The Most/Least Taco-Crazed Cities In America

Ryan Nickum

May 5

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Do you love tacos? After eating a plate of tacos do you order another taco for dessert? Would you walk 500 miles for a taco? Would you walk 500 more for another one? Would you download an Estately home search app if it showed you homes for sale in proximity to taquerias? Would you move to another city to live amongst fellow taco enthusiasts? Do you even know which cities are the most taco crazed?


To determine the level of taco enthusiasm in the largest 50 U.S. cities, Estately looked at three things.

  1. Percentage of each city’s restaurants serving tacos (souce: Yelp)
  2. Percentage of Facebook users in each city expressing interest in tacos (source: Facebook)
  3. Level of internet searches related to tacos (source: Google Trends)

The numbers in our chart represent each city’s overall ranking. One is the highest ranking, and 50 is the lowest.

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The results were not terribly surprising. Texas and southern California were the most enthusiastic about tacos, with considerable interest also in the Southwest. The Eastern Seaboard should be ashamed of its level of taco interest, and the Midwest and Northwest have a lot of catching up to do. Congratulations to Arlington, Texas, which earned the title of The Most Taco-Crazed City In America. Here are profiles of the top ten cities…


The concept of “taco Tuesday’s” is absurd to Arlington residents because every day is a taco day.


In Forth Worth, local tradition still dictates a portion of a bride’s dowry must be paid in tacos.


Eventually, there will be one taco truck for every resident in Austin, and only then will the locals be truly happy.


The majority of traffic is the DFW area is just people in Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth driving around looking for new taco places to try.


Couldn’t believe San Antonio wasn’t first.


Over half of all Long Beach restaurants claim to serve tacos, which is kind of nuts.


The city ranks just 30th for restaurants serving tacos, which means the considerable taco-related internet traffic in OKC is from locals desperately trying to find more tacos.

7. SAN DIEGO, CA (tie)

It’s alleged that each year hundreds of San Diego residents are arrested at the border trying to sneak into Mexico for more tacos.

9. HOUSTON, TX (tie)

Instead of fortune cookies, servers in Houston’s Chinese restaurants bring customers fortune tacos, delicious tacos de cazo with a fortune inside.

9. LOS ANGELES, CA (tie)

There are 5,575 places to buy tacos in Los Angeles, meaning you could tacos three times a day and never visit the same place for five years.

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