of popular songs that mention California cities, but none by George Strait. While it’s certainly subjective, everyone should agree that songs about Texas are simply a lot better. If you disagree then maybe you should go to San Francisco. Don’t forget to put flowers in your hair, and bring a boatload of money because the rent there is insane.

13. Remember when this happened?


What, were you expecting a Matt Leinart highlight?

14. Way more auto thefts in California


Tired of your car? Take it to California and let someone take it off your hands. California is the number one state for auto thefts—430 per 100,000 people. Texas trails far behind California, with just 248 per 100,000.

15. More golf courses per capita


The golf courses are more crowded in California because it has the fewest golf courses per capita of any state in the country. Texas golfers have three courses for every two California golfers do.

16. Cleaner air


For all the talk Californians do about being green they sure spew a lot of toxic stuff into the sky. California is home to six of the ten most polluted metropolitan areas in the country, and all of the top five. Ninth place El Paso is the only Texas metropolitan area on the list.

17. California says goodbye to jobs


Between 2007-2014 there was a 3.9% drop in employment in California among people aged 25-54, nearly four times that of Texas.

18. Uhh… Beyoncé?


Beyoncé is from Texas. Enough said.

19. Something more valuable than gold


A gold rush was the cause of California’s first major population boom. Then the gold ran out and people just kind of hung around. What gold lures people to Texas? Queso of course.

20. Texas more prepared for zombie apocalypse


In a recent Estately study of preparedness for a zombie apocalypse, Texas ranked 26th in the country. California was ranked 39th, ensuring their brains will be feasted upon by an army of the undead almost immediately.

21. Californians are less charitable


The average Texan gives 3.59% of his/her total adjusted gross income to charity—14th best in the country. Californians are a little more stingy, donating just 2.79%, which is just enough 36th place.

22. No Guy Fieri restaurants in Texas


Inexplicably famous TV chef Guy Fieri is a caricature of all things people despise about California. With his bleached hair/goatee, baseless confidence, and a cuisine that’s based on marketing principles instead of flavor, he’s all style and no substance. Luckily for Texas, there isn’t a single Guy Fieri restaurant within its borders, but there are two locations in California, the state Fieri calls home.

23. Shorter commutes in Texas


The median travel time to work for Californians is 27.2 minutes. For Texans it’s 25.0 minutes. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but over the course of a year it’s the equivalent of more than two full work days spent in a car or bus.

24. Fewer unemployed in Texas


The unemployment rate in Texas is 4.3%—15th lowest in the country. That’s far better than California’s 6.7%—3rd highest in the country.

25. You can use your accelerator in Texas


Texans are known to drive fast, and that’s partly because it has the maximum speed limit in the country—85 mph. California’s speed limits max out at 70 mph. Of course modern cars aren’t designed to withstand crashes at that speed, but if you like to drive fast…

26. Superior namesake food


Would you rather have your state’s name linked to a sushi roll made with fake crab that’s typically found in gas stations, or be the name of extra-thick bread used for sopping up beans and/or barbecue sauce?

27. Homes are cheaper in Texas


The median home price for a home in Texas is abut $235,000. In California it’s a little over $400,000. With the money you save on a house in Texas you can afford to buy a lake house in Texas as well.

Looking for a home for sale in Texas?


Check out Estately.com or download the Estately App, both of which are incredible tools to use when searching for a home for sale in Texas.


You Can Learn a lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse