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Which Washington Cities Are Home To The Most Enthusiastic Seahawks Fans?


Seattle Seahawks fans can be found in droves across Washington state, but Estately wondered which cities in the state were home to highest concentration of Seahawks fans. To do this we used Facebook user data to determine which of the 40 most populated Washington cities had the highest percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in the team. Out of the 40 largest cities, Maple Valley had the highest percentage of Seahawks fans expressing interest on Facebook (40.0%) and Bellevue had the lowest (6.0%). Obviously, not every Seahawks fan is on Facebook, much less expressing their love of the team on it, but it does provide a way to poll millions of people in the region.

If the city or town you live can’t match your passion for the Seahawks then consider moving and buying a home in one of these top ten cities for Seahawks passion.

  1. Maple Valley
  2. Marysville
  3. Lake Stevens
  4. Kent
  5. Des Moines
  6. Renton
  7. Auburn
  8. Burien
  9. Everett
  10. Federal Way

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Football-Related Things Each State Googles More Than Other

Which States Are Home To More Patriots Or Seahawks Fans?

States Most/Least Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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Where Are The Most Enthusiastic Patriots Fans In New England?


New England Patriots fans can be found in droves across the states that make up New England, but Estately wondered where they were most concentrated. To do this we used Facebook user data to determine which of the 40 most populated cities had the highest percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in the team. Out of the 40 largest cities, Warwick, RI had the highest percentage of Patriots fans expressing interest on Facebook (29.73%) and Greenwich, CT had the lowest (2.78%). Obviously, not every Pats fan is on Facebook, much less expressing their love of the team on it, but it does provide a way to poll millions of people in the region.

When it comes to the different states, Rhode Island had the highest percentage of Facebook users expressing interest in the Patriots (23.67%), followed by New Hampshire (22.68%), Massachusetts (20.0%), Maine (19.27%), and Vermont (10.5%). With its proximity to New York City it’s not surprising that Connecticut mustered just 7.4%. In comparison, 23.4% of Facebook users in Washington state expressed interest in the Seattle Seahawks.

If the city or town you live can’t match your passion for the Patriots then consider moving and buying a home in one of these top ten cities for Patriots passion.

  1. Warwick, RI
  2. Fall River, MA
  3. Haverhill, MA
  4. Plymouth, MA
  5. Brockton, MA
  6. Cranston, RI
  7. Nashua, NH
  8. Quincy, MA
  9. Lowell, MA
  10. New Bedford, MA

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Football-Related Things Each State Googles More Than Other

Which States Are Home To More Patriots Or Seahawks Fans?

States Most/Least Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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What Real Estate-Related Things Does Each State Google More Than Any Other?


Every year an increasing number of home shoppers across America use the internet to search for the perfect home.  However, people in different states don’t search online in identical ways. Estately was curious how people in each state differed in how they used the internet to find a place to live so it used Google Trends data from the past decade to find out what each state searched for online more than others. The data showed log cabins are popular in the Appalachian states, mobile homes are en vogue in the south, and yurts are popular in the Pacific Northwest. These were just some of the discoveries we uncovered. Read on to see what housing-related queries each state searched for more than any other…

ALABAMA: mobile homes for sale / for sale by owner / property for sale / multiple listing service / lake houses

ALASKA:  RE/MAX / cabin, chalet, yurt / construction jobs / igloo /

ARIZONA:  Frank Lloyd Wright (architect) / mobile home parks / loan fraud

ARKANSAS:  There were no searches that Arkansas ranked tops in.

CALIFORNIA:  mid-century modern / beach bungalow / chalet for sale / underground bunker / cohousing / Inman News / Brad Inman / Steamline Moderne / real estate bubble / 1000watt

COLORADO:  commercial real estate / tiny homes / Tumbleweed Tiny House Company / castle for rent / geodesic dome / right of first refusal / “House Hunters International” (tv show)

CONNECTICUT:  National Association of Realtors / Philip Johnson (architect) / realtor jobs / Victorian house /

DELAWARE:  mortgage rates / castle for sale

FLORIDA:  mobile home park / houseboat for sale / condominium / condo / villas / villas for sale / Section 8 Housing / gated communities / adjustable-rate mortgages / eviction / real estate articles / foreclosure / reverse mortgage / homeowner’s insurance / mortgage fraud / house for rent / beach house for sale / renting

GEORGIA:  homes for rent / public housing / houseboat / cheap homes (tie w/ SC)

HAWAII:  bungalow

IDAHO:  manufactured home / yurts / “House Hunters” (TV show)

ILLINOIS:  haunted house / boarding house / predatory lending / American foursquare / prairie style

INDIANA:  pole barns / credit history

IOWA:  radon

KANSAS:  There were no searches that Kansas ranked tops in.

KENTUCKY:  haunted houses / log cabin kits / cabin rentals / hazard insurance

LOUISIANA:  house for sale / mobile home / shotgun house / flood insurance

MAINE:  modular home / tiny houses / cottage / radon test / homeless shelter

MARYLAND:  rowhouse / mortgage loan / closing costs / Fanny Mae / homestead credit / subprime loan / architect jobs

MASSACHUSETTS:  saltbox house / home inspection / home inspector / Walter Gropius (architect) / real estate reporter / open house

MICHIGAN:  trailer park / mansion for sale / Alden B. Dow (architect) / lake houses for sale / squatter’s rights

MINNESOTA:  townhouse / townhomes / private mortgage insurance / property tax / radon test kit / sweat equity / HomeServices of America

MISSISSIPPI:  credit score

MISSOURI:  credit counseling / loan default / eminent domain

MONTANA:  tipi / travel trailer / RV / recreational vehicle / used RV

NEBRASKA:  fair credit report / sod house

NEVADA:  real estate news / palace / ranch house / federal takeover of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac / short sale / notice of default / second mortgage / carpenter jobs / wigwam


NEW JERSEY:  townhouses for sale / apartment for rent / garden apartments / home equity line of credit / recording fees

NEW MEXICO:  RV for sale / RV parks

NEW YORK:  real estate developers / longhouse / apartment / apartment for sale / basement apartment / brownstones / studio apartment / commune / Frank Gehry (architect) / Curbed.com / apartments for rent / “Million Dollar Listing” (TV show) / Donald Trump hair

NORTH CAROLINA:  Habitat for Humanity / real estate search / log cabins for sale

NORTH DAKOTA:  There were no searches that North Dakota ranked tops in.

