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13 Best U.S. Cities for Conservatives to Live


Electoral trends show America’s large cities growing more and more liberal, meaning urban conservatives are becoming more and more isolated. However, there are a handful of cities out there that buck the trend and still provide friendly habitat for city-dwelling conservatives. We scoured the country for large cities with populations over 200,000 that offer a combination of conservative values, a high quality of life, and plenty of big city activities to enjoy.

We looked into recent voting trends, tax rates, business-friendly grades, locals who identify as “highly religious,” gun-friendly laws, conservative local politicians, and more. Then we combined them with quality of life indicators like crime rate, commute times, housing prices, unemployment rate, and more.  In the end we concluded these are the 13 Best U.S. Cities for Conservatives to Live



Oklahoma City is a red city in an extremely red state that offers a great quality of life. The area is awash in oil and gas money, something that keeps the unemployment rate low and ensures it’s the most “recession proof city in America,” according to Forbes magazine. Oklahoma City is situated right in the middle of Tornado Alley, but it’s also home to the corporate headquarters of Sonic Drive-In so a Sonic Happy Hour is always close by. The conservative city doesn’t much believe in government redistributing wealth, but it saw no problem with the NBA redistributing liberal Seattle’s beloved Supersonics to their city. Now that the city has the Oklahoma City Thunder, it’s getting even more national exposure for its cuisine, nightlife, and local attractions.

Population:  599,199

Median Household Income:  $44,937

Median List Price For A Home:  $134,000

Unemployment Rate:  4.7%

Home Ownership:  60.6%

Commute Time:  20.1 minutes

Taxes: Income tax and 3.75% sales tax

Reason Liberals Avoid It:  Tornadoes and Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK)

Things To Do:  Dine at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse, enjoy the zoo and botanical gardens, check out the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, and visit The American Pigeon Museum.

Famous Locals: Sports columnist Skip Bayless, chef Rick Bayless, NFL receiver Wes Welker, and… Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Seriously. It’s hard to believe Sen. Elizabeth Warren is from here.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  41.7% (Oklahoma County)

Mayor:  Mick Cornett—Republican

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While the hippies in Boulder and Denver meditate and medicate (with marijuana), Colorado Springs is keeping it conservative. This mountain city is home to the U.S. Air Force Academy, a handful of military bases, and numerous defense industry jobs. Forbes magazine gave Colorado Springs an A+ grade in its list of “Best U.S. Cities for Business.” Many are attracted to the fantastic weather, including the U.S. Olympic Training Center, which trains numerous Olympians in high altitude. In recent years, the city has attracted a number of evangelical Christian organizations, including Focus on the Family, Young Life, and numerous others.

Population:  431,834

Median Household Income:  $53,747

Median List Price For A Home:  $201,000 (View homes for sale in Colorado Springs HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  8.0%

Home Ownership:  61.1%

Commute Time:  20.7 minutes

Taxes:  Income tax and 7.63% sales tax

Reasons Liberals Avoid It:  Congressional Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado Springs), who has an A rating by the NRA and 87% on The Heritage Foundation’s scorecard (highest in Colorado).

Things To Do:  The neighboring mountains offer ample opportunity for hiking, camping, rock climbing, mountain biking, hunting, and fishing. Also, Colorado Springs is home to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  38.1% (El Paso County)

Mayor:  Steve Bach—Republican

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Most conservatives view Southern California as a liberal hellscape, a land of porn stars, pricey social programs, and Hollywood elites who shovel cash into Democrats’ coffers. However, it’s also the state that brought the country President Ronald Reagan, and there’s still Orange County, a Republican stronghold filled with republican cities and towns like Anaheim. While Anaheim’s residents must endure both a state income and sales tax, the financial blow is lessened by perpetual sunshine and the happiest place on earth—Disneyland.

