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10 Facts About Chuck Norris’ Home For Sale

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Want to buy a home that criminals will think twice about breaking into? How about the Dallas home of the legendary Chuck Norris? The Mediterranean ranch-style home in the Northwood Hills neighborhood served as a studio for the filming of Walker, Texas Ranger, as well as the on-screen home of Norris’ character on the show. However, before you cough up the $1.2 million to buy it, here are some things you should know about the home.

10 Things You Should Know About Chuck Norris’ Dallas Home For Sale

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1. Chuck Norris doesn’t just hawk the Total Gym XLS Home Gym in infomercials, he actually has one in his fitness room. It could be your fitness room for $1.2 million.


2. There are shutters on the windows that Chuck Norris opens during storms so tornadoes and lightning will see him and flee.


3. The antlers on the wall are from animals he chased down on foot, as is the cheetah-print rug on the floor.


4. Chuck Norris may hunt alone, but he doesn’t shop alone. He bought this house with his brother Aaron Norris.



5. These two chairs used to be the same size, but one shrank in fear from continually sitting across from Chuck Norris.


6. Chuck Norris takes his meals in the pool because he simultaneously eats and swims. Chuck Norris fears nothing, not even closing costs.


7. Chuck Norris decorates his bathroom with ceramic flowers and nobody makes fun of him. Nobody.


8. Chuck Norris has a double-door entryway so there’s room for grizzly bears to enter, wrestle him, and limp out defeated.


9. Chuck Norris prefers baths to showers because the only thing he fears is getting his hair wet.


10. Chuck Norris knows when you feed his dog under the table because Chuck Norris has powerful senses and also because his dining room table is made of clear glass.


View the rest of Chuck Norris’ Dallas home on Estately HERE.

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  • Rod Ayers

    I tried to go by and see the house a few days ago, but I forgot I wasn’t as tough as Chuck Norris and lost several fingers to the packs of wild dogs that patrol the kitchen hallway.

  • Scott Abfalter

    Humor Rule #1: People who are not funny should not try to be funny.

  • Ryan_Estately

    Scott, on behalf of everyone here at Estately we’d like to sincerely apologize for the lack of humor in this post. We know that when readers arrive at a real estate search site’s company blog they’re expecting only the most hilarious writing so we sincerely apologize for disappointing you. We’ll take this article down immediately.

  • Justin Weissman

    See now that’s actually kind of funny.

  • BK

    I thought it was pretty damn funny myself…..

  • kris

    AH-mazing response.

  • Patricia E. Clark


  • me d

    Chuck Norris is so fast he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.

  • RockinDonkey

    Regardless, if you’re going to make an attempt at being funny, maybe you should try something novel, instead of running with tired old “Chuck Norris is such a bad-ass” jokes that really weren’t funny in the first place.

  • http://www.mediawyse.com/ Casey Markee, MBA

    Great piece. If Chuck Norris could actually laugh, I’m sure he’d find this entertaining.

  • Nick

    Uh, but they’re selling Chuck Norris’ house….. What kind of jokes did you want? And besides, the shrinking chair one is funny.

  • EnigmaJumper

    The sale of Chuck Norris’ house in Dallas is a mere formality, since he owns and rules the entire planet and much of the solar system inside Uranus.

  • bryan

    You are so right Scott so why don’t you humor us and not post another comment again

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  • cj

    Oh people are so sensitive these days. I thought is was a funny statement. Dont remove the site because one person was offended. That is what is wrong with todays world. Over sensitive. Estately keep your sense of humor. It was great. Would like to see more pictures tho and more funny comments.

  • http://www.mswoods.com/ m.s.Woods

    Wow, seems like this is a lot of house at a $999,000 sale price for the quality of finishes inside.