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9 Horses Detected In American Home Decor


While most of the recent press about horses regards their meat ending up in IKEA’s meatballs, horses have recently been discovered in other, more pleasant places. Any house hunter in search of a luxury home has noticed the recent trend of horse-themed artwork in pricy houses on the market. Artistic depictions of horses are nothing new, and can be found as far back as the first humble cave dwellings of early humans. And horse posters have always made popular wall art for pre-teen girls, but horses are increasingly popular in modern art. From Los Angeles to Houston and Boston to Seattle, artwork depicting horses seems to be increasingly in vogue in modern, contemporary homes.

Here are nine luxury homes featuring horse-themed art that are currently for sale.

1. Atlanta, GA—$3,995,000—View more photos of the home HERE.


2. Hidden Hills, CA—$7,500,000—View more photos of the home HERE.


3. Los Altos Hills, CA—$7,000,000—View more photos of the home HERE.

Snapshot 2:26:13 2:25 PM

4. Houston, TX—$1,425,000—View more photos of the home HERE.


5. Atlanta, GA—$1,099,000—View more photos of the home HERE.


6. Los Angeles, CA—$1,399,000—View more photos of the home HERE.

Snapshot 2:26:13 2:29 PM

7. Argyle, TX—$11,000,000—View more photos of the home HERE.


8. San Francisco, CA—$5,995,000—View more photos of the home HERE.


9. Atlanta, GA—$2,995,000—View more photos of the home HERE.


Aside from being an ingredient in its meatballs, horses don’t appear in any of IKEA’s home decor items, unless you count this zebra picture (PJÄTTERYD).

Snapshot 2:26:13 2:44 PM

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    i count 11 horses.

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