Population:  343,248

Median Household Income:  $45,330

Median List Price For A Home:  $426,000 (View homes for sale in Anaheim HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  8.4%

Home Ownership Rate:  49.1%

Commute Time:  26.8 minutes

Taxes:  Income tax, 8.0% sales tax

Reason Liberals Avoid It:  Disney’s labor practices

Things To Do:  Catch a MLB game at Angel Stadium, visit Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm, or enjoy shopping and dining out.

Mayor:  Tom Tait—Republican

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  44.8% (Orange County)

Snapshot 11:1:13 12:29 PM


Snapshot 11:4:13 8:48 AM

Fort Worth may be home to liberal hero and State Senator Wendy Davis, but it’s still a Republican city. Home to Texas Christian University, Fort Worth is the “5th Most Bible-Minded Large City” and over 46 percent of residents identify as “highly religious.” The city’s famed Fort Worth Stockyards remains a fixture, an example of the locals pride in its western heritage, as well as its cowboy and cowgirl past. Plus, because Fort Worth is in Texas, it retains the constitutional right to secede from the U.S. if it so chooses.

Population:  777,992

Median Household Income:  $50,456

Median List Price For A Home:  $247,000 (View homes for sale in Fort Worth HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  $6.0%

Home Ownership:  59.8%

Commute Time:  25.6 minutes

Taxes: NO income tax, 8.25% sales tax

Why Liberals Avoid It:  The bouncers and bartenders can be unfriendly to outsiders at Billy Bob’s Texas.

Things To Do:  Take part in the Fort Worth Zombie Crawl, catch some live music at the World’s Largest Honky Tonk, eat steak, tour various museums and galleries, and check out a rodeo.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  41.4% (Tarrant County)

Mayor:  Betsy Price—Republican

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In the unlikely event that San Francisco and Salt Lake City had a lovechild and raised it in the mountains, you’d have Boise, Idaho. The tech jobs are plentiful, the Mormonism abundant, there are no restrictions on assault weapons, and there’s plenty of art, music and theater. Boise is the cultural heart of one of America’s reddest states, and democrats are increasingly relegated to the sidelines, holding no major seats at the federal or state level. It’s not surprising, in Idaho there are 29.7% more conservatives than liberals.

Population: 230,058

Median Household Income:  $49,516

Median List Price For A Home:  $275,000 (View Boise homes for sale HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  6.1%

Home Ownership:  61.5%

Commute Time:  17.5 minutes

Taxes:  Income tax and sales tax (6.0%)

Reasons Liberals Avoid It:  Congressional Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Boise), who has an A rating by the NRA and 78% on The Heritage Foundation’s scorecard.

Things To Do:  Fly fishing, hunting, skiing, snowboarding, eating deep fried finger steaks, and more. Check this out to learn more:  “32 Things to Consider Before Moving to Boise.”

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  42.7% (Ada County)

Mayor:  David H. Bieter—Democrat

Snapshot 11:1:13 12:02 PM



Nashville may have voted for Obama, but it is still the “Buckle on the Bible Belt.” The city is known as the “Protestant Vatican” because it’s home to over 700 churches, a handful of christian colleges, and the headquarters for the Southern Baptist Convention, National Baptist Convention USA, and the National Association of Free Will Baptists. According to the American Bible Society, Nashville is the “America’s Most Bible-Minded Large City,” which isn’t surprising since it’s home to the largest producer of bibles (Thomas Nelson). In addition to being the Country Music Capital of the World,” Nashville’s also home to Christian record companies like EMI Christian Music Group and Provident Label Group and World Records.

Population:  624,496

Median Household Income:  $46,141

Median List Price For A Home:  $191,700 (View Nashville homes for sale HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  6.8%

Home Ownership:  56.2%

Commute Time:  23.3 minutes

Taxes: NO income tax (except on dividend and interest income), but sales tax is 9.25%

Reason Liberals Avoid It: They’re waiting for Dolly Parton to come to them.

Things To Do:  Watch live music, eat hot chicken, cheer for Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker (a Tim Tebow who can throw a football). Here are “27 Things to Consider Before Moving to Nashville.”

