6 Homes Inspired By Hollywood Films

Ryan Nickum

Feb 27

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Well, not this one. This one was really in a movie and nobody aspires to own a home that gets sucked up by a tornado, but keep reading…



Some people collect movie memorabilia to decorate their home with, while others take it further by converting entire rooms in honor of their favorite films. Whether it’s a Harry Potter-inspired room under the stairs or an entire ghost town in the backyard, Americans love to incorporate movies into their homes. Not convinced? Perhaps these six homes featuring a tribute to an American films will convince  you. Also, they’re for sale. You can buy them, but they are expensive.


1) THE WIZARD OF OZ:  Laguna Beach, CA—$4,699,000—To view the entire home click HERE.

Featuring an Emerald City mural in the background and carpet emblazoned with a yellow brick road, this Oz-themed room even has a Tin Man hidden behind the curtain. Trust us. In addition to this home, Estately has the listing for a home owned by Bert Lahr, who played the lion in The Wizard of Oz (view it here), and another home once owned by the family of L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz (view it here). We do not have the real estate listing for James Franco, nor any homes based on Oz the Great and Powerful, which will be in theaters soon.


2) BATMAN:  Santa Fe, CA—$3,795,000—View the entire home HERE

This award-winning media room pays tribute to Gotham’s hero, a theme that’s not uncommon in the home theater world. There are others out there, including this spectacular one by Elite Home Theater Seating and a $2 million one in Greenwich, Connecticut. Batman is kind of a big thing in home decor.


3)  FLINTSTONES:  Malibu, CA—$3,250,000—View the entire Flintstone-themed compound HERE

This mountaintop retreat belonged to the late Dick Clark, and it’s one of the most frequently viewed real estate listings on the internet. The Malibu, California home has been listed on Estately’s site for over a year, but has yet to find a buyer. But just imagine yourself eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles while watching Dino snooze by the fire as the sun sets over the Pacific. Nice, huh? Do you have $3.25 million? No? Let’s move on…



4)  PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  Duluth, GA—$994,950—View the entire home HERE

It’s not hard to guess who has the most popular pool parties in this neighborhood. However, this pool is in close competition with this awesome home theater reproduction of Pirates of the Caribbean.


5) THE DARK KNIGHT(BATMAN #2):  Hinsdale, IL—$2,550,000—View the more Bruce Wayne-like portion of the home HERE

Look, Batman is a popular theme, but if the owners of this home had received a dollar for every article written about their bat pool they’d be close to reaching the $2,550,000 asking price. Still, the bat pool is awesome and if there’s a person out their with the Joker-themed pool they need to come forward.


6) GONE WITH THE WIND:  Newport Beach, CA—$16,900,000—View the rest of this massive compound HERE

The home of philanthropists John and Donna Crean was inspired by the Southern plantation home Tara, from the movie Gone with the Wind. This house is massive and loaded with amenities.


These homes are all impressive, but it’s understandable you’re disappointed this list doesn’t include a cavernous home with a Fraggle Rock theme, a converted tractor trailer in honor of Over The Top, or an underwater castle inspired by The Little Mermaid. And if that’s too much to ask we’d at least like to see the house from The Goonies go back on the market.

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