OHIO:  log cabin homes / A-frame / manor house

OKLAHOMA:  Keller Williams Realty / land for sale / real estate broker

OREGON:  yurts for sale

PENNSYLVANIA:  row house / credit score / FICO score / home equity loan / Robert Venturi (architect)

RHODE ISLAND:  mansion / mansions / yacht club /

SOUTH CAROLINA:  home for sale / mobile homes for sale / cheap homes (tie w/ Georgia) / HGTV (television network)

SOUTH DAKOTA:  homes for sale / realtors / Truth In Lending Act / hunting lodge / Century 21

TENNESSEE:  log cabin / house boat / log homes

TEXAS:  barns for sale / farmhouses for sale / ranch-style house / underground homes for sale / loan officer jobs / title company / how to flip houses?

UTAH:  teepee / house payments / Fair Housing Act / interest rates / loan officer / mortgage insurance / how to sell your home? / real estate investing /

VERMONT:  small house movement / barns / farmhouse / zoning

VIRGINIA: Freddie Mac / notary public / land value tax

WASHINGTON:  Estately / small houses / tiny house plans / chateau / tree house

WEST VIRGINIA:  log homes for sale / houses for sale / bunker / free credit score

WISCONSIN:  Coldwell Banker / duplex / duplexes for sale / duplexes for rent / lien waiver / stilt house

WYOMING:  real estate / modular homes / mortgage calculator / real estate jobs

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U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Here’s What Each State Googles More Than Any Other

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Football-Related Things Each State Googles More Than Any Other


Football is incredibly popular across America, but that doesn’t mean each state appreciates the sport in the same way. To investigate the differences Estately used Google Trends to research patterns in football-related internet searches over the past decade for each state.

Our search terms included NFL teams, sports reporters, other leagues, football terminology, Super Bowl commercials, tailgating foods, players with national notoriety, and football-related books, movies, TV shows, and more. In the end we compiled a list of which terms each state searched for more than any other state.

ALABAMA:  AJ McCarron girlfriend / AJ McCarron tattoo / wing T / Busted Coverage / “Football for Dummies” (book) / “College GameDay” (ESPN show) / “College GameDay” signs / Jameis Winston / 3-4 defense / Heisman Trophy / stiff arm / fight song / Phil Simms / special teams / high school football / college football / NCAA rules / football books / football movies / College Football Playoffs / College Football Championship / BCS National Championship Game / S.E.C. / electric football

Analysis:  Alabama employers would be horrified to know how their employees spend their time on company computers. However, the NFL and NCAA would be flattered.   

ALASKA:  Penetration / Mark Schlereth (a.k.a Stink) / football dictionary

Analysis:  Yikes.

ARIZONA:  Super Bowl tickets / NFL Sunday Ticket / concussion test / Arizona Cardinals / Ed Hochuli (referee)

Analysis:  The state most impressed with verbose referee Ed Hochuli’s biceps is Arizona.


ARKANSAS:  “Air Bud” (film series) / Bobby Petrino’s wife

Analysis:  Being tops for “Air Bud” searches likely means a strong appreciation for “Air Bud: Golden Receiver,” a zany film about a football-playing dog.

CALIFORNIA:  Jim Harbaugh quotes / football for beginners / Brett Favre photo / Who’s got it better than us? / Janet Jackson Super Bowl / What is encroachment? / Colin Kaepernick naked / Ottawa Redblacks / Hamilton Tiger-Cats / Michael Silver (sportswriter) / San Diego Chargers / San Francisco 49ers / Oakland Raiders

Analysis:  If someone reveals their naughty bits you can be sure Californians will Google it, and they’re also very curious about Canadian football teams.  

COLORADO: Tim Tebow / Tebowing / Stan Kroenke (owner of St. Louis Rams) / Super Bowl (tie w/ WA and IN) / Adam Schefter (NFL reporter) / Lyle Alzado / concussion treatment / Who will win Super Bowl? / Monday Night Football / Thursday Night Football / Denver Broncos

Analysis:  Looks like some state still has feelings for Tim Tebow. 

CONNECTICUT:  Jim Nantz (sportscaster)

Analysis:  The question that keeps Connecticut residents up at night is how exactly Jim Nantz can spend so much time with Phil Simms?

DELAWARE:  Terrell Owens

Analysis:  Your internet search history is no doubt shameful and embarrassing, but take solace in that it’s not as bad as Delaware’s.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  NFLPA / football for dummies / Suzy Kolber (sports reporter) / Kissing Suzy Kolber (sports website)

Analysis:  Looks like people are trying to take a crash course in football to try and impress Suzy Kolber. 

FLORIDA:  Flag football / “Hard Knox” (TV series) / prevent defense / Michael Sam kiss / Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Miami Dolphins / Jacksonville Jaguars

Analysis:  Florida’s curiosity about prevent defenses is probably because the Bucs, Dolphins, and Jaguars face a lot of prevent defenses because they’re playing from behind. 

GEORGIA: “The T.O. Show” (TV series) / Deion Sanders / Michael Vick / What is football? / NFL player girlfriend / Atlanta Falcons

Analysis:  Pro athletes in Atlanta will find plenty of women who want to date them.