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  58.5%

Mayor:  Karl Dean—Democrat

Snapshot 11:1:13 12:11 PM-2



Few cities in America offer the natural beauty, or access to natural resources, that Anchorage does. Sure, moose and bears wander the streets in winter and “Sarah Palin” is now considered a dirty word there, but Anchorage is still located in the Wild West of Alaska. Oil drilling is always in style, guns are plentiful and permits are not required, and nobody pays sales or income tax. It’s a conservative wonderland, provided you ignore recent gains Democrats have been making.

Population:  298,610

Median Household Income:  $75,485

Median List Price For A Home: $312,000

Unemployment Rate: 5.1%

Home Ownership: 61.4%

Commute Time:  18.6 minutes

Taxes:  No income tax, no sales tax.

Things To Do:  Hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, sled dog racing, ice carving, shouting insults at Vladimir Putin across the Bering Strait, etc.

Why Liberals Avoid It:  Because Sarah Palin is from just down the road in Wasilla.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  Under 50%

Mayor:  Dan Sullivan—Republican

8th—Arlington, TX

Snapshot 11:1:13 1:13 PM

George W. Bush may live in Dallas, but Dallas belongs to the Democrats now. However, neighboring red cities have Dallas surrounded, offering conservatives an expansive urban refuge unlike anywhere else in the country. Like Plano and Fort Worth, Arlington has a republican mayor, conservative voters, and plenty of economic opportunity.

Population:  375,600

Median Household Income:  $52,699

Median List Price For A Home: $226,000

Unemployment Rate: 6.0%

Home Ownership: 58.5%

Commute Time:  25.6 minutes

Taxes:  NO income tax, 8.0% sales tax

Things To Do:  Catch a game at Cowboys Stadium or Rangers Ballpark at Arlington, visit the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, or take a break from America’s political/economic roller coaster and ride the fun ones at Six Flags Over Texas.

Reason Liberals Avoid It:  It’s the largest American city not served by a comprehensive public transportation system.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  41.4% (Tarrant County)

Mayor:  Robert Cluck—Republican

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Snapshot 11:1:13 4:39 PM

Once the “Hay Capital of the World,” Gilbert has moved beyond its agricultural roots and become the fourth fastest growing municipality in America. Highly educated, affluent, and incredibly safe (5th Safest in America), Gilbert is a fast-growing city that still feels like a small town. Because Arizona’s only gun restriction is the National Firearms Act, Gilbert residents over 21 are free to purchase, own and carry a gun. Conservative values are a selling point in Gilbert; there’s even a local real estate agent named John VanTilburg who goes by the title of “The Conservative’s Real Estate Agent.”

Population:  221,140

Median Household Income:  $80,090

Median List Price For A Home:  $246,000 (View homes for sale in Gilbert HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  5.4%

Home Ownership:  74.2%

Commute Time:  26.9 minutes

Taxes:  Income tax and 7.8% sales tax

Reasons Liberals Avoid It:  Local Congressional Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), who has an A+ rating by the NRA and 98% on The Heritage Foundation’s scorecard.

Things To Do:  Enjoy family-oriented activities, year-round golfing (over 160 courses within 30 miles), explore the Sonoran desert, and bask in nearly perpetual sunshine.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  43.2 (Maricopa County)

Mayor:  John Lewis—Republican

Snapshot 11:1:13 4:49 PM

10th—PLANO, TX

Snapshot 11:1:13 3:31 PM

Business-friendly Plano is home to the corporate headquarters of Pizza Hut, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Frito Lay, and other companies that anger Michelle Obama for making America #1 in child obesity. It’s also home to Rent-A-Center, Siemens PLM Software, Alliance Data, and JCPenney and more. Plano routinely shows up on lists for “best places to live,” particularly due to its economic opportunities, wealth, and lack of crime. Because it’s in Texas, there are few regulations on gun ownership, and it has castle doctrine and stand-your ground laws, making it legal to use deadly force on anyone unlawfully attempting to enter one’s home.

