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The 21 Most Adorable and Absurd Doghouses

Back in Rin Tin Tin‘s day, dogs lived in the backyard chained to a tree, grateful for any crudely built shelter that protected them from the elements. But now simple doghouses have morphed into designer dens and puppy palaces, and even become a multimillion dollar industry. Here are 21 of the most stylish and ridiculous doghouses in existence…


Pooch-Sized Camper

If you think this is adorable you should see it when it's being towed around like a dogsled by a pack of squirrels in red sweaters.

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Studded Leather Doghouse

Perfect for bad, bad, bad dogs, this studded leather doghouse is 50 shades of adorable, right?

princess house

Princess Castle for Pooch

If it keeps her from shedding on the sofa then go ahead and declare Muffy a princess, buy her a castle and be done with it.


Rock Doghouse

In addition to sharp teeth, Roscoe's greatest weapons in his war against the United States Postal Service is a camouflaged doghouse and the element of surprise.


Salvage Doghouse

The beauty of this unattractive dog house is it's cheap and dogs don't know the difference because they're dogs. Also, this is really a chicken coop, but whatever.


Frank Lloyd Wright's Doghouse

The Historical Preservation Society makes a real fuss every time Fido makes a whoopsie on the floor of this famous doghouse.


Doghouse With Green Roof

Worry about the solar powered Frisbee thrower and homeopathic flea and tick repellant later. Al Gore will still be impressed with the green roof.


Wine Barrel Doghouse

Staying conscious and upright is hard when you live in a wine barrel.


Paris Hilton's Doghouse

$325,000 doghouse for her mini dogs Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajulu, Dolce and Prada because, yeah, that makes sense.

Hershey Kiss House

Ceramic Doghouse

Ever have one of those days when you just want to put a movie on, pour a glass of wine and curl up inside a Hershey's Kiss? So do pitbulls.

Snapshot 11:15:12 12:20 PM

Notre Palais Doghouse

The next time your miniature poodle drags a dead bird in the house, let her snack on it in the privacy of this luxurious dog palace.


Magis Dog House

Like living in an extremely chic, modern traffic cone.


$20,000 Victorian Dog Mansion

Worst house in the neighborhood to trick-or-treat at.


Split Bamboo Deck on a Doghouse

You've endured great hardship to reach Zen master Buddy's reclusive dwelling, but before he reveals the universe's true nature you must first rub his belly.


Doghouse With Removable Top

You can pop the top on this stylish doghouse for easy cleaning or to punk your hound on a rainy day.

mongolian tent

Mongolian Palace Tent

After a long day rampaging across the backyard, it's nice for Mr. Pebbles to withdraw to his cozy tent.


Dog House

Whoooaaah! Prepare to have your mind blown because this is literally a "dog house," but people live in it. Marinate on that for a while.


Modern Cube Doghouse

When the first wild dog dug a hole to make a den it probably never dreamt dogs would evolve to the point where German architects would do the work for them.


Oil Drum Doghouse

This dog's grandpuppies are going to really tire of the story, "Back when I was a young hound I lived in an old oil drum..."

husky doghouse

Two Story Doghouse

Gary finally had the home of his dreams, but still had no dog to share it with. That day, he committed to stop chasing skunks and rolling in dead things.


Sofa With Built-In Doghouse

95% of dogs surveyed prefer a spot on the sofa to their own doghouse. This might just be the best compromise.

Before the era of deluxe doghouses, the world was a simple place where dogs chewed on bones and fetched the paper. That all changed though. One of the first dogs to be treated to a cozy dog house was Snoopy from the Peanuts comic series. He showed his appreciation by rudely sleeping atop his house, ignoring the cozy confines below. This attitude proved contagious and it wasn’t long before celebrity dogs turned the pet world completely upside down. Bud Lite spokesdog Spuds McKenzie arrived on TV and pretty soon dogs were wearing sunglasses, partying with bikini-clad ladies and cracking open bottles of light beer. An audacious talking Chihuahua had the nerve to demand fast food tacos. And we won’t even mention the things Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has threatened to do to people and inanimate objects.

Despite these celebrity dogs leading some impressionable hounds astray, most dogs still long for little more than a spot on the couch instead of fancy doghouse. While most outright refuse to fetch slippers, a good dog is probably content with a patch of carpet or a corner of the bed. But for those who insist on a designer doghouse, their dogs will probably appease them by curling up inside to dream of fat, slow squirrels, just like they did when they were wild and lived under the stars.

While dogs have increasingly moved indoors, there are still plenty of American homes that have outdoor doghouses. Strangely, while housepets routinely appear in Estately’s real estate listing photos, the appearance of doghouses is far less frequent. High-end indoor doghouses occasionally appear in wealthier neighborhoods in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but almost never in Miami or Washington, DC. Outdoor doghouses are sighted more frequently in less urban areas where there are usually larger yards.

With business booming for all things related to dogs, the stylish doghouse trend is destined to continue. There’s even a site called Architecture for Dogs that’s launching on November 15, 2012. The Frank Gehry of doghouse design could soon be discovered and who knows what other wonders or absurdities may come?

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