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8 American Homes With Exceptional Bowling Alleys


When President Obama returns to the White House for his second term, he’ll have plenty of problems to deal with. First among them will be breaking up Vice President Joe Biden’s raucous 2nd Inauguration Day Kegger and Hot Pocket Feast in the White House bowling alley. It’s become a tradition. However, parties in the basement bowling alley aren’t unique to presidents with boisterous VPs, but also for anyone who owns a home with a bowling alley. If that sounds like fun you could spend $75,000—$336,000 to install one in your home, or just shell out a few million to buy one of these homes for sale that come with one built in…

1) Beverly Hills, CA$25,580,000


Snapshot 1:21:13 1:44 PM


2) Pasadena, CA$6,400,000


Snapshot 1:21:13 1:47 PM


3) Rancho Santa Fe, CA$22,500,000


Snapshot 1:21:13 1:50 PM


4) Moorestown, NJ$6,300,000


Snapshot 1:21:13 1:51 PM


5) Longwood, FL$5,500,000


Snapshot 1:21:13 1:52 PM


6) Hinsdale, IL$4,900,000




7) Dalworthington Gardens, TX$5,000,000




8) Philadelphia, PA$2,970,000


Snapshot 1:21:13 1:53 PM


Richard Nixon stares down the lane…



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  • Dkkong123

    why are all the bowling balls displayed lame house balls ? If I had one of these babies id have everysingle storm bowling ball ever made fitted to my hand and put on the racks 😀

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  • John Millen

    Eddie Murphy’s former home In Englewood, NJ (Bubble HIll) had an awesome 2 lane center In his basement that would rival most of the others I saw above. I know because I would bring my mechanic there to service the machines the past 2 years. Sorry, I dont have any pics because out of privacy for Mr. Murphy I never took any.
    Eddie loved to bowl with friends although he wasn’t very good at It and he never oiled the lanes. lol

  • Ryan_Estately

    Thanks, John! What a cool story.

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  • Agust

    So TRUE!!! I would just go insane bowling all day long!

  • Rick

    I bet the people that own these lanes have no idea how to bowl. Also, how does one oil the lanes? Surely they don’t own a kegel machine. Do they use a mop or do they just go without?