Population:  272,068

Median Household Income:  $82,901

Median List Price For A Home:  $418,000 (View Plano homes for sale HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  6.0%

Home Ownership:  65.5%

Commute Time:  25.9 minutes

Taxes:  NO income tax, 8.25% sales tax

Reason Liberals Avoid It:  Local Congressional Rep. Sam Johnson, a former Vietnam War POW, once offered to solve the President’s Syria problem by personally flying an F-15 over the country and dropping two nukes on it (article).

Things To Do:  Get rich

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  33.5% (Collin County)

Mayor:  Harry LaRosiliere—Republican

Snapshot 11:1:13 11:49 AM



Jacksonville is the hometown of conservative royalty like football icon Tim Tebow, singer Pat Boone, and Southern Rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band. The city has a strong military presence thanks to multiple navy bases, and because it’s located in Florida there’s no income tax. Unlike other large Florida cities like Tampa and Miami, the people of Jacksonville tend to vote Republican. Jacksonville’s current mayor is a Democrat, but he won narrowly, and the previous three mayors were all Republicans.

Population:  836,507

Median Household Income:  $49,192

Median List Price For A Home: $135,000 (View Jacksonville homes for sale HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  6.7%

Home Ownership:  63.3%

Commute Time:  23.5 minutes

Taxes:  NO income tax / 6% sales tax

Things To Do:  The city has plenty of performing arts and live music, the largest urban park system in America, access to beaches, and someday the Jacksonville Jaguars will be watchable again.

Mayor:  Alvin Brown—Democrat

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  47.8% (Duvall County)

Snapshot 11:1:13 12:34 PM


Snapshot 10:31:13 3:41 PMWashington State is divided in half like a McDonald’s McDLT. The west side is the left side, the rainy and wet side, the urban side filled with Seattle liberals. On the east side of the Cascade Mountains is the state’s Republican stronghold, a population of ranchers, farmers, and others actively trying to create a separate state independent from Western Washington. Spokane is the metropolitan center for Eastern Washington, as well as the Inland Northwest. It’s the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis and the most conservative large city in the Pacific Northwest.

Population:  209,525

Median Household Income:  $41,466

Median List Price For A Home:  $165,000

Unemployment Rate:  7.2%

Home Ownership:  57.1%

Commute Time:  19.9 minutes

Taxes:  NO income tax, 8.7% sales tax

Reason Liberals Avoid It:  It’s really close to Idaho

Things To Do:  Outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and boating, as well as museums, semi-pro sports teams, wineries and breweries, and a strong performing arts and music scene.

Famous Locals:  Singer Bing Crosby, actor Craig T. Nelson, NBA star John Stockton, and MLB player Ryne Sandberg.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012):  45.6% (Spokane County)

Mayor:  David Condon—Republican

Snapshot 11:1:13 11:39 AM


Snapshot 11:1:13 3:26 PM

Sure, the cities that make up Silicon Valley are socially liberal and donate heavily to Democrats, but the southern part of San Francisco Bay is filled with Libertarian wealth creators and techno-utopians that the Republican Party’s actively trying to court. Social conservatism is not en vogue, but the area is filled with Ayn Rand-inspired objectivists committed to the cause of individualism. Is it a sign of change to come that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently hosted a fundraiser for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, or that Sen. Rand Paul is rubbing elbows with Silicon Valley’s libertarian-leaning entrepreneurs? Perhaps, but a few local billionaires are even dreaming up a libertarian floating city inhabited by tech nerds.

Population:  3.5-4 million

Median Household Income:  $89,064

Median List Price For A Home:  $743,000 (View homes for sale in Santa Clara County HERE)

Unemployment Rate:  5.9%

Home Ownership:  58.7%

Commute Time:  24.3 minutes

Things To Do:  Make money hand-over-fist

Reason Liberals Avoid It:  They don’t, but the high cost of living is a challenge for lots of people.

