23 Dogs Photobombing Real Estate Listings

Ryan Nickum

Jan 29

Real estate

Everyone’s looking for a competitive edge in the real estate business, even if that means relying on some four-legged friends to get that home a little more attention. House shoppers may be turned off by laminate floors or outdated appliances, but only the most heartless (or allergic) can turn away from an adorable hound. So here are the real estate listing photos of 23 homes featuring pooches hamming it up for the camera. Just click the images to view more photos of each house.

1) Philadelphia, PA—$1,945,000


2) Oxford, MD—$6,000,000


3) Beverly Hills, CA—$2,195,000


4) Pasadena, CA—$1,495,000


5) Los Angeles, CA—$530,000 (Sold)

Snapshot 1:29:13 2:00 PM

6) Bethesda, MD—$1,995,000


7) Marietta, GA—$275,000


8) Atlanta, GA—$345,000


9) Yorba Linda, CA—$749,000


10) Los Angeles, CA—$26,000,000

Snapshot 1:29:13 2:08 PM

11) Frazier Park, CA—$825,000



12) San Clemente, CA—$800,000


13) Santa Fe, CA—$2,195,000


14) Philadelphia, PA—$74,900


15) Decatur, TX—$1,495,000


16) Washington, DC—$599,900


17) Atlanta, GA—$1,169,000


18) Washington, DC—$1,355,777


19) Chicago, IL—$59,900


20) Red Bluff, CA—$750,000


21) Canyon Country, CA—$619,000

Snapshot 1:29:13 2:37 PM


22) Oceanside, CA—$2,250,000


23) Studio City, CA—$1,390,000

Snapshot 1:29:13 2:33 PM

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