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The Geography of Justin Bieber Fever


Families have a lot to consider when shopping for a home:  quality of schools, proximity to work, crime rate, and obviously the severity of Bieber Fever in the area. Basically, what are the odds a member of your family will fall under the spell of this generation’s most despicable pop culture monster—Justin Bieber?

Because the Center for Disease Control is busy with other things, we at Estately have researched this modern musical menace by measuring the percentage of Justin Bieber fans in each U.S. State and Canadian Province. We determined this by collecting Facebook user data showing which state had the most users per capita that listed the Canadian pop star as an interest. The results were deeply troubling. Here are some key findings…

  1. Washington state is by far the safest place to wait out the Bieber epidemic. Not only does the Evergreen State have the lowest percentage of Bieber fans (6.82%), but it’s also home to Tenino High School, which once blasted Justin Bieber over the loud speakers between classes until students raised $500 for orphans in Ghana.
  2. Sadly, West Virginia is in the grips of full-blown Bieber Fever, with a U.S. record 9.41% admitting they like the pop star. Rhode Island (9.33%), Wisconsin (9.33%) and Alabama (9.23%) should also be ashamed of themselves.
  3. The safest states to avoid member of #TeamBieber are in the Pacific Northwest, Mountain West, and Northeast. Great states largely devoid of Bieber fandom are Oregon, Vermont, and Virginia.
  4. With the exception of British Columbia, Canada’s enthusiasm for their own little locally-produced Prince of Pop is shockingly high, particularly in the more remote and isolated provinces and territories. Someone should start a campaign for iTunes to donate free downloads of non-Bieber music to residents in Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.

Results for all U.S. states ranked from most Bieber fans to least

Snapshot 4:7:14 2:05 PM

Results for all Canadian provinces and territories ranked from most Bieber fans to least

Snapshot 4:7:14 8:44 AM


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  • gigi

    i dont undrstand why hes allowed in states still he did wrong really wrong and here i know of a 75 year old cant return just for staying in states a little longer than allowed because his car ws hit couldnt leave till ins was taken care of. he has no family that gives a darn for him just good friends in states now come on 75 years old

  • Cidro

    Where does the district fall here? The nations Capitol is important so that we know our elected officials from Vermont aren’t being exposed as they travel!

  • Ryan_Estately

    Had it been included, the District of Columbia would have had the lowest percentage of Justin Bieber fans in all of the U.S. and Canada. We’ve always included D.C. before in our top state lists, but some of our readers simply couldn’t process 1-51. It was just too much so we had to omit D.C., and of course that’s the one time D.C. came in first.

  • Alice

    Haha, I really love WA and ID’s hatred of popular culture. It makes it pleasant to live here.

  • kylee sky

    And that’s why I will live in Washington forever :)

  • Guest

    Thank you! Its our job in WA to convert Biebers and fight for teenage freedom from the illusion of Bieber!

  • Kiki

    Yay! Go Vermont! 😀

  • peacemaker64

    @Alice, that is exactly why i want to go back to WA. I’m in CA right now looking for work after contract ended last month. i had to leave WA in the first place back in 2009 because of the lack of jobs and the stupid recession(really a depression).

    my two cents ( or my $2 same thing)

  • FesterFoot43

    I need nothing else to be proud of. Washington despises Beiber and that’s all I need.