HAWAII:  Pro Bowl / Manti Te’o

Analysis:  Hawaii is the only state that cares about the Pro Bowl

IDAHO:  Western Athletic Conference / blue turf

Analysis:  When greeting a football fan from Idaho be sure to compliment the blue turf at Boise State’s stadium because they’re very proud of it and they get mad when you bring up Idaho potatoes.

Busted Coverage

ILLINOIS: Kyle Orton drunk / “Super Bowl Shuffle” (song) / Jay Cutler meme / Buffalo wings / preseason tickets / white running back / Deadspin (sports website) / “Playmakers” (TV series) / Da Bears / football terminology / Chicago Bears

Analysis:  To be fair, the photos of  Kyle Orton drunk are pretty fantastic. And so are all those Jay Cutler memes.

INDIANA: Super Bowl (tie w/ CO and WA) / “Rudy” (film) / Bud Bowl commercial (tie w/ MI) / ball control / Alex Flannigan (sports reporter) / Indianapolis Colts

Analysis:  All those “Super Bowl” searches might have been a touch premature.


IOWA:  Tailgaiting (tie w/ MS) / Tailgating recipes / “The Longest Yard” (2005 film) / onside kick (tie w/ LA) / NFL cheerleader / hot take

Analysis:  Maybe the reason there are no NFL cheerleaders in Iowa isn’t because there’s no pro team there, but rather because they won’t date anyone who’d take them to see the remake of “The Longest yard.”

KANSAS: Big 12 Conference / Herm Edwards / Gale Sayers / Kansas City Chiefs / loudest stadium

Analysis:  If Kansans aren’t making the bulk of the noise at Arrowhead Stadium, they’re at least Googling the Kansas City Chiefs more than the team’s Missouri fans.

KENTUCKY:  Neutral zone / Tim Couch (former NFL quarterback) / Cris Collinsworth (NFL analyst/former player)

Analysis:  Kentuckians often line up offsides. 

LOUISIANA: Tight end / cornerback / Aints / 4-3 defense / onside kick (tie w/ IA) / Super Bowl ring / “The Waterboy” (1998 film) / Terry Bradshaw / anabolic steroids / Arena Football League / New Orleans Saints

Analysis:  Louisiana residents can debate whether or not Jimmy Graham is a tight end or a wide receiver, but there’s no debate that he had a terrible season. 

MAINE:  (nothing)

We found no football-related searches that Maine was tops for. 

MARYLAND: Skip Bayless (idiot) / Madden NFL (video game series) / Super Bowl shirts / Robert Griffin III / Redskins name / NFL fine / Rachel Nichols (sports reporter) / false start / Washington Redskins / Ray Rice video / locker room

Analysis:  Most people can’t change the channel fast enough when Skip Bayless appears on TV. Maryland willfully trues to search him out online, which is shameful. 

MASSACHUSETTS:  Deflategate / deflated / deflated footballs / Spygate / “Friday Night Lights” (TV series) / butt fumble / Rex Ryan foot / Vince Wilfork wife / Vince Wilfork weight / Wes Welker hair / Antonio Cromartie kids / laces out / Peter King (sports reporter) / Manning face / New England Patriots

Analysis:  To mask the shame they feel for all the cheating Patriots fans in Massachusetts like to Google embarrassing things about their rivals. 


MICHIGAN:  Bud Bowl (tie w/ IN) / Jim Harbaugh / football tailgating / bump and run / Mike Tirico (sportscaster) / Toronto Argonauts / Detroit Lions

Analysis:  If they played in Bud Bowl the Detroit Lions would lose because Ndamukong Suh and Dominic Raiola would cut their feet up stomping on glass bottles. 

MINNESOTA:  Fantasy football / Purple People Eaters / NFL mock draft / Sam Ponder (sports reporter) / Winnipeg Blue Bombers / Minnesota Vikings

Analysis: The best way to distract yourself from your team’s mediocre season is to play fantasy football and watch Canadian football. 

MISSISSIPPI: Fumble / tailgating (tie w/ IA) / Jerry Rice

Analysis:  Whether it’s college football or just football-related searches Mississippi always gets shown up by by Alabama. 

MISSOURI:  Michael Sam (NFL player) / Joe Buck / HGH supplements / “Jerry Maguire” (1996 film) / St. Louis Rams / Bob Costas

Analysis:  Rumor has it both Joe Buck and Bob Costas are juicing in preparation for their April fight.  

MONTANA:  Ryan Leaf / NBC Sunday Night Football

Analysis:  Ryan Leaf is from Montana.

NEBRASKA:  Erin Andrews (sports reporter) / Tecmo Bowl (video game) / Tecmo Super Bowl (video game) / Hail Mary pass / Lingerie Football League / double team / Super Bowl commercials / What is the Super Bowl? / unsportsmanlike conduct / BIG 10 Conference / football rules

Analysis:   So that’s who’s watching the Lingerie Football League. 


NEVADA:  O.J. Simpson / Colin Cowherd / “Eric & Jessie:  Game On” (reality TV show starring Eric Decker) / Super Bowl prop bets

Analysis: What are the odds you’ll ruin your NFL career by starring in a reality TV show with your wife? Vegas oddsmakers put it at 100% (see Hank Baskett).


Analysis: Nobody brings pressure like New Hampshire. It’s like the Rex Ryan of states.

NEW JERSEY:  New York Jets / New York Giants / Rules of football / Mark Sanchez girlfriend / NFL autograph / gold cleats / FanDuel

Analysis: If a team plays in New Jersey and the bulk of its fans are in New Jersey it should have New Jersey in the team’s name. 

NEW MEXICO:  Hank Baskett

Analysis: Local boy Hank Baskett isn’t in the news anymore for his football career.

NEW YORK:  NFL memorabilia / Ray Rice costume / Buffalo Bills / “Any Given Sunday” (1999 film) / Rex Ryan tattoo / Black Monday / Joe Namath drunk / Eli Manning elite / Lawrence Taylor arrested

Analysis: Halloween was probably pretty uncomfortable in New York last year. 


