What World Records Does Each U.S. State Hold?

Ryan Nickum

Oct 27

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When choosing where to live, home buyers have to consider proximity to jobs, potential mates, family, and more. So what’s a potential home buyer to do when there are two states with equal potential? Estately would like to offer up another in their series of tie breakers—world records that have been set in each state. Perhaps your choice of residence can be swayed by the promise of an 8,500-gallon margarita (Nevada), or the chance of meeting the world’s shortest cat (California), or the opportunity to grow a really big cabbage (Alaska). Who knows? It’s a weird world we live in, so here’s how each state stacks up when it comes to being in the Guinness Book of World Records.


1. Largest bubblegum bubble blown (20 inches in diameter)

2. Largest pot of baked beans (1,010.65 gallons)


1. Heaviest cabbage (138.25 pounds)

2. Heaviest carrot (18 pounds 3 ounces)

3. Largest collection of four leaf clovers (111,060)


1. Highest barefoot water skiing speed (135.74 miles per hour)

2. Largest mariachi group performing simultaneously (555 performers)

3. Most tattoos in 24 hours by a single artist (801 tattoos)

4. Largest shaving cream pie fight (815 participants)


1. Heaviest watermelon (268.8 pounds)

2. Greatest number of layers in a layer cake (230 layers)


1. Largest dreamcatcher (9 feet in diameter)

2. Longest tongue (3.97 inches from tip to closed lip)

3. Largest collection of comic books (94,268 unique comic books)

4. Shortest living cat (5.25 inches tall)

5. Heaviest limousine (50,560 pounds)

6. Fastest 100 meters on a skateboard by a dog (19.65 seconds)

7. Farthest marshmallow nose blow (17 feet 11 inches)

8. Heaviest pumpkin (2,032 pounds)


1. Loudest bark by a group of dogs (124 decibels produced by 76 dogs)

2. Largest gathering of people dressed as gorillas (1,061 participants)


1. Largest wedding cake (15,032 pounds)

2. Largest Collection of Souvenir Plates (621 plates)


1. Most holes of miniature golf played by an individual in 24 hours (4,729 holes)

2. Longest career in the same company (80 years)


1. Shortest donkey (25.29 inches tall)

2. Largest pitcher of sangria (269 gallons)

3. Largest Easter egg hunt (501,000 eggs searched for by 9,753 children)

4. Largest parade of food trucks (121 vehicles)

5. Most people dressed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1,394 participants)


1. Longest barbecue marathon (80 hours)

2. Busiest airport (88,032,086 people flew out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport)

3. Largest soda float (2,850 gallons of Vanilla coke and 7.200 scoops of ice cream)


1. Largest coffee mosaic (face of Elvis made from 5,546 cups of coffee in different shades)

2. Largest collection of surfboards (647 surfboards)

3. Largest ice cream scoop pyramid (3,100 scoops)

4. Largest Spam musubi (628 pounds)


1. Largest straw bale maze (96,847 square feet)

2. Largest pronghorn hunted (96-4/8 B&C points)


1. Smallest cat (2.75 inches tall)

2. Most people husking corn (3,463 participants)

3. Tallest man (8 foot 11.1-inches/ shared with Michigan)

4. Largest serving of salsa (6,840 pounds)

5. Largest popcorn ball (3,423 pounds)

6. Largest square dance (800 participants)


1. Largest rock/paper/scissors tournament (2,950 contestants)

2. Lagest calzone (69.3 pounds)


1. Largest hokey pokey dance (7,384 participants)

2. Longest beard (17 feet 6 inches)

3. Largest clog dance (2,605 participants)


1. Largest tonsils

2. Largest stitched teddy bear 


1. Largest archery tournament (7,804 participants)

2. Largest water balloon fight (8,957 participants)

3. Most people performing a high five simultaneously (4,699 participants)

4. Largest game of secret santa (1,463 participants)


1. Largest Halloween gathering (17,777 participants)

2. Fastest crocheter (5,113 stitches in 30 minutes)

3. Largest human mattress dominoes (850 participants)

4. Largest macaroni and cheese (2,469 pounds)


1. Tallest snowman (122 feet 1 inch)


1. Largest crab cake (253 pounds)

2. Oldest living chicken (22 years old as of 2011)


1. Longest career as an ice cream man (67 years)

2. Largest toast (as in making a toast with 32,904 participants)

3. Largest afro (5 foot 0.75 inches in circumference)


1. Largest rubber chicken toss (925 participants)

2. Largest sandwich (5,440 pounds)

3. Largest working rifle (33 feet, 4 inches long)

4. Longest fingernails (combined length of 32 feet 3.8 inches)

5. Largest snowball (32.94 feet in circumference)

6. Tallest dog (7 foot 4 inches standing on hind legs)

7. Largest swing dance (756 participants)

8. Tallest man ever (8 foot 11 inches / shared with Illinois)


1. Largest zombie gathering (15,458 participants)

2. Largest parade of snowmobiles (820 snowmobiles)

3. Most people spooning (529 participants)

4. Most people simultaneously popping bubble wrap (942 participants)


1. Largest twist dance (3,040 participants)

2. Most hair donated to charity in 24 hours (107.4 pounds)


1. Longest pub crawl (4,885 participants)

2. Largest can pyramid (17,575 cans)

3. Longest snake in captivity (25 feet 2 inches)

4. Smallest living horse (17.5 inches to the withers)

5. Largest game of duck, duck goose (2,135 participants)

6. Longest scarf knitted while running a marathon (12 feet 1.75 inches)

7. Most dogs in costumed attire (1,326 dogs)


1. Oldest performing clown (98 years old)

