Estately Oregon: A Halloween Surprise


Oct 7

Real estate

Compare Portland to San Francisco to the south or Olympia to the north.

What is the address?

MLS Number Virtually every property outside of Oregon on Estately has addresses (879 35th Ave San Francisco, CA) whereas Portland listings don’t (#8096660 Laurelhurst, Portland, OR). What the heck is #8096660? It’s the only unique identifier we are permitted to show: the MLS number.

When we started Estately, we went to the MLS because we couldn’t imagine creating a site that was missing homes for sale or a site with incomplete information about homes for sale.

We think we’ve nailed it in every market we’re in – we have way more photos and up-to-date information than any non MLS site (although we realize we are still imperfect at times). But having listings in Oregon with no addresses really annoys us – it means that non-MLS sites are sometimes more useful, at least when they have the listing on their site.

MLSes Are Opening Up

When we launched, we were also told by competitors that the MLS had so many constricting rules that it was insane to use it as the underpinnings for a real estate search site. They also predicted that they would quickly march to victory over the MLS (and would be greeted as liberators by consumers). But as we expand, we’re seeing MLSes slowly open up – freeing the data from the inside.

Some MLS rules are still mind-numbingly stupid, but the MLSes are staying relevant by adapting and opening up. More information is good for consumers, being the definitive source for homes for sale is good for Estately and every other brokerage in Oregon that has a listings search site.


I’m glad to announce that we have just learned that the RMLS technology board has voted to lift the ban on showing addresses. On Halloween night, we will roll out addresses on over 34,000 Western Oregon homes and condos!

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