NORTH CAROLINA:  What is cover 2? / Super Bowl party food / NFL domestic violence / hands team / strong take

Analysis: Nobody walks away hungry from a North Carolina Super Bowl party.  

NORTH DAKOTA:  Canadian Football League / Saskatchewan Roughriders / torn ACL

Analysis:  North Dakota is under Canadian mind control.

OHIO: NFL Draft / mock draft / Mel Kiper Jr. (NFL draft analyst) / Todd McShay (NFL draft analyst / NFL Scouting Combine / “Draft Day” (2014 film) / free agent / NFL free agents / free agent signing / Wonderlic sample / touchdown / Ickey Shuffle / football 101 / coaching tree

Analysis: With an eye on the draft and free agency it looks like Browns and Bengals fans are very unsatisfied with their current teams. 

OKLAHOMA:  “Varsity Blues” (1999 film) / The Boz / Brian Bosworth / gunslinger

Analysis:  Oklahoma could learn a lot from Texas’ football-themed searches. 

OREGON:  Chip Kelly / game manager / PAC-12 Conference

Analysis:  Why do you need to google the PAC-12 Conference when you own it?


PENNSYLVANIA:  Tim Tebow virgin / Rooney Rule / Polamalu hair / Sal Paolantonio (sports reporter) / Pro Bowl stats / “Ben Rothlisberger” (misspelled name) / Puppy Bowl / Immaculate Reception / Pete Rozelle / concussion symptoms / DeSean Jackson gang

Analysis:  Unnamed sources telling Sal Paolantonio that Tim Tebow has reached third base with a lady. 

RHODE ISLAND: Chris Berman (sportscaster) / Rob Gronkowski

Analysis:  Rhode Island residents dream of Chris Berman doing play-by-play of their night partying with Gronk on his party bus.  

SOUTH CAROLINA:  William “The Refrigerator” Perry / Montreal Alouettes

Analysis:  Go Alouettes?

SOUTH DAKOTA:  Jenn Sterger (the woman Brett Favre allegedly texted lewd photos to) / seven-layer dip

Analysis:  A better way to impress a woman is to send her a picture of your famous seven-layer dip, provided one of those layers is guacamole. 

TENNESSEE:  Jon Gruden / Tim Hasselbeck

Analysis:  Tennessee Titans fans are looking for experts to fix their quarterback conundrum. 

TEXAS:  Two-a-days / Jerry Jones photo / football prayer / “The Longest Yard” (1974 film) / “Necessary Roughness” (1991 film) / “Arli$$” (TV series) / elite quarterback / America’s Team / fumblerooski / football bloopers / football encyclopedia / shotgun formation / pistol formation / wishbone / Vince Lombardi quote

Analysis:  Looks like Texas has earned its reputation as the football heart of America.

UTAH:  Table football / Steve Young

Analysis: Not only did Steve Young play his college ball at Brigham Young University, but he’s also the great-great-great grandson of the Brigham Young. 

VERMONT:  “The Blind Side” (2009 film)

Analysis:  The best way to get Vermont interested in football is to include Sandra Bullock in it. 

VIRGINIA:  (nothing)

Analysis:  We found no football-related searches that Virginia was tops for.

WASHINGTON:  Crowd noise / Beast Mode / John Clayton (sports reporter) / Dave Dameshek (football analyst) / Richard Sherman / Super Bowl predictions / Skittles / B.C. Lions / Edmonton Eskimos / Calgary Stampeders / Super Bowl (tie w/ IN/CO) / Legion of Boom / Steve Largent hit (the one above where he blows up Mike Harden)

Analysis:  Most of America didn’t know Seattle had a pro football team until Richard Sherman yelled at them from the TVs, but the Seahawks are real. 


Analysis:  This might just be searches for an actual tailgate for the pickup. 

WISCONSIN:  Chicago Bears suck / interception / cut block / touchdown dance / fair catch / Frank Caliendo (comedian) / John Madden / Super Bowl hat / Fail Mary / New York bozo / What is a packer? / replacement refs / Al Michaels (sportscaster) / flea flicker / playoff predictions / NFL kickers / Wonderlic test

Analysis:  Not a lot of Bears fans in Wisconsin.


WYOMING:  Brett Kiesel

Analysis:  Not surprising the most incredible beard in pro football is from Wyoming. 

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U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Here’s What Each State Googles More Than Any Other

The Top U.S. Cities for Douchebags

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Last Chance To Fill Your Home With SkyMall Products

SkyMall Cover

Today brought the terrible news that in-flight catalog SkyMall has filed for bankruptcy. Not only does this ensure air travel is even more miserable, it also means it could be your last chance to stock up on yeti statues and electronic head massagers. If you don’t own a home yet (you can find one on Estately) you can always rent a storage unit to keep these items until you do buy a home (using Estately). Here are a few of our most favorite SkyMall items…

The Abominable Snowman Yeti



Armadillo Beverage Holder



King Tut Life-Sized Cabinet  — $949.00


Authentic Replica British Telephone Booth — $2,250.00


Davy Jones’ Treasure Chest — $549.00


Pierogi Ornament



Squirrel Tree Climber Sculpture



Night Glow Toilet Seat



NFL Mini Garden Tailgate Set



Zombie of Montclaire Moors



Easter Island Monolith Statues



Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar



Umbra Fish Hotel Fish Bowl






Here’s what each state Googled more than any other in 2014

States most/least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

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Which States Are Home To More Seahawks Or Patriots Fans?


Super Bowl XLIX will come down to the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Obviously, the majority of football fans in Washington state and Massachusetts will be rooting for their home teams, but what about the other 48 states?

