Palm Springs: The Epicenter Of Mid-Century Modern

Ryan Nickum

Feb 15

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For enthusiasts of mid-century modern homes, decor, and culture, the annual Modernism Week is the celebration of the year. The 11-day event is held in the desert resort town of Palm Springs, California, a mecca for those who love mid-century modern masterpieces.

Revered for their simplicity, open floor plan, and integration of the inside with the outside, mid-century modern homes have a timelessness to them that ensures fans in every generation. This week thousands of the era’s enthusiasts will gather for home tours, architectural lectures, and plenty of cocktails, but for those who want to take their appreciation to the next level there is also the opportunity to buy on of these iconic homes.

Below is a collection of 13 mid-century modern homes currently for sale in Palm Springs, including a handful designed by some of the most famous architects and builders of the era.

1) 495 North Burton Way Palm Springs, CA—$748,000—View all the photos HERE

This mid-century stunner features natural cork floors, a deeply coved woggle ceiling, an angular fireplace, sunken bar, and other period features. There’s an open house for this modern ranch home on Saturday, Feb. 16, 11am-4pm (details).



2) 7 Cody Court Ranch Mirage, CA—$785,500—View all the photos HERE

Designed by William Cody and built in 1969, this historic home lies just across the 10th fairway from the Frank Sinatra compound. It features a sunken living room, wet bar, white quartz fireplace, and private patios off each bedroom.




3) 675 East Racquet Club Road Palm Springs, CA—$335,000—View all the photos HERE

This eclectic, remodeled Alexander has a stunning interior, boomerang-shaped pool, and mountain views.



4) 810 North Rose Avenue Palm Springs, CA—$899,000—View all the photos HERE

This updated Alexander has multiple sets of French doors, a huge pool, and oversized lanai.



5) 2696 North Starr Road Palm Springs, CA—$549,000—View all the photos HERE

Designed by William Krisel and built by Alexander Construction Company, this home features a butterfly roof, original block fireplace, and sliding-glass doors that blend indoor and outdoor space.



6) 71382 Biskra Road Rancho Mirage, CA—$499,000—View all the photos HERE

Built in 1961, this home features plenty of light, sliding-glass doors, and a pool with a tanning shelf.



7) 260 North Airlane Drive Palm Springs, CA—$619,000—View all the photos HERE

Built in 1958, this Alexander home features post and beam construction, a detached guest room, and mountain views.



8) 2482 South Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA—$375,000—View all the photos HERE

Designed by Palmer & Krisel, this 1963-built home has soaring 10-foot ceilings, clerestory windows, and classic details of the era.



9) 2303 East Hildy Lane Palm Springs, CA—$510,000—View all the photos HERE

Designed by Hugh Kaptur and built in 1960, this mid-century modern home features a gentle butterfly roof, rock walls, and lots of natural light.


10) 1766 South Arably Drive Palm Springs, CA—$299,000—View all the photos HERE

Designed by Barry Berkus in 1961, this home features a distinctive folded-plate roofline  that sets it apart.



11) 230 West Lilliana Drive Palm Springs, CA—$2,185,000—View all the photos HERE

Built in 1954, the Lilliana Gardens Glass House is one of the first two private residences Donald Wexler and Ric Harrison ever created together.



12) 319 Westlake Terrace Palm Springs, CA—$315,000—View all the photos HERE

Designed by Ric Harrison in 1966, this home offers 10-foot ceilings, skylights, and colorful designer treatments.



13) 265 North Sunset Way Palm Springs, CA—$527,500—View all the photos HERE

This Meiselman mid-century modern offers mountain views, a salt water pool,  and serene courtyard.



Palm Springs Modernism Week takes place February 14-24, 2013. Visit their website for more information:

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