Local Conservatives:  Some of the GOP’s largest Silicon Valley donors include HP CEO Meg Whitman (ran for governor), Facebook investor Peter Thiel, Intel Chairman Craig Barrett, and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.

Percent Who Voted For Obama (2012): 69.8% (Santa Clara County)

Snapshot 11:1:13 12:29 PM-2

Did we forget any other large cities that are ideal for conservatives? Let us know in the comments.

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  • jeremyjanson

    Articles like this amount to a kind of cowardice that believes that we will not win so we should therefore just run away. It’s time that Republicans actually FACED their problems and showed some LEADERSHIP instead of just trying to find the most convenient place to flee to and watch things be torn apart further and further at the Federal level as they helplessly surrender more and more of their country to the other side. The Republicans are in a better position to tear the opposition a new one than they have EVER been in, and I’m including 1980 in that statement, because the Big Labor and Environmentalist sides of the Democrat party CANNOT CO-EXIST any longer and a very simple divide and conquer strategy could see even blue NY, MN and WA go red and eventually the entire Democrat party SIMPLY DIE. If they continue to flourish, it is only because of Republican impotence and cowardice.

  • jeremyjanson

    They also enjoy banning guns and restricting their economy with growth management acts.

  • jeremyjanson

    Cities are a part of society and human civilization, and therefore a part of what conservatives seek to preserve. “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.” (G.K. Chesterton)

    Also, libertarians and radical liberals who believe in burning the entire world to get rid of all the “welfare people” are not conservatives – they are the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln and Northern Aggression, the one that got millions of our countrymen killed and burned the entire South to the ground and then continued burning it to the ground with “Reconstruction.”

  • jeremyjanson

    That’s probably mostly just the high black population. Blacks are ABSURDLY democrat, something like 93%. Pretty much any black who is not an alumni of the US Marine Corps is a Democrat.

  • jeremyjanson

    The liberals didn’t build the art and culture – they just moved in, took it, and began to ruin it.

  • jeremyjanson

    Williston, ND and Midland, TX should be on this list, especially since they are the cities that is making a lot of people rethink “modern liberalism.” They are the cities that really do disprove the old canard about how 70% of our people, the percent who don’t go to college, can’t do well enough to provide for themselves.

  • jeremyjanson

    Lincoln, Nebraska should be FIRST on that list! Such a beautiful town too. I did get contacted by one Industrial Engineering job in Hickman, just outside Lincoln, and was really disappointed when I didn’t get it.

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  • » gØrgØn «

    You are correct. Virginia and New York made the right to withdraw from the union explicit in their acceptance of the Constitution. And in such an agreement between parties as is represented by the Constitution, a right claimed by one is allowed to all.

  • Hope

    Well isn’t that one sided??

  • never_wore_zubaz

    *facetiousness doesn’t translate very well on the intartubes*

  • Mikey

    How does Silicon Valley make this list? Did you see how many people voted for Obama?

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  • Dutch Riggins

    Can you imagine if the U.S. was split in 2–one side for liberals, the other for conservatives? The liberal side could inherit all of those people they support–illegals, welfare recipients, drug addicts, criminals, etc. They could create the socialist paradise they seek–much like a group of people in 1917, who created their own socialist paradise, the Soviet Union. Um, how did that work out?

    The only problem with the above is: who is going to pay for all of these great liberal social ideas? I can’t see these ideas getting very far without someone being forced to pay for them. Liberals are the most generous people in the world–as long as it is with someone else’s money. If you doubt that, just check out the Federal and State budgets and the totally wasteful programs that are enacted–to the tune of 100′s of billions of dollars annually. Maybe if liberals had to pay to implement their own ideas . . .

  • Scooter

    So many grammatical errors I cannot finish reading….

  • Ted

    The roads would have to be sold first, genius. What’s not so weird is your lack of common sense.

  • Michael Well

    All states everywhere have the right to secede as described in the Declaration of Independence.
    “When in the course of natural events…”

    The Laws of Nature and Natures God entitle us to a separate and equal station among the powers of the earth.

