9 Homes For Sale That Include A Church Or Chapel

Ryan Nickum

Jan 31

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For millions of devout Christians looking to buy a home, proximity to their preferred place of worship is of the upmost importance. One pricey solution is to buy a home that comes with its own church or chapel, making church attendance incredibly convenient. Here are nine homes for sale that include a chapel or church on the property…

1) Easton, MD—$3,150,000

This chapel comes with its own riverside plantation estate, a pier with boat dock, and plenty more. View more photos of the estate here.


2) Mt. Sinai, NY—$1,299,000

Great water view and loads of amenities. View this sprawling property’s many buildings and amenities here.

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3) Somers, CT—$1,299,900

Sometimes a small chapel just isn’t enough. For ministers who’d prefer for their flocks come to them, this estate offers plenty of space for parishioners, as well as a significant reduction in commute time. In addition, it also offers a large party barn, scenic vistas, a koi pond, and more. View photos of the entire estate here.

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4) Moorestown, NJ—$2,999,999

For even greater convenience, this property comes with a chapel in the house, as well a tiny chapel located across the yard. The home itself features numerous stain glass windows, a large pool, sizable guest house, and numerous garages. View more photos of the property here.



5) Gloucester, MA—$515,000

Purchase of the “Little Chapel” includes an eclectic Arts & Crafts home, and proximity to golfing and the beach. View more photos of the property here.


6) Magalia, CA—$599,000

This little, white chapel is adorable on its own, but it comes packaged with a variety of other buildings to make up a miniature Old West town. Conveniently located across from the saloon, the chapel also comes with a jail, assay office, and a full-sized log home. View photos of the entire miniature town here.


7) Thousand Oaks, CA—$19,950,000

The Villa dei Fiore is 24-acre estate with its own private chapel, as well as a contemporary Italian home, extensive gardens, aviaries and stables, and an entertainment pavilion. View photos of the entire property here.



8) Tacoma, WA—$5,400,000

Once the home of wealthy timber family, this Jacobethan mansion not only has a sizable chapel, but also a pipe organ, education building with commercial kitchen, spectacular views, and landscaping designed by the the Olmsted Brothers of New York’s Central Park fame. View photos of the entire compound here.



9) Fairfax, VA—$849,888

This adorable chapel completely eliminates the separation of church and home because it was previously converted into a residence. View photos of this conversion here.


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