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Should Bare Walls Be Covered With Colorful Murals?

Ever since early caveman days, humans have longed to decorate bare walls with their own paintings. However, wall decor commemorating an exceptional antelope hunt no longer pleases modern interior designers, but is it a better alternative to stark, white walls? You be the judge using these photos of wall murals collected from Estately’s real estate listings.


Click image to view this San Francisco home.

The dining room in the Hellman Mansion, one of San Francisco's most distinguished, historical residences.


Click image to view this $34,800,000 Malibu home.

The ghost of Hollywood's elite have moved onto a better place—this wall.


Click image to view this Highland Park, IL home.

Only a pro ping pong player could fend off this mural's artistic distraction.


Click image to view this Newport Beach, CA home.

It takes some time to pass the salt at a table designed for 32.


Click image to view this Chicago condo.

This one's going out to all the ladies on the wall that are thin and tall.


Click image to view this Lake Forest, IL home.

A walk down memory lane if your memories are of colonial India?


Click the image to view this Beverly Hills home.

This is just one of the murals that graces the walls of the Ernest Borgnine estate.


Click image to view this Diamond Bar, CA home.

Wild horses and clouds and cherubs, oh my!


Click image to view this Manhattan Beach, CA home.

It's always spring in the dining room of this $8 million home.


Click image to view this Highland Park, IL home.

Increase your lap-swim time with the motivating presence of hungry orcas.


Click image to view this Washington, DC home.

This circus-themed basement bar comes with matching mural, but where does the door lead?


Click image to view this Sunny Isles Beach, FL home.

Warning: Intricate ceiling murals can cause of neck strain.


Click image to view this Newport Beach, CA home.

Climbing the stairs is a little like walking into a pastural upper floor.


Click image to view this Chicago home.

The rumor that Waldo is hiding somewhere in this mural is false.


Click the image to view this Anaheim, CA home.

And you're climbing the stairway to... the second floor, but it looks like a mountain.


Click image to view this Studio City, CA home.

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam... on the wall.

Murals and frescoes appear less frequently today than they did in ancient Greece, but they definitely make a home stand out. Those included in the collection above are hand painted, but there are plenty of other options that offer a similar look. Wallpaper murals allow photos to be blown up to cover entire walls or ceilings. There are dozens of sites peddling inexpensive wall decals to add color to a home’s interior. Your home may even have its own mural hiding somewhere behind a layer of wallpaper or a false wall.

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