  • Lonestarson79

    Colorado passed the marijuana law without the federal government, and Texas can secede under both Texas and U.S. constitutions

  • yahoo

    Idiocracy in full swing!

  • Leon

    Conservative entertainment: classical music, opera, old Hollywood movies & tv shows, Renaissance art, Romantic era literature, etc

    Liberal Entertainment: rap, reality tv, abstract expressionist art that my dog can do, and celebrity magazines.

    I’ll take the more conservative, old fashion entertainment and culture any day.

  • Leon

    Cities… more educated? Lmfao. Yea, because urban schools are just so successful right?

  • Leon

    Or if you’re wary of high crime, moral decay, junkies, STD-ridden whores, homeless bums, losers leeching off of the government, poser hipsters, paternalist politicians, and all other forms of societal decline.

  • SAL2177

    Show me an American ghetto and I’ll show you a place where democrats are in power! Simple as that.

  • C Turner

    Liberal progressives are ruining education. Most conservatives want nothing to do with the “product” coming out of public schools. Hence the rise of charter schools or children that are home schooled. Oh, and they out perform and out score public school children.

  • Liz Gardiner

    ‘Come and take’ in Greek?

  • tim smith

    Honestly, I have never met a libetal who can do anything. They are un educated and stupid.

  • Scott

    @UncleBert:disqus typical liberal – attack.

  • Tom

    Yeah, because liberal dominated USA education is so successful. Other first word countries mock our education system openly.

  • Aidan

    Haha I’m like the only liberal that lives in Spokane

  • http://www.biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com BiggerFatterPolitics

    There is a reason why Southerners are the most gluttonous. Their gluttony is a result of the cardinal sin of pride “Southern Pride” which is the master sin of the 7 deadly sins. Look at how fat the Conservative pundits are. It’s revolting!

    Click Here To See Why the South is So Sinful and Gluttonous

  • PeppyPilotGirl

    Ah, but at least we can spell.

  • etg

    Liberals shouldn’t be alive. Just saying…..

  • Guest

    What about Minnesota?!

  • MrTouchShriek

    Silicon Valley? If you’re a libertarian with socially liberal leanings, sure — but anyone with a socially conservative bone in their body will think they’ve set foot in Babylon.

    Nashville is probably a poor choice as well — the younger generations (even among country music stars and industry) are increasingly liberal. Not a great choice for social conservatives either.

  • niklet

    Silicon Valley is socially liberal but fiscally conservative.

  • HeartPunch

    Yeah…but thy teach “Intelligent” designe as science…what kind of education is that? The rest of the world laughs at the US for stuff like that.

  • Jamie

    Like Detroit? Friggin moron.

  • Jamie

    I was literally driven out of my home state of NY by socialists. The property taxes on my home were $10K a year…it’s nauseating.

  • Jono

    Intelligent design is just as credible as believing that everything came from nothing the size of a pinhead, Because for some reason that pinhead spontaneously just decided to blow itself up and create an incredibly complex and beautiful world. Now that’s what I call laughable. Oh, and by the way, I live in New Zealand, and the conservatives here (about 40-50% of the population) look to the US as a stronghold of common sense and rationality (aka. conservatism). Liberal “progressives” are constantly and relentlessly attempting to subvert democracy in order to ram their evil agenda through parliament, usually by avoiding binding referendums etc. Just last year they legalised gay marriage by holding “select committees”, instead of true democracy, because they knew that their vile “marriage” bill would be utterly crushed, and the public does NOT want it. This is what “progressive” Liberals do, and will continue to happen if conservatives do not speak up.

  • Slavery’sfun4all

    That’s cheap, what a selfish tighta$$.

