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The Most/Least Taco-Crazed Cities In America

Do you love tacos? After eating a plate of tacos do you order another taco for dessert? Would you walk 500 miles for a taco? Would you walk 500 more for another one? Would you download an Estately home search app if it showed you homes for sale in proximity to taquerias? Would you move to another city to live amongst fellow taco enthusiasts? Do you even know which cities are the most taco crazed?


To determine the level of taco enthusiasm in the largest 50 U.S. cities, Estately looked at three things.

  1. Percentage of each city’s restaurants serving tacos (souce: Yelp)
  2. Percentage of Facebook users in each city expressing interest in tacos (source: Facebook)
  3. Level of internet searches related to tacos (source: Google Trends)

The numbers in our chart represent each city’s overall ranking. One is the highest ranking, and 50 is the lowest.

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The results were not terribly surprising. Texas and southern California were the most enthusiastic about tacos, with considerable interest also in the Southwest. The Eastern Seaboard should be ashamed of its level of taco interest, and the Midwest and Northwest have a lot of catching up to do. Congratulations to Arlington, Texas, which earned the title of The Most Taco-Crazed City In America. Here are profiles of the top ten cities…


The concept of “taco Tuesday’s” is absurd to Arlington residents because every day is a taco day.


In Forth Worth, local tradition still dictates a portion of a bride’s dowry must be paid in tacos.


Eventually, there will be one taco truck for every resident in Austin, and only then will the locals be truly happy.


The majority of traffic is the DFW area is just people in Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth driving around looking for new taco places to try.


Couldn’t believe San Antonio wasn’t first.


Over half of all Long Beach restaurants claim to serve tacos, which is kind of nuts.


The city ranks just 30th for restaurants serving tacos, which means the considerable taco-related internet traffic in OKC is from locals desperately trying to find more tacos.

7. SAN DIEGO, CA (tie)

It’s alleged that each year hundreds of San Diego residents are arrested at the border trying to sneak into Mexico for more tacos.

9. HOUSTON, TX (tie)

Instead of fortune cookies, servers in Houston’s Chinese restaurants bring customers fortune tacos, delicious tacos de cazo with a fortune inside.

9. LOS ANGELES, CA (tie)

There are 5,575 places to buy tacos in Los Angeles, meaning you could tacos three times a day and never visit the same place for five years.

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  • http://www.Xenu.net/ simkatu

    Omaha is 13th and has no dot. Wichita has a dot and isn’t listed anywhere on the chart.

  • Ryan_Estately

    Wichita is ranked 21 on our chart. Omaha’s dot was invisible, but now it there in vibrant orange.

  • Loadmaster

    So, any correlation with the percentage of Hispanic residents?

  • BillStewart2012

    Not necessarily. San Francisco has a lot of Latino residents, but up here we eat burritos more than tacos, and think of the fat California burrito as a San Francisco Mission District local dish (as opposed to those wimpy skinny burritos you get a Taco Bell or in Texas.)

  • http://www.Xenu.net/ simkatu

    Well then I’m only half blind. :)

  • Barbarossa

    Not surprised about the top five. Surprised about the order, though. I wonder if the Facebook mentions and searches took into account terms not explicitly mentioning “tacos” like “fajitas,” “al carbon,” and “carnitas”? I suspect that could have changed the order.

  • Ryan_Estately

    Nope, just “taco”

  • Dudewhoknowshisfuckintacos

    This is ridiculous. Come up with some real metrics the next time you fake news. I’ve lived in Arlington and San Antonio, and Arlington is a taco desert. People don’t search for tacos on the Internet in SA because they don’t have to – any given street has half a dozen taco joints, and the worst of them are better than the best in Arlington. Your standards are arbitrary and worthless.



    This study is abomination…perhaps this person should NOT use facebook data in order to judge such a important topic. FUCK THIS GUY.

  • Mathematician

    Um… The statistics don’t make any sense. According to the chart, only 3% of Arlington restaurants serve tacos and only 3% of Arlington Facebook users are interested in tacos. Also according to the chart, 50% of New York restaurants serve tacos and 48% of New York Facebook users are interested in tacos. Common sense dictates that with those percentages, New York, not Arlington, should be on the top of the list. I’m pretty sure the numbers in Estately’s chart are bogus.

  • Hahaha. No.

    Reading comprehension must be difficult for you. The numbers are rankings. So New York is 48th in terms of how many Facebook users are interested in tacos.


    They used numbers from Yelp, Facebook, and Google Trends.

  • Taco

    I just want to say, I love tacos.

  • Taco

    Also I am from Arlington and Fort Worth so that must make me a pretty big deal with tacos.

