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19 Holiday Home Decoration Disasters to Avoid

Decorating for the holidays is one of the paramount responsibilities of any American homeowner. Be careful though, the world of holiday home decor is fraught with peril. Here are 19 holiday-themed home decorations you should never buy…

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Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug Set

He knows when you've been bad or good, or if you left the seat up, or didn't wash your hands after using the bathroom... Basically, he's just watching you the whole time you're in the bathroom.

bottle sweater

Sweater Bottle Bag

Drinking out of a paper bag is tacky, but this seasonal bottle sweater lets you drink in public with class. Makes a great gift for that hard-to-shop-for street alcoholic.


Just one of the many stunning items from the Tanya Harding Holiday Apology Collection.

gold tree

Gold Tinsel Holiday Tree

This is the absolute most perfect Christmas tree if you happen to live in a strip club.

santa dogs

Santa + Puppies Figurine Set

You'd think Santa could watch something as innocent as two puppies rolling around in a bowl of cupcake batter without getting that lecherous look on his face.

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Dreidel Ornament

For those confused by religious traditions, Hanukkah is not usually celebrated by hanging ornaments on a tree. That's Christmas. But, points for being inclusive?

santa apron

Santa Suit Apron

Perfect for those who want to tell that special someone "Your belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly now what's for dinner?"


Christmas Clothesline

Ease the disappointment of not getting the domestic worker on your list the washer and dryer they asked for with these seasonal clothespins.


Crocheted Teapot Cozy

You can pretend all you want that your cats picked this out for you, but everyone knows you bought it for yourself.

reindeer pelt

Faux Fur Tree Skirt

Imagine the look on the Children's faces when they run downstairs on Christmas morning to discover one of Santa's reindeer was skinned to make this decorative tree skirt.


Santa Hanging from Gutter

What a great way to tell the neighbors what a fun person you are! Maybe this will help them forget how you pretended you weren't home on Halloween to avoid trick-or-treaters.


Nautical Shell Wreath

You know how the holiday decorations stored in the attic have a strange, musty odor? Well, just you wait...

cork wreath

Wreath Cork Cage

Advertised as the "perfect gift for the wine lovers in your life," it's also the most passive aggressive way to tell someone they have a drinking problem.

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Santa Recliner

Designed for those that want the experience of sitting on Santa's lap, but whose personal space issues make actual human contact impossible.

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Cozy Christmas Scene Setter

Santa can only enter the home through the chimney, but if you don't have one you can put up this poster and Santa will bust through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man.

cookie fridge

Gingerbread Man Refrigerator Cover

Wait, you haven't decorated the fridge yet? What are you the living embodiment of Bah Humbug?


Angel Wings?

This decorative item is advertised as "ruffled angel wings," but anyone with a basic understanding of human anatomy knows these are decorative lungs.


"Christmas Village"

It's pitched as a "Christmas village" dotted with little concrete homes, but it's obviously a cemetery filled with oversized headstones.

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You thought that Santa at the mall was scary?

Wait, is Santa Claus a gremlin or Yoda? It's hard to tell.

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    A great selection of bad holiday decor!  I don’t know what is worse the chimney poster or the yoda santa!