  • Jamie

    anarchy sign…lol. Better look up what that means, you ignoramus. 10K property taxes cheap? Says the “anarchist” living with Mommy and Daddy and eating off the dollar menu

  • HeartPunch

    I respect the right of all individuals to “believe” what they wish to. The problem is when they try to regulate and / or legeslate the rights of other people based upon objectively unsupportable belief. You refer to gay marriage as part of an “evil agenda”, yet in what way is giving the same rights to gay individuals that straight individuals enjoy wrong or “evil”? Subjectively, your belief system makes you believe it to be so, yet objectively, your viewpoint is unsupportable. The same thing is true about your “intelligent Design” arguement. The big bang is a supportable theory because observations have proven many of its assumpyions to be “true”. Intelligent design is sadly nothing more then the most recent “God of the gaps” argument. When asked to prove that creationism (ie: intelligent design) is factual based upon observable, testable and quantifiable data the usual responce is “prove it is not true”, which is no argument at all. So, again, you certainly can believe what ever you wish…I do not discourage children from believeing in Santa either…but fostering such belief off on other is not only sad, but also wrong.

  • Jono

    Actually, the idea of the Big Bang and even evolution is fundamentally flawed. When I say I believe in God, they ask for evidence, and laugh at me for thinking God created this world. They say that God can’t just speak everything into existence, everything has to come from something. Well, the exact same thing can be said when they think that everything came from the Big Bang, which doesn’t really make sense. Where did the chain of events that caused the “Big Bang” come from? Something must of CAUSED the big bang to happen. The only answer leads to God. No amount of scientific study can EVER reveal how absolutely NOTHING can turn into the incredible world we live in. Also, who are you to tell me what I can and can not teach my kids? Who do you think you are?! If anyone is foisting their beliefs on children, it’s the liberals and their left-wing Marxist indoctrination camps known as schools, not parents. And how is it “wrong”? I thought you people believe that nothing is objective when it comes to morality.

  • Mike Hendren

    Sarah Palin a dirty word in Anchorage? This must have been authored by a McCain Rhino shill.

  • disqus_vSlknuggk3

    While I agree that Silicon Valley, understood as Santa Clara County, is friendlier to conservatives than the insufferable counties of San Mateo and San Francisco to the north, I wouldn’t call it a conservative paradise either. The majority is definitely fiscal conservative in the sense that a large majority believes in capitalism and merit based pay (vs government enforced redistribution). The majority also believes in government investments in education and science because most people in Silicon Valley got their current standard of living from being practitioners in STEM fields. This point, rather than the social issues, is one of the most important reasons many do not vote Republican because there is the misconception that the GOP wants to put an end to public education from K-12 to higher education. There is a majority of social liberals, but it is not huge. On both prop 8 (gay marriage) and prop 34 (death penalty), the social conservative position lost, but still managed to get around 45 % of the vote. With that said, Obama got close to 70% of the vote on both occasions, so the perception of the Democratic Party as the standard bearer of the libertarianism that runs deep in the valley is real, which is a bit ironic.

    Conservatives interested in STEM fields will like it here. As long as they keep their mouths shut at work on hot social issues, they will be fine. Chances are high that most of your colleagues will not care if you say something politically incorrect, but there is always some “gay queen” infiltrated that will make your life miserable if he hears you speaking “socially conservative”. The Brendan Eich affair is an example of what I am talking about. Even though many in high tech backed Prop 8 (a majority of those who gave money on the issue for instance at Intel), nobody with real influence came out defending his right to believe in traditional marriage. What could have been a teaching moment for tolerance, became a teaching moment for intolerance: having socially conservative views will mean you will have less career opportunities if those views become public.

    A final thought: this also means that those who would like to raise children in an environment that encourages traditional values will have a hard time around here. Public schools teach “San Francisco values”. Even if you can afford to take your children to exclusive schools that teach “right values”, the “pro gay”, “pro abortion”, “pro San Francisco values” propaganda is everywhere. The local newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, has a very strong “pro San Francisco values” editorial stance, so they regularly exaggerate news that put them in a positive light. Thus, your children will be exposed to this garbage early in life.

    I have known people who have relocated elsewhere when their children reached the age (around six) in which these things matter only to spare them of the brainwashing.