A Woman’s Place Is In Her Own Ma’am Cave

Ryan Nickum

Oct 9

Unique Homes

Ladies In The Place With Style And Grace Demand Their Own Space

Ever since men retreated to their boys-only man caves to bask in the masculine glory of televised sports, flat beer and flatulence, women have been inspired to create a room of their own.

While man cave advocates argue they need their own space because women control the decor of the entire house, women respond by stating this is absolutely ludicrous. Unwilling to accept the laundry room or kitchen as their gender’s designated area, women have decided to lay claim to some territory of their own to create “woman caves.” After all, if a woman’s place is in the home then at a minimum there should be some space that’s actually how she wants it.

A tour of the world wide web doesn’t turn up too many photos of actual woman caves, but home renovation experts say they are on the rise. Those that do exist tend to fall into one of these categories…

  • A craft, art or sewing room where women can work on projects uninterrupted.
  • A quiet room to read or host book clubs (insert predictable 50 Shades of Grey joke here).
  • A comfortable room with feminine decor to sip wine, eat bon bons and watch Bridget Jones’s Diary over and over.
  • A stark, empty cell with weights, a yoga mat, punching bag and a frozen margarita machine.
  • A Pinterest board posing as a digital and inspirational hope chest

Whether for solitude or same gender socializing, a woman cave has the potential to be anything a woman may want it to be. It can be a quiet retreat to escape the household mayhem, or it can be a girls-only clubhouse where the wine flows like Niagara Falls and nobody interrupts your chick flick to say the game is on. The woman cave movement is in its infancy so who knows what yet may come.  However, before women can truly lay claim to their private space, they’ll need to decide on what they want to call it, since “woman cave” sounds like a lame carbon copy afterthought.


13 Alternatives to “Woman Cave”


Man Cave + Ma’am Cave = Happy Home for Everyone

While the separate-but-equal spaces seems like cause for alarm for relationships, Psychiatrist and author Scott Haltzman has lauded these personal spaces as ways to maintain a harmonious marriage. By carving out an individual retreat for each person, the study found resentments waned and conflicts over shared space were reduced. Plus, if women are not provided a space of their own, they’ve shown they’ll begin using these man caves for their own purposes. Many a man cave has been the site of a weekly book club or girls’ movie night.

It’s too soon to tell whether these gender-exclusive caves will be the savior of relationships, but they’ll have to do until someone invents a smart toilet seat that automatically puts itself in the correct position after use.

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