Hello Philadelphia!


Jun 27

Real estate

A theorem:
If it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Then like the British Empire, Estately can claim that the sun never sets on our empire (we just went live!)

Here at Estately we’re really quite proud to announce our latest expansion to the Philadelphia metropolitan region that covers 14 counties, including parts of Delaware and New Jersey.

A couple of pieces of trivia you might not know about Philadelphia:

  • Philadelphia has more public art than any other city. While you might argue art is in the eye of the beholder and that no city could actually hold a record like this it, the bronze cast Rocky statue begs to differ with you.
  • It’s known as the “city of firsts” because so many of the country’s firsts happened there. The tradition carries on today: Philadelphia is home to more “First!” blog commenters than any other city in America.
  • In what seems like a fateful combination of factors, it is the fifth most walkable city in America AND, due to government restrictions on liquor license, home to dozens of BYOB restaurants, making eating out and drinking a little too much cheaper and safer than anywhere else in the nation.
  • Philadelphia is also home to closely watched nesting urban hawks. Yes, you can watch them live on camera, but the truly dedicated buy a home one block away on Woodstock or Race Street (three currently available).

The Philly blogs we are reading:

As a Seattleite, there is nothing worse than a “it rains there and you’re all like Frasier” comment. I can’t speak for Philadelphians, but I would be much prouder of It’s Always Sunny and Cheesesteaks. So Philadelphia, the Estately team raises an honorary cheesesteak to you (thank you Tat’s!).

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