Here at Estately we were curious about whether the other states had more Seahawks or Patriots fans. Since such information isn’t available in the U.S. Census we turned to Facebook data. By crunching the numbers of those who show an interest in each team on Facebook we were able to determine which states had more people who liked the Seahawks and which liked the Patriots. Overall, there are 28% more Patriots fans than Seahawks fans, so Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin can honestly claim that most people are against them. Seahawks fans are most abundant in the Pacific Northwest, primarily Washington state, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. There are more Seahawks fans than Patriots fans in Montana, Hawaii, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Utah, and Minnesota. Patriots fans are thick in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. And for the rest of the remaining states, there’s definitely a higher number of Patriots fans than Seahawks fans.

And who knows? This information might be very useful for football fans trying to decide where to buy a home. And if not, we can at least guarantee that Estately.com and the Estately App will be incredibly useful to anyone trying to find a home.



Here’s what each state Googled more than any other in 2014

States most/least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

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Which Team Does Each State Want To Win The Super Bowl?


With just four teams left, the winner of Super Bowl XLIX will be the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, or the Seattle Seahawks. If you’re a fan of one of those teams then you’re giddy knowing you may see your team host the Lombardi Trophy soon. Those who root for teams whose seasons are over must turn their attention to planning their Super Bowl parties and trying to decide which team to cheer for.

Every fan has their personal preferences, but here at Estately we were curious if there were geographical trends when it came to which team people preferred. To determine what the most popular of the four teams left are in each state we turned to Facebook data. By crunching the numbers of those who show an interest in each team on Facebook we were able to determine the most popular team in each state. We learned Seahawks fans will find fellow football travelers throughout the Northwest, cheeseheads will find welcoming company in the Heartland and Southwest, Patriots fans will find sympathizers along the Eastern Seaboard and throughout much of the South, and the Colts will be cheered for in a narrow belt that parallels much of the Mississippi River.

And who knows? This information might be very useful for football fans trying to decide where to buy a home. And if not, we can at least guarantee that Estately.com and the Estately App will be incredibly useful to anyone trying to find a home.



Here’s what each state Googled more than any other in 2014

States most/least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

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Map of Washington State’s Cultural Differences


From the rain-soaked forests of the coast to the fertile, rolling hills of the Palouse, Washington state is a great place to live. However, choosing where in this great state to buy a home is a conundrum. Do you buy a pricy home in rapidly growing Seattle or Bellevue? Do you opt for less expensive real estate options in cities like Spokane or Tacoma? How about a cabin in the Methow Valley, a beach house at Ocean Shores or a dairy farm in Lynden? To help you choose your location Estately created this not-so-scientific map depicting the state’s cultural differences. Hope it helps!



23 reasons NOT to live in Seattle

Here’s what each state Googled more than any other in 2014

States most/least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

  |  Lists

29 Things to Know Before Making New Jersey Home


Did you know New Jersey is America’s #1 state to live and buy a home in? Needs some convincing? Read on to see why Garden State is the place for you to settle down, buy a home, and spawn the next generation of Super New Jerseyans.

Lots of eligible scientists looking for love


Looking to meet eligible scientists, but not having any luck? You could try online dating sites like Science Connection or you could just head to New Jersey, which is home to the highest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile in the world. Many of these science folks are single and looking to mingle.

You’ll never pump your own gas again


People in other states get out of their cars and pump their own gas like they’re Medieval serfs or something. In New Jersey, thanks to a state law, drivers relax in their vehicles while humble gas servants do the dirty work for them. Life in New Jersey is like living in the future, and it will definite be the first state people are issued jetpacks.

Jersey Devil far tougher than Bigfoot


Do you know why nobody ever sees Bigfoot in New Jersey? Because Bigfoot is terrified to go into the Pine Barrens for fear of bumping into the Jersey Devil, a creature so terrifying it makes Bigfoot look like a little old teddy bear.

Roller coasters galore


With 18 amusement parks within its borders New Jersey has the most per square mile of any U.S. state. That means roller coasters are plentiful and the salt water taffy is freshly made. New Jersey is basically a summer vacation every day of the year.

You can totally hang out at Medieval Times


Do you know what people do for fun in Massachusetts? They play checkers in their mothers’ basements and pound beers until they think they’ve transformed into mini Rob Gronkowskis? And aside from that they definitely don’t enjoy eating roasted meats while watching knights battle at Medieval Times like people in New Jersey do. Only eight states have Medieval Times locations so only eight states are blessed with the opportunity to watch epic battles of steel and steed from ringside seats. And great news—the New Jersey location is currently hiring.

Drunk drivers can’t have personalized license plates


If you have a D.U.I. you legally cannot get a personalized license plate in New Jersey. Also, the following license plate options have been previously rejected by the N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission so don’t even try:  AZZMAN, , BALLNN, BARF, BSWLKS, FATRBBT, FORPLAY, GOTPORK, GITSOME,  IAM469, JIHAD, OLDFART, PIMPN, POLICE, POOTIE, SHEMEAT, SOCRMOM, and URFNSLO.

New Jersey basically invented America

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Every state is American, but some states are more American than others. Is New Jersey the most American? It was the site of these very American firsts

  • First organized baseball game
  • First movie (developed by Thomas Edison)
  • First brewery
  • First drive-in theater
  • First phonograph
  • First professional basketball game
  • First intercollegiate football game (Rutgers vs. Princeton in 1869)
  • First organized baseball game
  • First solid body electric guitar

Lots of sports teams to choose from


New Jersey is split when it comes to favorite sports teams. Northern New Jersey generally roots for New York teams and southern New Jersey tends to prefer Philadelphia-based teams. So you’ll have a lot of options. You can even be like New Jersey’s Governor and root for the Dallas Cowboys even though that’s completely stupid.

Most popular state to live in

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Despite being the fourth smallest U.S. state New Jersey has the 11th largest population. With a whopping 1,185 residents per square mile it’s the most densely populate of any state which makes it the most popular state to live in. Sorry, Alaska.