2. Longest video game marathon on a role-playing game (48 hours 14 minutes)


1. Largest parade of classic tractors (964 tractors)

2. Largest dessert party (740 people ate from 3,800 desserts)

3. Longest wheelchair basketball marathon (26 hours 3 minutes)

4. Tallest structure built with Lincoln Logs (12 foot 4 inches)


1. Longest marathon playing poker by an individual (115 hours)

2. Largest hotel (7,017 rooms)

3. Largest margarita (8,500 gallons)

4. Longest domestic cat (48.5 inches)


1. Largest lottery scratchcard (36.2 feet by18.8 feet)

2. Most lit jack-‘o-lanterns on display (30,581)

3. Most lines cleared in Tetris DX (line tally of 4,988, and highest possible score of 9,999,999)


1. Longest ribbon cutting (5.51 miles)

2. Oldest rabbit (17 years 2 weeks)

3. Most Rubik’s Cubes solved underwater in a single breath (5)

4. Most consecutive skateboard ollies (242)


1. First person to break the sound barrier in freefall

2. Most people simultaneously carving pumpkins (1,060 participants)

3. Fastest railed vehicle—rocket sled (10,385 mph)

4. Largest collection of cookbooks (2,970 cookbooks)


1. Most expensive dessert ($25,000)

2. Most expensive wedding for pets ($158,187.26)

3. Most glasses balanced on the chin (81 20-oz glasses)

4. Most knives thrown around a human target in one minute (102)

5. Largest cheesecake (6,900 pounds)

6. Largest gingerbread village (157 buildings)

7. Most expensive omelet ($1,000)

8. Fastest time to duct tape oneself to a wall (2 minutes 12.63-seconds)

9. Largest natural breasts (seriously)


1. Largest food drive by a non-charitable organization in 24 hours (559,884 pounds of food)

2. Largest biscuit cookie—chocolate chip (40,000 pounds)

3. Largest gathering of Elvis impersonators (895)

4. Longest marathon playing lacrosse (13 hours 14 minutes)


1. Most people simultaneously making snow angels (8,962)

2. Largest wooden baseball bat (13 foot 5 inches)

3. Largest serving of chili con carne (2,420 pounds)

4. Largest scrap metal sculpture (157,659 pounds)


1. Longest marathon playing kickball (51 hours)

2. Largest yo-yo (4,620 pounds)

3. Largest collection of trolls (2,990 unique trolls)

4. Largest pumpkin pie (3,699 pounds)

5. Largest meatball (1,100 pounds)

6. Longest walk-through horror house (4,951 feet)


1. Heaviest tomato (7 pounds 12 ounces)


1. Oldest living cat (25 years old)

2. Largest hamburger commercially available (777 pounds)

3. Largest tree hug (936 huggers)

4. Longest marathon playing wiffleball (25 hours 39 minutes 33 seconds)

5. Largest game of red light/green light (1,068 participants)

6. Most stickers on a car (10,221 stickers)


1. Largest jeep parade (1,106 jeeps)

2. Highest blood sugar level survived (2,656 mg/dl)

3. Fastest typing on a smartphone (254-character text in 56.57 seconds)

4. Most dreidels spinning simultaneously (734)

5. Longest running civil court case by an individual (since December 14, 1972)

6. Most bridal bouquets caught (11)

7. Largest chocolate (30,540 pounds)


1 Largest sock (32 feet 7 inches long)


1. Largest living cat (922 pound liger—half tiger, half lion)

2. Hottest chili (1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units)


1. Most wins of the Mashed Potato Wrestling Championships (4)


1. Largest singing lesson (6,651 participants)

2. Longest distance traveled on a slip and slide in one hour (135,841 feet)

3. Largest Mexican wave (157,574 participants)

4. Longest tamale (15 feet 9 inches)

5. Largest gathering of people wearing duct tape (752 participants)


1. Largest gingerbread house (39,201.8 cubic feet)

2. Tallest free-standing house of cards (25 feet 9 inches)

3. Largest electric guitar (43 feet 7.5 inches tall)

4. Fastest sandwich made using feet (1 minute 57 seconds)

5. Most tennis balls held in the mouth of a dog (5 tennis balls)

6. Longest freestyle rap (17 hours 7 seconds)

7. Most prolific cat (produced 420 kittens)

8. Largest Frito pie (1,325 pounds)

9. Dog with largest eyes (28 millimeters in diameter)

10. Most breastmilk donated (53,081 fluid ounces)


1. Longest fingernails ever—female (combined length of 28 feet 4.5 inches)

2. Largest gathering of people wearing only underwear (2,270 participants)

3. Largest scavenger hunt (2,079 participants)

4. Longest skid marks (longest continuous car skid = 6 miles)


1. Longest marathon playing kickball (41 hours, 3 minutes, 17 seconds)

2. Largest snow softball tournament (795 players, 61 teams)

3. Largest Cadillac parade (298 Cadillacs)


1. Largest mandolin ensemble (389 participants)

2. Largest gathering of people dressed like cows (470 participants)

3. Most lightning strikes survived (7 times)


1. Longest time spent continuously on a teeter-totter (75 hours 10 minutes)

2. Most expensive hot dog ($169)

3. Largest snowball fight (5,834 participants)

4. Most people dying eggs (582 participants)

5. Fastest time to print 500 sheets by a color desktop printer (7 minutes 19 seconds)

6. Largest collection of beer bottles (25,866 individual beer bottles)


1. Largest bird feeder (holds 760 pounds of food)

2. Longest running online gaming guild (since February 1996)


1. Largest cheese sculpture (925 pounds)

2. Largest scoop of ice cream (3,010 pounds)

3. Longest handstand on a skateboard (2,255 feet)

4. Largest collection of Winnie the Pooh Memorabilia (10,002 items)


1. Oldest person to win a class championship at the World Horseshoe Pitchers Tournament (88 years old)

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