  • letstacoboutit

    I agree. Perhaps these are percentiles rather than percentages? Making Arlington in the top 3rd percentile I.e. 97%. Idk…somethings definitely off. Maybe they accidentally listed the cities backwards…

  • letstacoboutit

    Yes I think you are correct, however the titles of the categories are a bit misleading. Particularly the “percentage of restaurants selling tacos” column. Makes it seem like 3% of Arlington restaurants sell tacos, not that their rank is 3rd in terms of percentage of taco vendors.

  • Stacey

    Yay tacos!! No need to do internet searches if you live in Texas. They are everywhere…thank goodness.

  • Trey

    Read: “The numbers in our chart represent each city’s overall ranking. One is the highest ranking, and 50 is the lowest.”

  • Pbutts

    Ya who the eff made that chart? Totally wrong

  • youngblood

    This “study” doesn’t make any sense… the numbers are all flipped around and based on crappy data. DERP.

  • Will

    I am from Austin and now live in Fort Worth, and in all honesty the taco selection in Fort Worth is terrible. There is no where to get a good breakfast taco and the places that do serve breakfast tacos do a terrible job. The same goes for tacos for lunch/dinner. Also the number of taco places in FTW is minuscule in comparison to Austin. Arlington? I won’t even get into that. The fact of the matter is Austin has the most and the best taco places out of anywhere I’ve been. I find that when Im in Austin I eat almost every meal out of a tortilla, get out of my face with this BS list

  • iHeartTacos

    Let me help. Two words: Velvet Taco. Go now, you’ll thank me later. :)

  • tacochino

    wimpy skinny burritos in texas? you don’t knkw texas. stfu

  • Natalie

    That chart makes NO sense.

  • Natalie

    I did read that line, but thought that it referred to the “rank” column on the left-most side of the chart, since the other column headings clearly are marked as “percentage.”

  • Will

    Ive been and I do really enjoy velvet taco, but the number of good taco places in FTW in comparison to Austin is so small. In FTW I primarily go to Mellis, velvet taco and Torchys, all of which are good but I don’t think FTW has the same amount of quality places to grab a taco… especially for breakfast

  • Jen

    This Is a joke . Visit Laredo or The Rio Grande Valley TX. We have tacos all day everyday. We are literally right across from the border ,how are we not on this list. Tacos have been a way of life since before Austin even knew what a real taco was!

  • Ryan_Estately

    Because it only measures the 50 largest cities.

  • MC

    Percentage of restaurants service tacos in Austin is 7%? Methinks not-unless it’s percentile which would make perfect sense.

  • Elptacos

    When a website list Arlington the whitest city ever as a top taco place you know this isn’t based on real facts. if Arlingtok is more taco crazed then El Paso that’d be a joke. Poor guys you obviously have never even to our city. FYI we are 3 min from Mexico but yeah keeps it”chart” lol cause Omaha has more tacos then a border city haha that’s a joke btw pobre Los gringos no sabes nada

  • ES

    Ryan Nickum=dumbest person EVER. “Taco related internet searches”? If you have a taqueria on every corner (see El Paso); why would I be searching for one on google?
    just plain stupid

  • melo

    Really??? Arlington, who would have thought. Come to SD county there is a taco shop in every corner. Awesome, best tasting tacos…. mmmmmm…..

  • Tim Monaghan

    El Paso, TX should be # 1 on this list. You can find tacos here at every corner and they are the best in the US by far. Were right across the border from Juarez, MX for godsake. OK City, oh please!!!
    L&J Cafe, KiKis, Chicos Tacos, The Good Luck Cafe, H&H, McRory’s Tacos, Chihuas, I can keep going.

  • carter

    or even LA?
    The Bay area is so devoid of taco shops by comparison to other parts of the country.
    LA has them on nearly every corner, yet has so many other alternatives, that you can drive by the taco shops without even knowing it.
    To say this survey is bogus gets a new meaning.

  • Karen

    Sa Antonio is the Tex Mex capital of the world. We don’t need to Google taco locations–we have taco joints every three blocks. Arlington? WTF?

  • Andrew

    San Antonio = Like an old hippie and weed. We’ve tried it all. We know what we like and know where to get it or how to make it. That’s why we aren’t higher on the list.

  • floobity

    But Milwaukee has a TACO FEST! https://www.facebook.com/milwaukeetacofest

  • FredC1968

    Tacos are something you fix at home or eat from a taco truck. They aren’t restaurant food.

  • butch

    I wonder how this list correlates to cities with the highest percentage of Hispanic residents. As someone who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I can say that we have a lot of Hispanics here.

  • Tony Whitehead

    Dairy Queen, #10 combo. …just sayin’…

  • rob2234

    This article is still stupid