Most Peruvian-Americans per capita

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Nearly one percent of New Jersey’s population are Peruvian-Americans, which is the highest percentage of any U.S. state. There are also 24 Peruvian restaurants and the Peruvian consulate with its borders. If you want to live in Peru, but can’t, then consider moving to New Jersey.

New Jersey is swimming in dollars


New Jersey’s median household income is a rocking $71,629, which is second only to Maryland. If you’re living in Pennsylvania or New York instead of New Jersey then you are leaving money on the table.

It’s America’s sugar mama


Part of being a New Jersey taxpayer is the pride/pain you’ll feel subsidizing America’s less affluent states. For every dollar the federal government receives in taxes from New Jersey it in turn spends just $0.61 on the Garden State, the least of any state. Compare that to New Mexico which received $2.03 for every dollar it’s taxed, or Mississippi’s $2.02.

Iconic bald men


A large percentage of America’s most iconic bald men hail from The Garden State. Despite a lack of functional hair follicles these men still found fame:  actors John Amos, James Gandolfini, Danny DeVito, Taye Diggs, John Travolta, Jason Alexander, Matt Servito, and Ed Harris, as well as NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris, performer Frank Sinatra, NFL coach Bruce Arians, and sportscaster Dick Vitale.

New Jersey’s wimps are moving to Oregon


According to the 2014 National Movers Study, more people are moving out of New Jersey than moving into it. The moving deficit was 65 percent outbound, which was the worst in the country. Where are people fleeing New Jersey for? Apparently Oregon, which had 66% of all moves going inbound. However, this modern-day Oregon Trail is surely a fad, and once those traitors have drank their fill of Oregon’s craft beers and cold-brewed coffee they’ll shave their beards and come crawling back to New Jersey because Oregon has the fifth highest unemployment rate.

New Jersey is for surfers


It may not seem like a surf destination, but New Jersey has plenty of surfable breaks and a fraction of the shark attacks that Hawaii or Florida have.

#1 in superhero creation (toxic waste dumps)


If you’re an aspiring superhero you’ll no doubt be drawn to New Jersey and its three nuclear power plants and plethora of Superfund sites (most in the country). Experts will tell you exposure to radiation and toxic chemics  won’t give you super powers, but it worked for Spiderman and the The Incredible Hulk, right?

Up all night to eat breakfast


In many states people love “brunch,” which is just what people in New York City call an overpriced breakfast you have to wait in line for. New Jersey is the anti-brunch state because it’s packed to the gills with the highest concentration of 24-hour diners in the country. Basically, you can have breakfast any hour of the day all across the state because New Jersey is awesome.

It’s got that Napoleon connection


The state was once home to Joseph Bonaparte, the older brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. He arrived in America after fleeing Europe with nothing but his man servant and a suitcase full of jewels. Accustomed to the finest luxuries, Joseph chose to settle in New Jersey and build a palace. He took at least one mistress. He hung out with John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay. He seemed to get on well with the neighbors. Then he moved to Italy and died. That’s why you don’t leave New Jersey.

Surprisingly few douchebags


Haters like to say New Jersey is full of douchebags, but the numbers don’t back that up. A recent Estately study ranked the 100 largest cities from 1-100 based on each state’s general douchebaggery and New Jersey’s two largest cities ranked near the bottom of the list (Newark 65th / Jersey City 78th).

Lots of time to listen to podcasts


The mean travel time to work for New Jersey residents is 30.4 minutes, which is considerably higher than the national average of 25.5 minutes. On the upside, this probably means locals listen to more podcasts and books on tape so they’re more informed. Let’s go glass-is-half-full on this one.

New Jersey is steroids for your marriage


New Jersey has the lowest divorce rate in the country with just 8.6% of the population having been divorced. There are a variety of reason why this is…

  1. People marry later in life in New Jersey
  2. People who have a higher education earn more money and typically divorce less frequently
  3. Wives are nothing like the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”
  4. People from New Jersey are fantastic lovers

New Jersey makes it rain for new teachers


The starting salary for a public school teacher in New Jersey is $48,631—the highest in the country. That’s considerably more than in Montana where it’s just $27,274.

It’s not prepared for a zombie attack


New Jersey is widely considered a state you don’t want to mess with so it’s surprising how ill prepared it is for an attack by the living dead. The state ranked dead last in Estately’s zombie preparedness study, getting particularly low marks for laser tag skills (50th) and gun ownership (50th). On the other hand, maybe New Jersey is busy preparing for something far more dangerous than corpses moving in slow motion. Better think twice, aliens.

You can make lots of feline friends


Many people never get to have a pet cat. Some have landlords that don’t allow cats, while others live with someone who’s allergic to cats. In New Jersey, there are a large number of feral cats, particularly in Atlantic City where they live under the boardwalks along the seashore. You can go there and make friends with them. And if you’re really into the cats you can support Alley Cat Allies, which does lots of fine work on their behalf.

The Garden of Bruises State


Because New Jersey is one of the toughest states in the country it’s not surprising it’s home to five leagues within the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. If you choose to take up roller derby you’ll have to choose between one of these five leagues.Choose wisely.

Electoral preferences


New Jersey is considered a blue state overall, but it does have a large number of republicans. In the 2012 Presidential election the state voted 58.4% for Democrat Barack Obama and 40.6% for Republican Mitt Romney. However, nearly half the congressional delegation is Republican, as is the current Governor.

New Jersey crushes its enemies


New Jersey was a the center of much of the fighting during the Revolutionary War so it’s a place America’s enemies have a habit of getting beat in. Gen. George Washington wintered his troops twice in the state, and famously crossed the Delaware River in 1776 to surprise the British army’s Hessian mercenaries with a little made-in-America beat down.

Sense of humor is most attractive quality


Conditions in New Jersey are ideal for producing funny people. The top of the state’s comedic iceberg include Jason Alexander, Michael Ian Black, Lou Costello (of Abbot & Costello), Grace Helbig, Ernie Kovacs, Chelsea Handler, Jerry Lewis, Richard Lewis, Faizon Love, Marc Maron, Jay Mohr, Melissa Rauch, Jeffrey Ross, Michael Showalter, Jon Stewart, Flip Wilson, Robert Wuhl, and Bruce Vilanch.

New Jerseyans do it their way


Regardless of what other states might say, New Jersey doesn’t care. This is a state where people fill their front yard with giant giraffes and then list it for sale for over $3,000,000. New Jersey is a state where people take life head on, they eat it up and spit it out, face it all and stand tall, and, like Frank Sinatra, they do it their way. If you live there you can do it your way as well.

Check out New Jersey homes sale at Estately.com



Here’s what each state Googled more than any other in 2014

10 best state for Santa Claus to relocate to 

Here’s what each U.S. states New Year’s resolution should be

  |  Lists, Maps

Unique New Year’s Resolutions for Each U.S. State


2014 is in the rearview mirror and America is focussed on its 2015 New Year’s resolutions. While the country as a whole should resolve to download the Estately iPhone app for their next home search, there are a number of other unique resolutions each state should consider committing to as well…


The Heart of Dixie’s heart problems stem form having the highest cholesterol in the country, but in addition to lowering cholesterol Alabama should resolve to stop tweeting so much racist garbage—highest in the country.


Alaska is the last frontier, but it’s at the forefront of drunk driving (second most DUI arrests per capita). A good resolution would be to start using a designated driver, and a good question would be whether it’s still considered a DUI if drunk driver is operating a dog sled?


2015 needs to be the year Arizonans start going to the dentist. In 2013 only 59.3% of Arizona residents went to the dentist, the lowest rate in the country.


Arkansas has no shortage of room for improvement. The state is in the bottom five when it comes to obesity, smoking, heart disease, lack of exercise, going to the dentist, and cholesterol. Time for some serious diet and exercise, and that doesn’t mean going on the Atkins Diet, which is something Arkansas residents Google more than any other state.


All of America is concerned about California. The state is tops for car thefts, it Googles “Paris Hilton” more than any other state, and it’s running out of water. However, it also has the highest percentage of residents without a high school degree. It’s time for California to finish high school.


While marijuana may be getting all the press in Colorado the state is still the top user of cocaine in America. Hopefully this will be the year Coloradans stop cramming into bathroom stalls to snort lines.


This had better be the year Connecticut residents put away the Crock-Pot and step outside to barbecue like real Americans. The state is dead last in barbecue enthusiasm, which could be why 49 percent of residents would like to move to another state if they could—second highest in the country.


If you’ve been to Delaware you’ve probably noticed how crowded it is on mass transit. This isn’t because more people are moving to Delaware, it’s because residents there are increasing in circumference. The state is dead last when it comes to regular exercise, and it’s seen the largest increase in obesity of any state since 2000.


Over 57% of residents in our nation’s capital have never married, the highest in the country. It could be because it has a younger population, or it could be because D.C. has a reputation not being able to compromise.


Florida is tops for Google searches for locksmiths, so not losing one’s keys could be a good goal for 2015.


Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the country, so 2015 would be an ideal time to find a job.


According to RunKeeper, runners in Hawaii average 11:13 per mile, the slowest in the country. If runners there can shave a little over a minute off their time they can go from last place to first.


Idaho has the second-highest percentage of workers earning minimum wage or less. Finding a better-paying job would be a good goal for 2015, and so would paying your workers more.


Illinois is a fine state and Chicago is a first-class city, but residents of Illinois must think the grass is greener elsewhere because over 50% would move if they could. Could this be the year people vacate the Land of Lincoln for someplace new. Have you considered scenic Wisconsin?


Indiana is a respectable U.S. state without too many glaring flaws, but residents do gamble a lot in casinos—fifth most in America.


Bacon is one of the tastiest things on the planet, but Iowa’s enthusiasm for it goes beyond that of any other state. Iowa is the most bacon-obsessed state in the country, so maybe it’s time to dial that back a bit. Or maybe not. As far as vices go you could do a lot worse than bacon (see Colorado, Rhode Island…).


Kansas views more porn than any other U.S. state, which means Kansas views A LOT OF PORN.


The only state that smokes more than Kentucky is Arkansas, which is a smoldering ashtray of health woes. Quitting smoking would be a good goal for 2015, and so would not being the state that Googles “Miley Cyrus” the most.


Louisiana residents largely abstain from eating vegetables (2nd lowest), rank near the bottom in most health and wellness statistics, steal more than any other state (tops for larceny), and now have the lowest percentage of volunteerism in the country. That’s a tall order of self-improvement to be done, so maybe just start with a little volunteer work.


Maine could stand to waste less time watching cat videos at the office (most in America), but residents should be most concerned with their marriages. Maine now has the second-highest divorce rate in the country, trailing only Nevada. Marriage counseling isn’t as glamorous as a new gym membership, but it’s a lot cheaper than a divorce.


Look, for whatever reason Maryland residents do the most Google searches for “kickball league.” If reliving recess is your dream then just do it already. And once Maryland residents have done that they can focus their attention on practicing safe sex, which would do wonders to lower the state’s high rate of sexually transmitted infections.


If there’s one thing that unites Massachusetts residents it’s a fear of commitment. Nearly 36 percent of residents 15 and older have never been married. What are you all waiting for? How do you expect to catch up with Arkansas’ record for most residents who’ve been married three times or more?


Michigan Googled “Where do babies come from” more than any other state in 2014. Hopefully, Michigan figures out the truth in 2015, otherwise it’ll probably just believe whatever Ohio tells it.


Minnesota has been eating its vegetables, exercising, being nice to its neighbors, and overall just being a really good state. What can it do to improve? How about catching some of the 19 bank robbers currently on the loose—9th most in America.


Once merely considered “plump” or even “husky,” Mississippi is now simply considered fat. The most obese state in America needs to embrace diet and exercise, because right now it’s definitely that state that wears it’s T-shirt when swimming at the community pool.


The high rate of meth use in Missouri means there aren’t as many teeth to floss, but flossing is still good resolution for a state that ranks second-to-last when it comes to going to the dentist.


Montana has the fifth highest number of gun deaths (murder, suicide, accidental shootings) per capita of any state in America. Improved gun safety would be a worthy goal for 2015.


Any state that’s #1 for Google searches for “Cliff’s Notes” is not hitting the books hard enough. Even if it’s just a Danielle Steele novel to read on the toilet Nebraska needs to put it’s nose in a book.


Nevada residents do the most online searches for “tattoo removal,” which means it’s probably tops for getting lame tattoos. Maybe it’s time take a break from the ink.


The Granite State owns the distinction of giving the lowest percentage of income to charity, possibly because they spend their disposable income on beer (second most). If New Hampshire residents can just triple their charitable giving they could actually surpass teh most generous state of Mississippi.


Out of all 50 states, New Jersey is the least prepared to face a zombie apocalypse. Seriously. There’s science behind this. All New Jersey needs to do is catch up on zombie movies it missed, start exercising, play paintball, take martial arts classes, and ready themselves for an army of the undead. 2015 is going to be busy.


New Mexico leads the nation in accidental deaths (car crashes, poisonings, choking deaths, fatal falls, etc). For 2015, New Mexico just needs to try and be more careful.


New York City is known as “the city that never sleeps,” but that goes for New York State as well. The state had the third highest percentage of residents saying they sleep less than seven hours a night. We know we’re not New York State’s parents, but its bedtime needs to be moved up.


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration North Carolina has the highest percentage of people needing treatment for illicit drug use, but not receiving it. Are there organizations that allow crowd sourcing for someone drug rehab? If not someone needs to get on that.


North Dakota has the highest number of fatal occupational injuries per capita of any state. Maybe 2015 would be a good year to try and find a desk job.


Ohio has plenty of possible self-improvement projects it could work on, but if you ask most Ohio residents they’re resolved to simply beat Oregon in the College Football Playoff championship.


You know who doesn’t get any dessert? Oklahoma. Out of all 50 states it’s the one that doesn’t eat its vegetables. The state is ranked dead last when it comes to eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables four or more days per week.


Over 27 percent of Oregon residents say they have no religious identity, nearly four times more than Mississippi, the most religious state. Could this be the year Oregonians find religion? Or is this the year they stop abusing prescription drugs (most in the country)?


Most people have some sort of goal for 2015, but Pennsylvania might have the highest number who intend to learn to juggle. The state is tops for Googling “learn to juggle.”


Little Rhode Island came in first place on Estately’s list of states with the most immature men, but more concerning is that it has the highest number of regular drug users. Perhaps laying off the drugs will be the state’s resolution for 2015?


Ranking which state has the worst drivers is challenging, but South Carolina is at the front of the pack for fatal accidents resulting form speeding, drunk driving, and distracted driving. Resolving to drive better would be good for South Carolina.


It appears that in 2011 South Dakota residents apparently resolved to drink more beer and managed to increase their beer consumption by 3.1%, the fourth highest in the country. Given that the state has the third most DUI arrests per capita it might be time to ease up on that beer consumption.


Statistically speaking, there are a few hard truths about people in Tennessee. First, they hate fruit (lowest fruit consumption in America) and they love to fight (highest rate of aggravated assault). Maybe it’s a lack of fiber in the diet that’s making people so irritable.


When it comes to not having health insurance, Texas is absolutely killing it. A whopping 27 percent of Texans don’t have health insurance coverage, which is nearly 4.5 percent more than second-to-last-place Arkansas. Texas also had the second-lowest voter turnout in 2014. So lots of potential resolutions to choose from…


Is this year Utah residents finally make it to first base? The state leads the country in Google searches for “how to kiss” and maybe that’s why it also leads the country in searches for “clear search history.”


Vermont has the second-highest percentage of residents with visual/performing arts degrees, which is the lowest-paying college major in the country. Is this the year to rack up more student loan debt and get a degree with more earning power?


Virginia is a state that seems like it’s half in the north and half in the south, but when it comes to obesity it is definitely with the overweight Confederacy. Virginia’s obesity numbers increased 11 percent between 2000-2011, the third highest rate in the country. Maybe it’s time Virginians tried out healthy eating and regular exercise before they end up resembling their famed Virginia hams?


It’s embarrassing, but Washington residents don’t know how to ride a bike. They can operate a computer well enough to Google “how to ride a bike” more than any other state, but they’re apparently nervous about taking the training wheels off without further instruction.


When it comes to health problems that need to be corrected, West Virginia is an absolute dumpster fire. Here’s a list of things that should inspire West Virginians to get off the couch.

  1. Highest percentage of seniors with no natural teeth (36 percent)
  2. Highest percentage of adults who are obese (35.1 percent/tied with Mississippi)
  3. Last place for overall well-being (61.4 percent)
  4. Third-highest rate of diabetes (15.9 percent)
  5. Highest percentage of adults with heart disease (7.5 percent)
  6. Highest number of deaths from drugs (31.3 per 100,000)
  7. Highest percentage of smokers (27.3 percent)


When you’re already the top state for binge drinking there’s no reason to make “party harder” your New Year’s resolution, but this is Wisconsin we’re talking about.


Sadly, Wyoming has the most DUI arrests per capita of any U.S. state. Being drunk behind the wheel is wrong, but you know what a more socially acceptable place is to be drunk? It’s college. Wyoming has the most affordable college tuition in the country, yet only 24.7 percent of residents have college degrees.


U.S. States Most/Least Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Here’s What Each State Googles More Than Any Other